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#5kMay2022 – CHECK-IN #3

Today is an official CHECK-IN DAY. To let us know that you are still in the challenge, please leave a comment below answering the following three questions:

  1. Have you successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022?
  2. What have you learned about yourself throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?
  3. In what ways do you think you have personally grown emotionally, mentally, physically, and / or spiritually throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?



345 thoughts on “#5kMay2022 – CHECK-IN #3 Leave a comment

    • 1) Yep
      2) I’ve learned I better get my run done in the morning. It gets hard later in the day.
      3) We are stronger in community. I’m encouraged by being part of this group & enjoy my runs so much more with a couple friends.

    • Yes I have.

      A lot of things are possible when you have a community doing it together!

      Doing this brought out my level of commitment. That Mayhem challenge was a tough one! That was the biggest accomplishment for me so far. It tested my grit to the core. Spiritually I don’t have any big highlights other then God helping me finish the Mayhem Challlenge!

    • Yes.
      Facing challenges a day a time.
      Have renewed appreciation for the metal refreshment that exercise brings and the opportunity to use it in a way for shaper meditation and prayer.

  1. 1. Yes…all so far completed
    2. I’ve learned that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
    3. I’ve grown stronger in my running again and have come to the realization that I don’t need to be the fastest one out there and to just enjoy the run for what it is.

    • 1. Yes
      2. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I think, I can motivate myself to complete a task and I have a great community to run with.
      3. I have slowed down and began to spend the time with God. I’ve seen healthy eating and exercise help me get into better shape. The accountability of this group is extremely helpful!

  2. Yes, I have completed 30 of the 31 5ks for the month Harry to believe tomorrow is the end! I have learned that I can do it and when I lean on the Lord and not my own strength it’s easier.

  3. Yes my husband and I have completed every day so far. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was, having injured my foot 2 weeks ago, and still completing every day. This hour together every single day has helped me grow even closer to my husband. Leaning on the lord and trusting him to get me through has strengthened my faith.

    • Yes! A 5K every day so far. Can’t believe there’s only one day left. I learned that “rain” is really no excuse to not get out and exercise, and that I like getting up early and getting it out of the way so I do t have to think about it for the rest of the day. The podcasts have been a wonderful bonus to hear the word. God is good! Thank you Jeff Polen!

  4. 1 Yes I have completed a 5k every day.
    2 I am indeed afraid of the dark.
    3 Take that time each day to clear my head. Stop using that time to worry about life. Accept that I will never be as fast as I once was.

  5. 1)Yes
    2) Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements
    3)Every way. Consistency creates results

  6. 1-Yes, I have completed a 5K every day in May
    2-I prefer to get things done at the beginning of the day so they are off my mind for the rest of the day.
    3-Physically-I have also been trying to pair this with eating healthier. Spiritually- With the beauty of nature all around on an early morning walk/run it has made me more thankful for God’s creation and my senses to enjoy them.

  7. 1. Yes every day! 2. I prefer early am to enjoy the peace and quiet during the time, I like routine. 3. I learned to persevere and draw on the strength the Lord provides when my legs and ankles were so sore and tired, to plan for exercise and quiet time with the Lord. To really soak in the beauty God created for me to enjoy. To meditate on His Word and draw on it to help me through my walk and day!

  8. I have completed the running/walking everyday.
    I’ve learned that I can make the time to do it.
    Have grown physically – ran the whole thing for the first time yesterday! Have also appreciated the time and relationship with my daughter, doing it together.

  9. 1. Yes, I have.
    2. I’ve learned there are times I just need to put one foot in front of the other and continue to go forward. I think this applies to many things in life.
    3. I’ve grown a bit stronger physically, and I’ve enjoyed listening to three chapters from the Bible each day and hearing the commentary.

  10. 1. Yes!
    2. A simple “Do or do not, there is no try” will have you running Mayhem🤣 Also, challenges can be difficult but finishing what you did think was possible is an incredible feeling.
    3. Emotionally and mentally stronger because I am an Ultramarathoner now.😃 I pushed through a challenge I didn’t expect to complete. Mentally I knew I had it, but physically you just never know what might pull or pop. Spiritually I love the podcast you introduce people doing God’s work all around the world. It made me think about my service and how I should be doing more.

  11. 1. Yes
    2. I am in a better place with recharge time during my day.
    3. Emotional/mental benefits of having a “walking pace“ view of God’s creation. Senses are sharper, there are more birds, more reflection…

  12. 1. Yes. Only 2 to go
    2. I’ve run through injury this year, and I’ve found that I can push myself harder than i thought
    3. Mentally I’ve been able to accept that my pace has slowed compared to last year, and not allow that to detract from the accomplishment

  13. 1. YES!!
    2. I’m stronger than I thought I was lol I can endure during tough things 🙂
    3. So many many ways I’ve grown! Physically, in the best direction to change my health and on a journey to loose weight and feeling great! Mentally given me some time to refresh and think. Spiritually, God has used so many things while I’ve run to listen to and encourage me and challenge me spiritually! Love the podcast too Jeff, they have been so good to listen to! Thanks’

    • 1. Yes
      2. When u do something consistently every day it takes away the daily struggle of getting up and going. It becomes something you have already decided to do and just need to do it rather then battling every day to get up for it.
      3. I enjoy the time of peace and quiet, birds and nature. I also enjoy on other days pushing myself and seeing if I can’t get a gold star and PR 😉

  14. 1. Yes
    2. I learned that things ache more than they used to.
    3. I have grown physically stronger despite getting a year older.

  15. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I have grown in my ability as a runner. The challenge has gotten me faster and allowed me to see that I can commit to big challenges and complete them

  16. 1. Yes
    2. I’m not so tough. Lol. I bailed on the Mayhem after 4. But for the longest stretch since I began running, I am injury free, so that’s a good thing.
    3. There are a lot of things higher on my priority list than running. It’s important to me to keep fit and that is how I use running. It’s always been a mental struggle and still is to this day to get myself motivated and put in the hard work. I wish it was easier.

  17. Yes I have completed them all so far!

    I have learned that excuses are just ways the enemy tries to convince you that you are not good enough ti accomplish the task at hand.

    I have grown in all ways through this challenge, in particular how to push myself, knowing that it is me vs me for Him!

  18. 1. Yes
    2. I’ve learned to pace myself more slowly throughout. Hen I pushed myself really hard,, it was so hard to get back out the next day. Even having to walk some days,, which is disappointing,, I was still out there doing it..
    3. I’ve grown in many ways, spiritually, I’ve listened to the podcasts and some have been words of affirmation for me. Mentally, clears my mind, it’s been good. Physically, I feel drained and definitely will be taking a break June 1.

  19. 1. Yes
    2. I prefer walking outside to the treadmill even to my detriment (hack, hack, sniff, sniff, allergies gone haywire).
    3.having someone to keep you accountable/encourage you is helpful.

  20. 1. Yes, my husband Tom Boggs and completed the 5K per day in the month of May for the past 30 days and plan to finish tomorrow.
    2. We have not run but have walked the 5K daily and I believe this has increased our endurance.
    3. We walk daily in parks and the peace and silence gives me time to reflect and meditate.

  21. 1. Yes
    2. I’m determined 😊
    3. I am becoming stronger. I’m coming off an injury and this has helped me tremendously.

    • Yes
      I can keep going.
      Stopping is a state of mind. Focusing on God and not me, changes everything.

    • 1. Yes
      2. Strong willed
      3. I enjoy doing these and there are days you don’t want to go out but it’s discipline.

  22. Yes!
    I have found my love for running again.
    I have really strengthened my mind and body. It has given me time to reflect. I love the early morning outside runs. It’s so peaceful.

  23. 1. Every DANG day
    2. Not sure…
    3. Not sure I did (?) will ponder..still had a great time tho..

  24. 1. Yes
    2. I’ve learned I can do it if I just persevere and lean into God’s word. Listening to the podcasts have pulled me closer to God.
    3. I have gained discipline, motivation, closer to those in my support circle, and a renewed passion for reading the Bible. I have found that what used to be an excuse is not an excuse. I have walked at 3:00 a.m. because of my work schedule. I have walked in the rain. I walked when I was tired and sore. I have become stronger and more motivated to continue to grow in all aspects.

