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#5kMay2022 – Day 29

For those of you who attempted and / or completed the #5kMayhem BONUS Challenge, well done! You should be super proud of yourself. You almost earned yourself a day off… But not really.

The #5kMay2022 Challenge does not allow for rollover miles. So even though many of us ran (and / or walked) a total of at least 37.2 miles yesterday, today is a new day.

Daily Fun Photo Challenge: Run (or walk) your daily 5k on a local school track.

Daily Bible Reading Challenge: John 17 – John 19

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  1. Thank you Matt for inviting me. This is my first year participating. I didn’t walk or run everyday, but likely 90% of the month. My wife didn’t sign up, but she decided to join me on most days. The 5ks allowed the wife and I to take a breath, improve our communication, and spend quality time. I lead a very busy life, and the experience taught me to take time out for what’s most important. Praise the Lord.

    • So glad you joined us Darius! My thoughts exactly. You’re a good co-worker, friend, and brother.

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