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10k October (Day Four)

I woke up this morning in Fairfield, CT. Unfortunately, I woke up a little later than I had hoped. I was hoping to go for a 10k around the city before meeting with a Youth Pastor at 8am.

That didn’t happen. 

I didn’t run, but I had a great meeting in the morning and then headed out for Syracuse, NY for another meeting with a couple of Youth Workers in the area. It was a 5 hour drive (with lots of stopped traffic), but it was a great meeting with a couple of really great guys. 

After an enjoyable and encouraging day of meetings, and after an inspiring time of talking about Gospel Advancing Ministry and promoting the Dare 2 Share One Day event, I jumped back in the car and headed for home. 

I arrived at home a little after 11pm, realizing that I had not yet put in my 10k for Day Four of 10k October… so I strapped on my shoes, put in a headlamp, and headed out for an evening run. 

I forgot that my headlamp batteries were going dead… it flashes three times to let me know the batteries are dying. It had done that the last time I wore it, and it did it again when I first started running. 

Oh well, I thought. Surely it will last long enough for a 10k. 

Not so much. 

I started down a back road and quickly knew I was in trouble. I could hardly see anything. So I turned around and ran a route that kept me underneath the street lights. It wasn’t the route I was hoping for, but it worked. 

At one point I was running and the bright street light above me completely shut off. It was amazing how suddenly everything went dark. I could hardly see with my barley illuminated head lamp. 

But I kept running. Eventually I came to another light and I could see clearly again. 

I finished my 10k in 47:32 with an average pace of 7:38 per mile. I think that is pretty good considering I was very tired and could hardly breathe. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to breathe and can run in the sunshine. Yes. That sounds delightful. 



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