  25. 1. Yes
    2. “Nothing stresses me out. Except having to seek out the approval of my inferiors.” – Dwight K. Schrute
    3. “You miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott”

  26. 1. Yes
    2. I’m disciplined in running and need to be that disciplined in my daily devotions.
    3. The Mayhem challenge stretched me emotionally (and mentally) by trusting my wife (and God) to be safe during those last few 5K’s.

  27. 1. Yes
    2. That I can do anything I put my mind to. Especially after injury.
    3. I need to make time for myself, and relax.

    • 1. Yes
      2. I can push myself and get it done.
      3. When I run, I spend more time with God. I have grown closer to the Lord and hope to continue to pray myself closer.

  28. 1. Yes
    2. I quickly forget what the 3 questions are by the time I scroll down to enter the answers.
    3. Once I make a decision to do something (i.e. 5k everyday in May), I will get it done.

  29. 1. Yes
    2. Accountability is good for me.
    3. I’ve learned to keep going even if I don’t feel like it. That’s a good life lesson.

  30. 1. Yes
    2. I can enjoy running again. Just slower.
    3. I can still push myself and be committed.

    • Yes!
      If I push myself I can do anything….8am walk/runs(which I’m not a fan of) or 8-9 pm workouts!
      Outdoor walks and runs are the best because I love to be surrounded by Gods gifts of nature!

  31. I have successfully completed 30 5ks so far. I’ve learned that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I have grown so much through this experience: physically as I’ve lost a few pounds, mentally as I get time each day in the fresh air, and spiritually as I’ve completed the Bible challenge and spend time praying while walking each day.

  32. Yes
    I’ve got pretty awesome friends that push me and keep me going.
    I’ve grown physically.

  33. 1. Yes
    2. Enjoy getting up early to start my day with walk/run and seeing the sunrise.
    3. Have grown physically stronger and am spiritually more appreciative of life.

  34. 1). In it to win it
    2). I learned that Jeff Polen and several other can burn me up on a 5 k, when it is my first and their 7th.
    3). I have seen my running sped finally increase to a good level to get my training back.

  35. 1. Yes, walked a 5k each day.
    2. You can make the time for what is a priority for you.
    3. I have grown physically, and also relationally, walking some of them with my husband or a friend. I have have grown spiritually through the 3 chapters a day challenge.

  36. 1. Yes
    2. I’ve had validations of things I already knew…I can’t think of anything off-hand that is new though.
    3. I’ve been reminded again how good these runs/walks are for my mental health. I think that’s probably been one of my biggest take-aways since starting this 5K challenge in 2019.

  37. 1. Yes
    2. I can do hard things
    3. My dad passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly in September. My life sort of fell off the rails when that happened, in all areas. I wasn’t praying, working out, eating, etc the way I had been or the way I should be. The challenge has gotten me back on track. It was the perfect timing this year!

  38. 1. Yep!!

    2. I learned that I have a lot more time in my day to exercise than I think I do/ than I make excuses for.

    3. I’ve really enjoyed being out in God’s creation and listening to the Bible/the podcast. Great combination! I’m physically stronger than when I started the month.

  39. 1. Yes! And I have had a great group of friends join me!!
    2. I am stronger mentally than I know. Accountability is key to making this challenge successful.
    3. This challenge pushes to me to grow mentally and physically. Not every day/run will be “good” but knowing that I am capable and will continue to put in the work.

  40. 1. Yes.
    2. It’s OK to walk the 5k on weekends. I wanted to rest by walking the weekends and run during the week. It was tough not to run but well worth it.
    3. This year when I ended up having to run at like 11pm because of a busy day I actually enjoyed it and didn’t dred it like last year. Last year I would almost talk myself out of running at 11pm because it was just going to be terrible. This year I looked forward to it.

  41. 1. Yes, I’m still in it!!!!
    2. Shockingly have started looking forward to this time to have my run, usually in the morning, to have that time to myself.
    3. I have enjoyed a podcast with Jeff and the Lord!!! And that you need to show up everyday and do your best. If you do that, you can accomplish more than you realize.

  42. 1. Yes
    2. I didn’t let excuses get in the way
    3. I’ve felt pretty darn good physically with no IT band or piriformis pain … mentally… that’s my hang up… I’m improving slowly with my mind game…emotionally… I’ve shared many “runs” with a dear friend whom I am so thankful for..spiritually… the podcast and scripture reading add such a tremendous dimension to this challenge.. I thank God for his grace!!

  43. 1. Yes I Have
    2. I can get myself motivated and overcome the mental and physical challenges in my life. I put the fear of re-injury behind me.
    3. I have grown closer to my lord as I dig back into the scriptures and cleared my head putting more focus on him. I have really enjoyed this challenge and plan to continue past May and make this my everyday challenge.

  44. Chris

    1.) Yes
    2.) That my running game can get better even
    when I don’t think it can
    3.) The challenge has been a great reminder that I can often accomplish more than I initially think


    1.) Yes
    2.) That I can handle more than I think I can
    3.) Improved my running and time with my dad

  45. Yes.

    I can push through. Just not easy all the time.

    After not running much I know I’ve grown in strength. My pace was starting to drop.

  46. 1. Yes (Both Missy and I).
    2. How much we “STILL” treasure time together. We ran or walked a lot separately—but most of the walks were together!!!
    3. Nothing profound here. I think we both have been encouraged how you really can walk three+ miles EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is so very healthy in many ways—yes, spiritually, physically and emotionally beneficial. Just gota make it happen. No excuses. So so good.

  47. 1. Every day 3.1 or more! Did 4 on Saturday 5/28!
    2. I have stopped waiting until the end of the day and trying to enjoy doing first thing in morning. My bunion is REALLY sore, but have learned that sometimes it feels better as I walk, so learning I just ned to push through! Like listening to scripture or podcasts during part of the walk but also just walking and enjoying some quiet time too!
    3. I have not listened to this podcast but I have been listening to the books of Ephesians and Philippians over and over–trying to get these engrained in my heart more. I am looking for another challenge to keep myself motivated.

  48. 1.yes
    2. That even though there were days I didn’t feel like it once I did I was happy that I did.
    3. Nothing real big except I did enjoy just having the me time!

  49. 1. yes!
    2. There is time to get in exercise even on busy days. Just go do it.
    3. This challenge is kind of like seasons of life- some days it was an easy run others it was a challenge. But the key is to keep focus. In life the focus must be on Christ to get me through even the easy days.

  50. 1. Yes I have completed a 5k everyday.
    2. I have learned that taking a little bit of time for myself each day is good for my mind.
    3. I haven’t been running consistently yet this year. So this challenge got me on track physically to push myself again.

  51. Yes! I have completed at least 3.1 miles daily.

    I realize it’s easier to make time for exercise, walk and runs.

    Focus on what I am doing in the moment and shut out everything else.

  52. 1. Yes
    2. I learned that I will go to great lengths to complete this challenge… walking in the rain and getting up extra early to get in my walk before driving 12 hours!
    3. I have grown in many ways. I take this time to look around and truly appreciate God’s land. It is a wonderful time for me to spend time with my husband and stay active, while giving God all the credit.

  53. 1. Yes
    2. I learned that as I get older, this challenge becomes more difficult.
    3. There were many days that I completed the 5k in the rain or late at night. The challenge motivated me and as a result, I am in better condition and have better habits.

  54. 1. Yes
    2. I have been sick this entire month: strep, sinus infection and now COVID. But I’ve still been able to keep up with this challenge. In years past, I would’ve given up. I’m stronger than I thought.
    3.My lungs are stronger—despite illness. For that, I’m so grateful.

  55. 1. Yes!
    2. That I can stick to a goal I set for myself.
    3. I am a lot stronger physically and can enjoy adventures with my family without getting so tired.

  56. Yes
    That even when we don’t feel like doing something, we know mentally we can
    We are getting stronger mental state and our endurancw

  57. Also not sure how we missed check in 2 but we are still in the challenge. I am sure it was because of the hustle and bustle of kids sports. At that point we were pushing through. No Mayham for us as we originally planned.

  58. 1. I’m still here!
    2. I’ve learned that I really like variety in my route every day.
    3. The daily challenge has forced me to give more than I thought I could.

