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#5kMay2022 – Day 30

Happy Memorial Day to all of you listeners out there. I hope that you have an awesome day of grillin’ and chillin’ and being mindful of and thankful for the brave, selfless men and women who were willing to lay down their lives so that we could live in freedom here in the United States of America.

#5kMay2022 – Day 28

Today is the day that many of you crazy #5kMayers will be running (and / or walking) a 5k every hour on the half hour for 12 hours. If you are one of those crazies, you are awesome! You are crazy. But you are awesome!

#5kMay2022 – Day 27

For those of us who are still rocking this 5k Every Day in the Month of May 2022 challenge, let me just say this: you rock. You are amazing. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

#5kMay2022 – Day 25

I am super thankful for this #5kMay2022 challenge. It has been a great month so far. I have enjoyed the chatter on the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Facebook group page, all of the random photos and encouragement, and knowing that we are doing this together.

#5kMay2022 – Day 23

This challenge is flying by! I hope you are taking the time to truly enjoy each run. What an absolute gift it is to be able to run (or walk) and enjoy God’s good creation. 

#5kMay2022 – Day 20

I know you’ve been doing this for nearly three weeks, but that just means you are capable of doing this for nearly three weeks. What’s another week and a few days?! The only thing that can stop you now is you. You’ve proven that you can do this, so let’s go. Let’s do this together!

#5kMay2022 – Day 19

We are one day away from being 20 DAYS into the challenge, which is only one day away from being 3 WEEKS into the challenge, which is nearly the END of the challenge. So… basically you’re almost finished with the challenge.