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#5kMay2022 – Day 24

One week from today will be the LAST day of this challenge. That is incredible. If you are still in this thing, if you have been running and or walking at least 3.1 miles every single day this May, you are incredible!

Daily Fun Photo Challenge: Wear a hat and only one glove during your daily 5k. Post a selfie of your epic outfit.

Daily Bible Reading Challenge: John 2 – John 4

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  1. We’ve truly enjoyed the podcasts. We really enjoyed the special guests. They really helped to inspire us to push forward and we appreciated their helpful suggestions. We can’t listen while we walk but we listen afterwards with morning coffee or in the evening before retiring for the night. The music and scriptures help us start and end the day right. It helps to keep us aware of who we belong to, the sacrifice made for us by Jesus and that we are sons and daughters of a God who loves us unconditionally. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the podcasts!

  2. We’ve listened to most of the podcasts. I really enjoy your commentary the most, as well as the perspective of the guests we’ve heard. Thanks for all the time you put into these! They are beneficial!

  3. meant to do this yesterday, but well you know what they say about good intentions. I thoroughly enjoy the podcast!! The music, the reading, the commentary, the interviews… I love it all! I get lost in it and it definitely helps make the torture, I mean the great experience of running better. I may have mentioned it before but last year when i did the challenge i was having some health problems and had lost nearly 1/2 of my blood volume. Running was miserable when the oxygen was not traveling like it should though my body. This year has been an amazing experience!! This 5k may has been a catalyst to launch me full on into my “best me by 50” goal that I have for myself.
    Looking back over the month i can see the progress that i have made. I feel healthier, I feel stronger, I feel ALIVE! I believe running is becoming a lifestyle again…
    Bro, I appreciate you! Thank you for the inadvertent “push” into a better version of Me. Turning the Megachurch back into a Temple…

    • Awesome!! Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I love hearing that you are full on into your best you by 50!

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