  59. 1. Yes
    2. I have learned that I really can commit and follow through with something, I’m pretty sure this is the longest I have ever stuck with anything! LOL
    3. I feel like I have grown spiritually and physically just by committing to making it a daily priority, I plan to continue with it in some form, it may not be 3.1 miles every day but at least one hour of physical activity in some form

  60. Yes, yes; I have been learning that I don’t need to be “the best” runner ever, but to simply be who God has created me to be and then to do my best at it. Also more important that trying to win is to encourage others along the way.

  61. 1. Yes I have!
    2. I learned that I CAN be disciplined to do something everyday. Next is dishes. We’ll my kids can help:)
    3. Physically, my strength and endurance. I did it all for Jesus, and he still brought me through the toughest walks.

  62. Yes!
    I have learned that it is okay to take time for myself each day, and I AM ABLE to make time for myself each day if I make it a priority.
    I have grown mentally by taking time each day to reflect and listen to my thoughts as well as the wonderful sounds of nature
    My friends have pushed and motivated me to continue to finish this challenge and hold me accountable, I have great friends!

  63. 1. Have you successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022?
    2. What have you learned about yourself throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?
    Not so much of I’ve learned, but rather that I have really started to believe in the last couple of weeks is that my body is a freaking machine! And like was said on one of the podcasts recently is that I wouldn’t run my truck without proper maintenance, lubrication and fuel, and that my body requires the same.
    3. In what ways do you think you have personally grown emotionally, mentally, physically, and / or spiritually throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?
    The challenge came a t a great time in my life to launch me into what I am calling the “best me by 50” challenge. I just turned 49 in April and have given myself 365 days to get into the best shape spiritually, physically and mental/emotionally that I can. So, yes…
    Emotionally/mentally – running has become my “me time” and time to melt away the woes of the day. It is also a confidence builder. Mentally pushing myself to believing “I can do This” or telling myself to “not give up – push Darren, Push!! You CAN finish this mile…”. That positive self talk stuff.
    Physically – I am stronger, my breathing is not labored, I have (in the last couple weeks learned to absolutely Love running again. My weight is steadily declining, my food focus is more on the fuel aspect (not always) but I do keep tabs on what is going in the cake hole.
    Spiritually – Jeff I wish I could hear your commentary on the entire Bible! 😂
    No really, I have started getting myself out of bed earlier in the mornings and spending that extra time with the Lord. Reading and praying even doing a little bit of extra curricular reading. Which for a dyslexic is always some thing I’ve strayed away from her. But as Christians I believe as much knowledge of the word and as much information that we can gather about the savior or how to best be that Matthew 28 example, it can never be a bad thing…

  64. 1. I’m still going!
    2. I’ve learned that things always seem like a great idea a month or so out, until you have to actually follow thru and do
    them. 😉
    3. Hmm…maybe I’ve grown by eating a little humble pie. I’ve been a runner for a long time so a 5k a day seemed doable enough. A few days, for various reasons, were a bit tough to get through.

    • 1. Only today and tomorrow left!!
      2. I have learned that walking vs running is ok,, especially those days my legs needed a Recovery walk instead of a run
      3. All around growth here.. discipline to make goals, and go after them to become the best version I can of myself. Also, listening to the podcast has opened my eyes more to different ways I can get out of my comforts to share Jesus to those around me by taking the time to see around me more clearly

  65. 1.Yes
    2. My perspective/attitude makes the biggest difference in how my daily 5K goes.
    3. Definitely got stronger physically. And learned that it’s okay to ask God for his help even with the small frustrations in life.

  66. Yes I have!
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and “deciding” to do something helps you keep your word to yourself.
    I am more disciplined in all areas of my life.

  67. 1. Yes
    2. This challenge gets easier each time I do it.
    3. This year and last year I developed and grew some really great friendships through walking with others throughout the month.

    1. Yes
    2. If I am motivated, I can do things even if they are hard
    3. I have grown in my relationship with my mom because we walk together and talk.

  68. Yes! I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. My wife and I are doing this together and the time we spend walking is precious to me and has drawn us even closer together!

  69. Yes

    I’ve learned that I can do more than a 5k a day in May. I set a goal this year to do at least 37 minute run (Gibborim Run) each day. I’m at about 137 miles and counting.

    I’ve learned that I need to push myself past what I know I can do a little more often, because this is how you grow.

    • 1) yes
      2) I learned that, even with our busy lives, you can always shuffle your priorities to make time for exercise and God if you choose to.
      3) By being introduced to this (thanks Karen), I have grown by, adding this to my yearly to do list. In addition, it got me back on track to reading scripture each day.

  70. Julie Beckett
    1. Yes, I have completed a 5K a day.
    2. I have had some trial and tribulations but I have been determined to stick to the goal!
    3. I have realized that I am so thankful for my health and the health of my friends and family. For those friends and family that are
    going through health struggles, I hope and pray they find healing!

  71. Yes
    I needed this challenge to prove to myself that I can surpass my goals
    I’ve learned that I need to trust more in God, even for the smaller things.

  72. 1. Yes
    2. I’ve learned that with God’s strength, I can do more than I thought possible
    3. I’ve definitely grown physically since I coupled this with a running training plan. But I also use my runs to quiet my spirit and listen for God. I have quit running with ear buds this month and have found my runs to be more peaceful that way.

  73. 1. Yes
    2. I’m not as good as I once was but with perseverance, we continue on to run the race!
    3. As I’m in The Word each day, I grow and find more opportunities to share with others.

  74. Yes I have a 5k everyday

    I can whatever I put my mind too.

    I have grown to learn discipline is never easy nor fun but with it I can do anything.

  75. 1. Yes
    2. It was helpful to maintain a positive attitude and see God’s beauty in each day.
    3. All glory be to God!

  76. Yes!
    Even when your legs say no you can force them to say yes.
    That discipline in one area will automatically bleed into other areas.

  77. 1. Yes
    2. I’ve learned I can leave work, go run on the trail 3.14 miles and come back in 30 min! But no seriously I’ve learned to take a couple mins of peace during the day.
    3. I love your podcasts and I think I’ll go through and listen to your old mid week worship connections (If I had known I would of listened last year).
    Can I suggest that next year if you do the fun photo challenge that you make the “run your fastest mile” on derby day. It is called the fastest 2 mins in sports after all.

  78. 1.Yes I have!
    2.sometimes you have to slow down and evaluate where your at and the what you need to do in order to complete your goals.
    3. It’s always interesting to me. When I start I’m just doing it for the free shirt. But by the end I’m I’m doing it to complete a goal and because it feels great and I feel healthier.

  79. Yes. Today and tomorrow left 🎉 if I put my mind to something I really can complete it- even if it’s at 11pm 😂 I really enjoyed the podcasts when I was walking by myself. Also was nice to make it a point to walk with friends.

  80. Yes I have done a 5K every day and sometimes more!
    I have learned that I am strong and dedicated. If I could not complete the 5K during my lunch break, I did it after work!
    I have grown mentally because some days I was not feeling it, but did the 5K anyways!
    I loved the photo challenges. That was fun!

  81. I have completed a 5k everyday so far this month! I have been able to run most of them which was my goal! This is the best I’ve felt in my 3 years doing this! God is good ❤️

  82. 1) Yes
    2) I’ve learned i wait until the end of day to get it done :)-
    3) I’ve had time to talk to God and hear from God.

  83. 1. Yes

    2. I learned that I can stay committed to what seems like an impossible task! And being accountable to someone is what helps me to keep me committed.

    3. Definitely stronger, I often do mine in the morning before I go to work so by the time I come to work I already have a head start on my day… Emotionally, spiritually, and physically!!!! Love the extra time where you have nothing to focus on except moving your feet and time to think and talk with God.

  84. Yes! Still in! Still walking! I have learned, like last year, the hardest part is just deciding to get out there! It’s making the choice every day! The podcasts have been wonderful! So motivating and very insightful. Each one helped me grow a little bit more in the knowledge of our Lord!

  85. 1. Yes!
    2.I have learned that “there is never a time when I will want to do this more than right now.” Here at the end, it has been really hard to motivate myself to keep going. is so nice to have time carved out in the day to process through the day and spend time with the Lord. This time of making a priority my health has also given me time to make me and my relationship with God a priority.

  86. 1. Yes
    2. I have learned that I need to reign in my schedule. And accountability is good 👍
    3. Physically stronger and more confident too.

  87. 1. YES!
    2. I have learned that there is always good in moving our bodies and that I need to get out of my own head and own way to move my body.
    3. I love the way I process my day through this and how I feel my mental health stability increasing and how I am more in tune with how I am feeling!

  88. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I have learned that you have to commit to yourself above everything inorder to be able to do it everyday!

  89. YES 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    I have learned that I am not a quitter. There were days where it felt like it would be impossible for me to get my 5k in, but I didn’t let circumstances hold me back. I am proud of that.

    I have grown in my commitment to myself. I will honor word and keep my promises to myself because I am worth it.

  90. Yes
    That I can actually do it!
    This has been a great mental reset to take time for myself each day and just spend time focused on one thing and not 20 things at once.

  91. 1) Yes
    2) I’ve learned this gets harder to do as your kids get older.
    3) I have have grown in finding ways to get things done no matter how creative you need to be.

  92. 1. Yes
    2. I learned I can do 3.1 miles for 30 days straight
    3. I have learned I can be consistent physically and spiritually. I just have to plan and sometimes be creative.

  93. 1.) Yes
    2.) This is one of the few consistent activities in awhile
    3.) Setting a great example for my family moving forward

  94. Yes

    I’ve learned to push myself to the limit

    Ive learned I can achieve more than I thought I could, it’s been a great growth experience.

  95. 1 Yes I have done a 5k everyday!
    2I have learned how good it feels to accomplish something and only be able to do it with God’s strength!
    3 I have enjoyed listening to the podcast and the encouragement that had. Also it had been a time of prayer for me also. My runs have helped me to be disciplined in other areas of my life also, and I have been able to improve my mile time!

  96. 1- yes
    2- I’ve learned I can do this challenge & finish it
    3- this has helped me grow as a person & has motivated me even more to get more fit

  97. Yes
    I have learned I can make time to get a workout in everyday
    I am a happier person when I get the daily stress relief from a workout!

  98. 1YES!
    2 Mind over matter and accountability of running buddies helps TREMENDOUSLY
    3 In the past I walked or hiked more of the miles this year I ran most of them–when you push yourself YOU CAN DO FAR MORE THAN you expect!
    And the human body is an amazing machine!

  99. 1. Yes. This was my second time doing this challenge.
    2. That there is always a way to spend time with God. I tend to make excuses that I don’t have time. But there are many minutes through out the day that we waste.
    3. That I need to spend more time emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually with God! I can do it to help advance His Kingdom.

  100. Yes
    I have learned that no matter how busy my schedule is I can always make time to get my miles in.
    Doing this challenge I have become a better person spiritually and physically. Taking time to put in miles you get time to yourself where you can have time with God and evaluate my life. It has motivated me that no matter what goals I make in life I can accomplish them if I set my mind to it.

  101. Yes!
    The food I consume makes a huge difference in how I feel during and after my 5k.
    There is something about exercise that brings mental clarity.

  102. 1. Yes!
    2. I have learned that I actually do enjoy running just a little bit. 🙂
    3. I have grown physically in that I can now confidently run a 5k without stopping to walk.

  103. 1. Yes!
    2. It’s fun to do a lot of these with my wife!
    3. I know I grow when I make myself get my butt out there even when I don’t want to.

  104. 1- yes
    2 – I have learned I can make time for things I deem most important
    3 – I have loved the opportunities for deeper conversations with my kids as we’ve walked this together. Seeing God’s glory in nature always lightens life’s burdens and even though this has been an extra busy month I think these walks have helped me keep my sanity. ☺️

  105. Yes.
    Life requires prioritizing in order to live well.
    I’ve come to where running is relaxing, especially when life is busy.

  106. 1. Yes
    2. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Doesn’t matter what time of day or what type of weather or where your location is. It may have helped me push myself in other areas of fitness, back to some old, positive ways… new daily goals for fitness.
    3. Increased Determination, commitment, strength, and perseverance.

  107. Have you successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022? YES!
    What have you learned about yourself throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge? I can always make the time to accomplish something
    In what ways do you think you have personally grown emotionally, mentally, physically, and / or spiritually throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge? I do better with my goals when I have a challenge to follow

  108. 1. Yes
    2. I learned that I can run farther than I thought I could.
    3. I have spent more time praying and enjoying the view during my daily 5ks

  109. 1. Yes, still on track to finish.
    2. Learned that I can go farther than I ever thought possible. Completed Mayhem challenge!!! With a little extra 🙂
    3. More in touch spiritually with reading scripture daily. It needs to be a priority. Interesting to compare the gospels. According to Luke, Caiaphas sent Jesus to Herod and Herod sent Jesus back. I don’t ever recall hearing or reading about that part of the passion journey.

  110. Yes!
    I feel this challenge was good for me and I’m going to continue throughout the summer!
    It’s been great to listen to Gods word, pray and use this time to focus on God!

  111. Yes! I have learned I am more competitive with myself than I thought. It makes me realize I am strong enough to face anything with Christ by my side.

  112. 1. Yes
    2. I can do anything I put my mind to.
    3. I’ve grown stronger again physically after taking a two month break from running after having our third little boy.

  113. 1. Yes
    2. I can do whatever I put my mind to. Staying active is key to being happy both physically and mentally.
    3. I have grown stronger physically as I broke my ankle in mid December this has been great at keeping me honest in my road back. I have grown spiritually as well.

  114. 1. Yes
    2. That it’s a lot easier for me to run with friends than to run by myself.
    3. My body has gotten stronger through the daily 5ks.

  115. Yes I am still on track

    I can do hard things if I put my mind to it.

    Reignited my desire to live healthier. I Loved hearing many guests on the podcast reminding us of the importance and urgency of sharing the gospel with others.

  116. 1. Yes
    2. Having a support system definitely helps motivate me
    3. I’ve grown in doing hard things even when I don’t feel like it.

  117. Yes, I have walked or run a 5k every day in May. I have learned that I really enjoy getting out every day. Mentally I am stronger than I thought I was. This was a challenge for me to take time for myself every day. I did it with God’s assistance. Every time I prayed , He pushed me forward.

  118. Yes I’ve completed a 5k every day so far.
    I know if I put my mind to complete something I can and will do it.
    God is Good and I’m very thankful that He has given me the the ability and health to run and walk. To God be the Glory !!!!!

  119. 1. Yes 2. I’ve learned commitment is sometimes all about time management. 3. I’ve noticed physically I’m stronger and a little faster than when I started.

  120. Yes
    I’ve learned I can stick to something and not give up
    More motivated to be active and healthier

  121. 1. Yes!
    2. I really enjoyed the excuse of needing to get a 5k in everyday as a way of inviting friends on a walk/run. 😁
    3. With each slightly different perspective on the life of Christ that each gospel brings, it was a great reminder that God understands and graciously caters to the many different ways individuals process information and what aspect of the SAME TRUTH will bring clarity and understanding to individual hearts and minds (none of them contradict the others but simply emphasize different aspects).
    Also, physically, this has helped me build endurance back up after being so sick all of April and into May…so thankful!

  122. Yes!
    It’s fun having friends doing the challenge at the same time as friends – good accountability!
    I’m really aware of how my muscles and joints feel. I’m thinking through if I’ll keep going after May is over.

    • 1. Yes!
      2. I’ve learned to listen to my body. And it’s ok to walk and not over do it. As long as I get my 5k in daily.
      3. My daily 5k’s have definitely been a stress relief for me!

  123. 1) yes. 30 down and 1 to go
    2) I have learned I have more stamina and perseverance than I thought and it is all about scheduling priorities
    3) I can see and feel increase in leg strength and endurance. I’ve improved on running time each time. On the times that I walk it with my wife and son we have more time to talk with fewer distractions

  124. Yes and I am just excited that I am doing so well this time with the challenge of the 5K a day. I know now that I can put a goal out there and stick to it. Well we do have one more day. 😀

  125. Yes! Still going strong at day 30 with no plans to stop! I have learned during this challenge that I really needed to make more time for myself and my relationship with God. I make time every day for things that are less important and I have realize that is a priority. This challenge has helped me to grow stronger physically emotionally mentally and spiritually. I lost somebody very dear to me in March and I was really struggling with his death. This challenge and the Scriptures and the belief in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior has helped me to work through that grief. I look forward to continuing to challenge myself, to build my relationship with Jesus, to spread the word and to all those who will join me in the challenge next year.

  126. Still ticking and moving along every day in the month of May! Been enjoying the daily refreshment (physically but also via the podcast). Looking forward to finishing strong tomorrow! 💪

  127. Yes
    I learned that if you form a specific habit into your schedule, the activity can become part of your routine much easier than having to make a decision daily weather you are going to do the actual activity or not.

  128. Yes I have stuck to it! There were a couple nights I finished just before midnight!
    I have learned that I can do more than I think I can and maybe I need to push as hard when there’s no pressure as it do when the pressure is on!
    I really enjoy the podcasts and learn something new every year even though we read the same chapters! I have new questions each year! Thanks for taking the time to do these. I would listen to a podcast if you did them outside of May as well!

  129. Yes, walked 3 and jogged the rest.
    I’ve gotten stronger as the days go by.
    Love the podcast each day. The encouragement and scriptures with commentary are priceless. I’m not on social media but I love the idea of the daily photo challenge and all of the quirky ideas it entails.

  130. 1. Yes
    2. You can get really sweaty really fast when running in the heat
    3. If I actually put my mind and make a priority to do something than I can actually achieve it

  131. 1. YES!
    2. I have learned that getting up at 5am and getting it done is the best way to complete this challenge! First few weeks it was rough for me trying to fit it into my busy schedule! Also walking in the morning, listening to the podcast and seeing some of the most amazing sunrises, has made me stop and appreciate God’s beauty.
    3. I have grown spiritually by listening to your podcast and your guest speakers have been inspirational. I have grown emotinally by getting an hour to myself everyday. Physically, I am not too sure because my legs are tired 🙂

  132. 1. Yes
    2. If I prioritize something, I can make time for it.
    3. I’ve gotten in better shape and spent more time in prayer.

  133. 1. Yes
    2. Very satisfying to complete challenges when you don’t feel like it
    3. Appreciating beauty and mental rest more

  134. 1. Yes!
    2. I’ve learned that walking/running with others is sometimes more fun than doing it alone!
    3. I’ve grown physically because I can complete my 5Ks in a faster time than when the month started.

  135. I did complete the challenge!
    I learned that I can do something and continue to work through my off seasons. It takes work but I can do it!
    And I grew in my ability and in my quiet times.

  136. 1.Yes
    2.I can make time for things if I need to
    3.I have become less frightened of walking long distances.

  137. 1. Ran or walked at least 5k everyday
    2. I learned that I have been slacking and need to get back in shape!
    3. I have enjoyed learning through the daily podcast, Thanks Jeff for doing this every year!!!!

  138. 1. Yes, ram or walked 5k every day in may. Thanks for the motivation
    2. I learned that friendship and fellowship is a powerful tool. Made through 5k a day plus 5 days a week hiit workouts this month with friends
    3. I was reminded of the importance of consistency and the mental benefit of consistent exercise.

  139. Yes! And feeling great!

    I’ve learned that not every mile has to be run hard, sometimes running can just be enjoyed.

    Growth? Nah. But I think I’ve shrunk physically by several pounds 😁

  140. Yes!

    I learned that I allow myself to be intimidated by running as an excuse not to. Doing this everyday helped me realize that I can do it!

    It helped me grow with building a routine for my health.

  141. Yes, I have completed the 5k every day. This challenge has taught me that I CAN prioritize exercise even during a very busy season. I love the sense of accomplishment each day and knowing that I took time for myself…stretching myself physically and experiencing the spiritual and emotional health that exercise brings.

  142. 1. Yes
    2. Don’t eat a lot before or after running
    3. I’ve grown a little and my muscles have gotten stronger

  143. Yes.
    If you are dedicated, you will stick to it.
    While I love running with friends, I have learn to enjoy my times alone and the time it gives me to think and run.

  144. Yes
    I’m able to commit.
    I was able to make time for other things and make the challenge fit my schedule

  145. 1. Yes I did
    2. If you put your effort in to running each day. It can be done.
    3. Listening Tour pot cast each and learning from it

  146. 1. I sure have.
    2. I am able to stick with it even when i don’t feel like doing it. and even when I’m tired, I push hard to get it done.
    3. Even when i am tired and don’t feel like running, I push myself mentally and physically so i can accomplish this goal.

  147. Yes
    Challenges help keep me motivated along with others in the community.
    Listening to the podcast and reading through the GOSPELS I am always drawn closer to Jesus. Last few days a bit harder for me as I did something to my left knee but still able to get walking in just taking a bit longer.

  148. Yes, I have.
    I learned that I really enjoy walking/jogging with my family. We have accomplished this month’s goal together.
    I have grown in relationship with my family as we have spent a lot of evenings together without other distractions.

  149. Yes
    Trail walks are my favorite.
    Wasn’t sure if this would fit into my schedule, and sometimes it barely did, but we managed to make it happen.

  150. 1. I’ve walked the 5K a day.
    2. In coming back from an injury and having to walk, I have learned both that I take running for granted, a newfound respect for the walking community. Shoutouts to the mail-carrying beasts everywhere!!
    3. My ability to listen to conversation/podcasts (as opposed to music) when moving has grown.
    Thank you for leading this inspirational community.

  151. Yes ☺️

    I have discovered that I feel better and my day is better when I get it done first thing in the morning!!

    I have grown mentally……even thought there were days that I really didn’t want to do it, I sucked it up and pushed through it. It may have been really late when completed, but I felt so much better afterwards knowing that I got it done.

  152. Yes
    I’ve learned that running is therapeutic for me
    Through this challenge I’ve grown in my strength and endurance

  153. No, I missed 4 days.

    I have learned that I can at my age I can still exercise regularly.

    I have had the opportunity to pray and reflect on how busy I am doing things for God. I need to pair down and let God show me what things to keep. I need to keep the main thing the main thing.

  154. 1. yes every day
    2. I can force myself to do something 31 days in a row for a t-shirt.
    3. I spend the time walking praying and listening to worship music. I feel better equipped to deal with things in my life after spending time walking in the woods with God.

  155. 1. Yes I have run or walked a 5k every day.
    2. I have learned that I can push my body to do anything even when my mind wants to stop.
    3. I have grown stronger in my running and my endurance has improved. I have enjoyed going through the gospels to see how they differ from each other.

  156. I did not manage a 3.1 everyday. BUT I did manage to do my best everyday. I challenged myself to finish this and to walk the Perry Memorial Day 5K with my family. I have not been able for health reasons to do this for 10 years. I’m excited to continue and to begin to enjoy more of what this great world holds that I couldn’t walk and see and to continue on my health journey. Thank you for this challenge and God’s continued help along the way.

  157. YES I have completed a 5K every day!!!

    I’ve learned that I can walk REALLY fast when I’d rather run but my body needs the walk.

    I can do hard things. And I need to make time for myself

  158. I have run a 5K every day during this challenge. I t has been extremely gratifying to run every day for a full month. I usually run every day and take one day off during the week. I have learned how to push my body to its limits and also doing the SOULCON challenge i have learned to put the fork down and carry the cross through life. I also completed the 5K Mayhem which was a great challenge, never thought i would have run 37.2 miles in one day.

  159. Yes, I have completed every 5k.
    It is ok to slow down or walk these 5ks.
    I have learned to rely on Jesus as he will provide me with what I need.

  160. Yes. I have learned I am stronger than I gave myself credit. I gained self discipline.

  161. Yes although it’s all been walking.
    I needed to set time to focus on my health. This challenge has helped
    I have grown to do time consuming in a day and complete them. No tack is too hard or difficult to face.

  162. Yes…..I’ve walked at least a 5k every day.
    Doing what you say is important and I am more likely to accomplish something if I’ve told others my goal(s)
    I want to keep doing the 5k and running too. I feel so much better mentally and physically, but I usually get out of the habit in the winter months 🙁

  163. Yes, completed 5K everyday in May
    More disciplined to get it done everyday even when when on vacation.
    Stronger than I thought I was and helps clear my head at times.

  164. 1. yes I have
    2. I’ve learned that’s it easier to keep active when doing something that’s part of a challenge and has a goal.
    3. I’ve grown physically, due to doing a 5k everyday.

  165. Yep completed
    I became more mentally and physically stronger
    I loved God’s nature and learned discipline

  166. 1. yes I have
    2. I’ve learned that I enjoy walking
    3. I grew mentally, keeping my mind on completing the 5k everyday, even on days I may not have wanted to.

  167. Yes, I have completed at least 3.1 moles per day.
    I learned that I can do something if I put my mind to it. I didn’t think I was capable of doing something like this.
    I grew mentally, I used my time during my daily walks to meditate and to learn how to separate what is important and what is just a bump on the road.

  168. 1. Yes, I have!
    2. I’ve learned that I can do so much more than I realized and it IS possible to make time in a busy day for things that are important to you. I’ve also learned I can positively influence others to get out more as well!
    3. I’ve grown in many ways. I certainly feel better physically, but also emotionally and mentally. I also feel like I’ve grown spiritually too because I like my 5k time to be disconnected from distractions and focusing on quiet time and time with God and in His beautiful creation.

  169. Yes, I have completed a 5k every day! I have learned running isn’t quite as terrible as I thought, and that I can be disciplined enough to get out and be active every single day.

  170. I’ve completed a 5k every day.
    I’ve learned that I CAN make time in my day to run/walk 3.1 miles.
    Ive learned to work at a goal, but if something comes up that I can’t reach that goal, focus on progress made and try again.

  171. I’m still plugging away.
    I’ve learned it’s a lot easier to walk when I listen to something.
    I’ve done so much better than I could have imagined. I’ll be continuing into June. Just not every day.

  172. 1.yes
    2.I’m not as young as I once was
    3. This was the easiest year I have done 5ks in the month of may. I have become self disciplined

  173. 1. Yes! I have completed a 5k everyday for the month of May so far.
    2. I’ve learned that planning is EVERYTHING when it comes to getting those intentional miles in. This year has been my easiest year yet and I think it has everything to do with being better at planning my 5k’s.
    3. This year I have really enjoyed listening to the podcast on my walk days. I feel like diving into the passages during my Treadmill walks/runs and my drives into work have really helped me spiritually have my head and heart in the right place at the beginning of the day.

  174. 1. Yes
    2. The hardest mile is mile 1. After that’s over, I’m ready to go.
    3. Self Discipline

  175. 1.yes
    2. I really enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk and helps me finish faster.
    3. Walking everyday has given me a chance to reflect what I did during the day.

  176. 1) Yes
    2)There are a lot things that are possible with determination.
    3)Definintely got stronger physically and was able to spend a lot of quality time with my wife.

  177. 1. Yes
    2. That I’m not as old and out of shape as I thought.
    3. I’m mentally tougher than I thought. Finding ways to not quit and still get it done has been good mentally and spiritually.

  178. 1. Yes!
    2. I need to listen to my body more and not push too hard at times.
    3. Self-discipline is important. I need to commit to more time in prayer and devotion.

  179. While I have tried, I’ve not been successful each day. I’ve learned that extending grace to myself is much more important for my own personal freedom than any t-shirt could ever be. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I could hold my head proud while knowing I’ve “failed” at a commitment, but I’m very proud of what my mind and body were able to pull off this month!

  180. 1. I sure have!
    2. That I really enjoy getting out and making time to exercise.
    3. I love listening to scripture as I walked. Sometimes it was a sermon or worship music, but spending that time partaking of my daily bread, worshiping, or talking with God brings so much life to my day. And for some reason I found myself less distracted walking than sitting.

  181. 1. Yes
    2. That I can still run after not doing it for about 2 years or more
    3. To never give up and do your best

  182. YES!!
    I have learned that I really do love running!!😉
    The podcasts have been great! Thanks to Jeff and all the guests!! Very interesting, I looked forward to it everyday. This has helped me grow in my walk with God.

  183. 1. Yes
    2. I have to make time for what I I want to accomplish
    3. Have loved having common goals with my kids

  184. 1.Yes
    2. I need others to help me accomplish my goals
    3. It makes me enjoy being outside more

  185. 1.yes
    2. committing to something makes me reach my goals. I don’t like to say I quit.
    3. That no matter what my situation to therefore be content and to see the positive in every situation.

  186. 1. Yes
    2. I can help others reach their goals when they are discouraged and want to quit
    3. Doing this challenge encourages me to be outside more and I’m thankful for that

  187. Have you successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022?
    – Yes

    What have you learned about yourself throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?
    – I can persevere through physical, emotional and situational challenges as long as I’m obedient to His Spirit within me and remain humble at all times.

    In what ways do you think you have personally grown emotionally, mentally, physically, and / or spiritually throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?
    – I have become more conscious of clothing myself with the Armor of God. I’m less susceptible to the enemy’s attack, not in my strength but Christ’s.

  188. 1. Yes
    2. That I find goals like this so much easier to achieve when others are also doing it
    3. I’ve spent most of my runs listening either to the Bible or Bible podcasts and I really look forward to that. It’s been good to make me have self discipline and a great physical challenge as well. Thanks for organizing this!

  189. 1. yes
    2. You got to schedule running in as the day gets so busy fast!
    3. Determination is the key

  190. Yes!
    I really enjoyed doing the 5K everyday after work with my wife. I learned it’s ok to run at a slower pace and enjoy this time together.
    This challenge has helped me get stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts everyday.

    • Yes, I have learned that I can do hard things.
      My legs have gotten stronger and better attitude in my life?

  191. Yes. It became a habit easier than I thought it would and I enjoyed getting outside every day.

  192. Yes!🤩
    I’ve learned that I need more consistent exercise in my life haha.
    Definitely made me realize how much better I feel emotionally and physically when I get out and walk or hike.

  193. Yes
    I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve walked it with my family rather than run it by myself.
    I have grown in patience.

  194. 1. Yes
    2 I learned that I can set a goal to exercise and consistently stick with it.
    3. I feel a sense of accomplishment and feel better overall by getting outside every day and exercising.

  195. 1. Yes

    2. I’ve learned that I prefer to start my day with a walk, instead of leaving it for the end of the day when I’m already tired.

    3. I’ve struggled to set aside time for exercise since having a baby last summer. This challenge has helped me feel healthier again. I can also walk 5k faster than when I started at the beginning of the month.

  196. Yes
    I have found that I am stronger than I think
    I feel that I have grown as a person and have grown to love and look forward to my daily runs

  197. 1) Have you successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022?


    2) What have you learned about yourself throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?

    That I like a variety of workouts and don’t want to run or walk every single day haha

    3) In what ways do you think you have personally grown emotionally, mentally, physically, and / or spiritually throughout this #5kMay2022 challenge?

    That all I need is 30 solid minutes to get a decent workout in!

  198. 1) yes and so proud to say I’ve come this far!

    2)I have learned a whole new level of discipline both physically and spiritually. Committing to this challenge has gotten me into a healthier routine and I cant wait to see where it takes me going forward.

    3) mentally I have learned to push past the excuses and lies my mind tells me and commit and not back out and give it all I have consistently. It’s shown me a whole new level of discipline that will filter into other areas of my life. Spiritually I have learned to deepen my relationship with God and it’s woken me to better discipleship and intentional relationships and doing life with fellow believers and holding on to that commadre. (I can be pretty introverted) This has been an AWESOME challenge through and through!

    • 1. Yes 2. I learned that a good pair of shoes makes a big difference 3. I feel stronger mentally, physically and spiritually then I was 30 days ago

  199. 1. Yes!

    2. My legs are weak. Never realized any one part of the body could be such a pansy. Don’t EVER completely neglect running again!

    3. I feel great physically since being active again, which effects me mentally in a positive way.

  200. 1. Yes
    2. Patience and perseverance
    3. I’ve learned the importance of setting a goal and sticking to it. Sometimes I would have much rather watched hockey but I went and did my 5k first.

  201. 1. Yes
    2. That I can do it even if it’s hard.
    3. With playing baseball and doing the 5k challenge, I feel like I got stronger this month.

  202. Yes, I have
    I am have time for things I prioritize, such as running a 5k every day
    I grew physically

  203. 1. Yes
    2. I have really enjoyed all the time spent walking and talking with my husband, kids, and friends during this challenge.
    3. I am so grateful to have made it this far. Certainly not taking physical ability for granted this year and hope to continue healing and getting stronger from here.

  204. 1. Yes!
    2. I still need more training to run a whole 5K.
    3. I feel like grown closer to God and grown to be better in self-discipline.

  205. 1. Yes
    2. That i was not as strong as I thought I was going into this.
    3. Considering I do this most of the time in the mornings it has helped me think clearer and more energetic through out the day.

  206. Yes!
    I have learned to take one day, one mile, one step at a time, and eventually you come to your destination! I feel I have a renewed mind, a stronger body mentally and physically! Getting up early and going running as the sun rises is something I want to continue! Thanks Jeff for doing this!

  207. -Yes
    -When I tell myself I have to do my 5k it becomes part of my day instead of feeling like a chore.
    -I feel as if my quality of life has become better. I am to think more clearly.

  208. 1. Yes, I’m still in!
    2. I’ve learned that I’m a pretty good walker.
    3. That it’s okay to take time for yourself to find better health and well-being.

  209. Yes!
    I learned that l like to jog. Especially when I can listen to Adventures in Odyssey along the way.
    I have gotten better at jogging doing a 5K every day.

  210. 1. Yes every day!! 1. I learned a good pair of shoes can make a big difference 3. I feel physically, mentally and spiritually stronger then I was 30 days ago!

  211. Yes.
    Struggled a bit this year all around. Nagging hamstring injury and just not allotting enough time. Need to time mange better..
    Since I walked a lot this time I could talk with different people..I enjoyed that aspect of it.

  212. 😭😭😭. A weekend boating trip ruined my streak 😭😭😭

    I’ve learned that there is almost always time for a run (except that day on during our boating weekend!)

    I feel So good running so much!

    • 1. Yes, I have walked 3.1 miles everyday.

      2. I have learned/remembered to take time for myself each day. Being a teacher at the end of the year I sometimes forget.

      3. I enjoyed kick starting my summer.

  213. Yes!

    I have learned that I am pretty good at running!

    I have grown stronger physically and mentally – I don’t always feel like getting my 5k done but I’m strong enough to make myself just do it!

  214. 1. Yes. 2. and 3. I have learned that I enjoy the challenge more when I interact with others more by doing group runs and getting together with friends and sharing photos through the daily photo challenge. I’ve learned that I always seem to complete the physical challenge but not quite complete the Bible challenge and that somehow seems wrong. I need to make the spiritual commitment more of a priority . I have definitely become physically stronger and made strides toward my goals of getting back into running shape where I can start achieving new goals and setting new PRs. I plan to continue this progess by not necessarily running every day but 4-5 days a week.

  215. 1) yes
    2) I have learned that I can push myself to do this even when it is hard
    3) I feel … exhausted! I had to slow down after being sick over half of this month, so lots of walking but getting it done.

  216. 1 YES! 2 and 3 I have learned a lot of great perspective on sticking to a healthy habit and plan to make it a routine to do more exercise routinely 5 days a week and I will savor those weekends off more now that I dont HAVE to do it. I was surprised how wonderfully deep yet practical the bible study/podcasts were — we are very blessed to have them and I look forward to those every day. Will miss them in June! Thanks Jeff and the sponsors of this challenge!

  217. 1. YES!!
    2. I have learned that you can make time for what is important and needed for the day. Even in really full days, I made time to get the walk in.
    3. Mentally- Pushing through the days when I was exhausted from “life”. Physically- Helped me remember my body is stronger than what I give it credit for. Spiritually- the time to reset, distress or clear my heart with the Lord was great everyday!

  218. 1) Yes
    2) I have learned that making time for dedicated physical exercise is possible, however every day takes a large portion of commitment.
    3) I have grown in my relationship with my wife by spending time every day doing this with her and pushing ourselves to go on new adventures.

  219. I have completed the daily 5k challenge thus far.
    I have learned that I can push myself farther than I thought and was able to complete the Mayhem challenge.
    I enjoy talking to God when I am running alone and taking in his beauty.

  220. Yes, even while traveling if been able to get at least one 5k every day done.
    I’ve become very disciplined about setting time aside for me.
    I thank God everyday that even though I’m no longer able to run I’m still alive and well/healthy enough to walk a 5k+ every day.

  221. 1. Yes
    2. The mine is a powerful thing, and that’s true of running. I have shaved a lot of time off my time just by mental toughness.
    3. I have grown much closer to God through my runs listening to scripture and Christian music.

  222. Yes I have walked/(jogged a little)3.1 miles every day in the month of May!

    I have learned that it is ok to take an hour out of the day for me! And that I can handle a challenge!

    This has helped me mentally and emotionally to get through some days of heartache. And to be outside to see God’s beauty of creation! It’s been so good to read/listen to the scriptures and that I am no different than the 12 disciples were. Jesus was pretty patient with them. How urgent it is to be sharing Jesus’ love to others!
    Physically it has definitely been good! But I’m still learning on how to breathe when I do want to jog some 🙄 I guess the main thing is that I’m still breathing and learning 😂

  223. 1) Yes I have!!
    2) I learned that I can finish something that I start!
    3) I think I have personally grown in accountability and consistency. I feel I am physically stronger for pushing myself through each day. And spiritually I had to ask God daily to borrow His strength to make it through, which brought me closer to Him.

  224. 1. Yes!
    2. I’ve learned to be more disciplined.
    3. What a joy to be able to walk with God on a daily basis, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  225. 1) Yes!
    2) I can do something for 30 days straight!
    3) that running and listening to Christian music recharges me. ..

  226. 1. Yes!
    2. I’ve learned that fitting in a 5K is easiest when I plan for it and have something to look forward to while doing it like Jeff’s podcast.
    3. Reading thru the Gospels always reignites my desire to keep going after the challenge ends. Just wish Jeff had a commentary to go with it!

  227. 1. Yes, I have ran them all!
    2. I learned I can do things I didn’t actually think I could do, like Mayhem.
    3. My legs are stronger and I’ve enjoyed the daily Bible reading.

  228. Yes!
    I can do difficult things.
    Physically I can run a longer distance now and have more endurance.

  229. 1. Yes.
    2. I have learned that when I set my mind to something, I can accomplish it.
    3. I am physically stronger and have gotten a good summer start to Bible reading.

  230. Yes!
    I’ve learned the importance of setting goals and discipline. So much easier doing this with my family… such a fun experience to do together.
    My legs are much stronger and I can run 5 miles easily now!

  231. 1. Yes!
    2. That I actually can do 5K every day!
    3. I am always more emotionally healthy when I take the time to care for my body physically, running helps so much! Spiritually it has been great to listen to the podcast and hear the insight on scripture that I’ve read so many times before, it never ceases to amaze me! Physically I have increased my endurance and speed through the month.

  232. 1. Yes.
    2. If I set my mind to something, I can accomplish it.
    3. Its been a good reminder of how much daily Bible reading is important to how I live the rest of my life.

  233. Yes!

    I’ve learned I need new shoes! I’ve also learned that I use to make a lot of excuses about not having enough time in the day to work out.
    I’ve grown in being disciplined and following through with a goal. I feel physically stronger and my sleep has been so much better!

  234. Yes!
    I’ve learned that it’s not easy to do a 5k every day!
    All those areas have all gotten stronger in different ways.

  235. Yes, i have run/walked 3.1 miles everyday this month. I’m a late night Walker abs about to start today’s walk. I’ve learned that it is really true that regular, challenging exercise can definitely improve your health-evidence is my reduced blood pressure abs also the ability to kick up the speed on the treadmill without getting short of breath. Setting this time aside everyday also gives me an extra special time to either listen to scripture, meditate, or pray. I’m going to try and switch from late night to early morning.

  236. Yes!
    I can do it. It takes discipline to accomplish anything, especially something that you don’t particularly enjoy.
    Stronger but a little sore.

    • 1 Yes. 2 It’s been a good challenge- tough enough to make it not too easy, but not so overwhelming it’s impossible to keep up. 3 I think I jogged more/walked less of this year’s challenge than last year

  237. 1. Yes
    2. I have learned that my mind will come up with any and every excuse to not get my 5K’s done.
    3. I think that I am continuing to grow in discipline. This challenge always helps me grow in this area. Consistency and discipline are key in most everything we do. Not always easy but always worth it.

    Thanks, Jeff, for another great challenge!

  238. 1. Yes
    2. I learned that even though it seemed like the last thing I wanted to do some nights, sticking with this challenge has led to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.
    3. I’ve grown in physical stamina and have also enjoyed the mental health benefits during the craziest month of the year for a teacher / parent.

  239. 1. Yes
    2. I Was able to make it a priority and stick to it and get a 5km walk in every day for a month.
    3. Even though I walked. Sometimes I tried running parts of it and I can run longer than I could at the beginning of the month.

  240. Yes.
    I have learned not all 5k’s look the same – some include wandering, so include hustle, some include tears, some include solitude, some companionship, and some are mixed tapes with sporadic efforts all day long.
    I’ve grown just by making it happen every day!

  241. Also, my friend Denise Lowe deserved a shirt. She missed the last days traveling to NY to care for her family but she was dedicated beyond measure every other day! Her efforts kept me moving – seeing her succeed was truly why I kept going.

    • 1. I just completed my last 5k for the month this morning. I thought the check-in was today, but am now realizing it must have been yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll be official or not since I’m posting this a day late, but I did complete the challenge!
      2. I struggled with this challenge more than the last 2 years because I had to walk most of them due to a slight knee injury. That was frustrating and humbling, but also gave me opportunities to have others join me since I was walking.
      3. I forced myself to finish these walking 5ks even though so many other things vie for my attention at the end of the school year. The discipline and commitment are good for me to continue to shape.

  242. 1. Yes!!😁😁
    2. I have learned I still love running after several years of recovery from various injuries and surgeries that made running not doable. I also learned a new favorite saying from a fellow 5ker “Give your best effort, not your best excuse”
    3. I have gotten my endurance back to be able to run a complete 5k, and also to extend my distance. I have registered for my first half in many years 🙂

  243. Well, I ran every day, more because I have become such an avid runner than anything else. I forgot completely to check in or do the mayhem, as ambitious as it was last year, I loved it. I read the scripture for the first week and a half, then forgot a day and feel more like I failed so I gave up on that. For the accomplishment of running it was still a good go at it. I love that you put this on.

  244. Yes, I have walked everyday.

    I feel great and have more energy. And to push through the beginning to get to the end.

    I think I have grown physically and mentally telling myself that I can do something and do it! It was hard at the beginning because my leg would start to hurt. When I would take my dogs with, I faster because they like to go so it helped my leg going slow and fast and it hasn’t hurt the rest of the time,

  245. 1) Yes, I have completed at least a 5K every day!
    2)) I have learned that I need to allow myself more grace and to let more things go- I do not have to do it all, there is a cost that things aren’t always worth.
    3) I feel physically and mentally stronger.

  246. 1. I have done a 5k every day.
    2. I have learned that I’m determined. Maybe more so than I thought.
    3. I feel better about life. Crazy things happen in our world, but taking time to reflect assures me things will be ok in the end. Put your best foot forward and keep moving to improve.

  247. Yes! Didn’t miss a day even when out of town for three of the weekends!
    Learned I’ll do anything for a t-shirt 😅
    The first year I did this, I learned that I really love to walk and just think or pray. I also learned that fast walking is actually harder than running for me!
    Thanks for hosting this each year!

  248. Oh goodness! I thought check-in was today – the 31st. It looks like everyone else was a day early!!!! I completed a 5K every day!!! Scriptures are easy. Mayhem is not. Thank you, Jeff. Once again an amazing event!!!

    • Yes I completed all days
      Love the scriptures and music most.
      3 years and mayhem didn’t get fully completed again but that’s OK. Definitely got me moving more! Thanks

  249. Yes
    I feel better and am motivated with a challenge.
    I have learned to push thru even if you dont feel like it. Also, i learned that this check in was May 30 and not May 31st like i thought. Yikes. Sorry!!

  250. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS YESTERDAY!!!!!! I thought check-in was today 🙁
    I have done more than a 5k almost every day in May (I’ve taken a photo and tagged it in the 5k May challenge, too!)
    I have learned that even though I’m a marathon runner, running every day is TIRING! There were days where I really wanted to take the day off, but I’m too stubborn to quit a challenge! ;-P
    I’ll definitely do this again next year!

  251. 1. I have, some days I got mine in really late, but I made sure not to miss any 5Ks.

    2. I’ve learned that I really enjoy walking late at night, even if all the dogs in my neighborhood disagree. 🤣

    3. I can run a 5K much faster now than I could when I started. I’ve been able to push myself to carry on with my runs, when before, I’d have given up easier. The night time walks wipe away any stress that I may have had for the day. I’ve also been able to get a few neighbors walking, and they feel the same way about the night walks relaxing them.

  252. 1. Yes
    2. I learned I can go faster than I thought
    3. I have definitely grown stronger physically and mentally

  253. 1. I have walked, hike or ran a 5k everyday in the month of may
    2. I love challenges and routines. 5k is something I look forward to every year.
    3. I have learned to let go of the idea that every run will be fast or even feel good. I enjoy the process no matter how productive it might have been

    • Assuming check in is the last day got me nowhere! 😅

      1. I did it!
      2. I learned that I could make time for a run everyday.
      3. That’s a hard one. Mentally I would say o learned that you can overcome mental boundaries and just push through. Lots of times it felt better after anyways!

  254. 1. Yes
    2. I enjoy downhill much more than uphill!!
    3. The 5ks continued to get easier so that was one way I grew!

  255. Yea I have completed a 5k everyday

    I learned that if I want to do it I will make time for it

    Walking can be a good way to relieve some stress of your day

  256. A day late and a $ short for checking in, but I DID IT!!!
    I learned everything else can wait while I have 45-60 minutes by myself.
    It’s been a roller coaster of a month with deaths, graduations, kids coming back home for the summer and other kids moving away, but God gives us what we need when we need it.

  257. I checked in yesterday but it still says my comment is awaiting moderation. Does that mean I did something wrong?

  258. 1. Yes
    2. I feel a lot better when I set aside time to walk/run every day.
    3. They got easier as the month went on!

  259. 1. Yes!
    2. I can do hard things easier physically than I can mentally.
    3. I’ve replaced tv time with walking time at lunch and it really improves my mood.

  260. 1. No 🙁 I had to discontinue on day 25 due to doctors orders. Baby McDowell #2 enjoyed the challenge while it lasted!
    2. Play out your runs in advance!
    3. I can do hard things! Especially being 9 months pregnant! 24 days and had to be shut down by the doc is nothing to be disappointed about! Fantastic job to all who finished 5K May! I’ll be back next year

  261. 1. Yes.
    2. I can’t currently run 12 5ks progressively.
    3. You can always find time for the things that are important. Jeff reinforced that thinking this past Saturday.

  262. 1. Yes, some days even more!
    2. I’m stronger than I realize!!
    3. God is a glorious miracle worker!!

  263. 1. Yes
    2. Late night walks with my wife are great time to reflect, engage and pray together!
    3. Our God is a faithful provider!

  264. Yes
    I learned I should assume the last check in is the last day of the month. Oops. Just a day late…
    I’ve gotten over the mental hurdle of feeling like skipping a run just because the day gets busy or because it’s raining.

  265. Yes!
    I learned I can walk faster then I thought
    I need to learn to listen to my body. Walking can be just as beneficial as running. And there is always time. I just have to make it a priority

  266. Yep
    Running is a lot more fun w buddies.
    No matter how tired I am, I always feel better and my mind is clearer after a run.

  267. Yes
    I learned I have to plan considerably more time if I walk instead of run.
    I do enjoy the feeling of knowing I exercised every day for an entire month.

  268. NO
    I have learned that even when you plan to do something every day, sometimes things happen and you don’t reach your goal and that’s ok just make yourself a new goal.
    Even though I wasn’t able to run every day in May I did listen to the podcast, I have been truly blest by your speakers as well as the scripture readings. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  269. 1. I have successfully run and / or walked at least 3.1 miles every day so far in the month of May 2022?
    2. My wife and I have done this challenge in the rain, early in the morning, finished near midnight, on our son’s wedding day, and when sick. We’ve learned that we can do anything we set our minds to do.
    3. My wife and I did every day but 2 together. I have a deeper appreciation for her perspective on things discussed during our walks. these daily talks have really been a blessing to me.

  270. Yes
    I like the challenge with the heat
    I like the alone time I get to reflect when running

  271. Yes
    Shows how committed you are, especially during our rainy start.
    This was a great month to jump start my training.

    • I ran at least 5k every day, can’t say I kept up with everything else. Another good year though, definitely unpredictable weather.

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