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10k October (Day Five)

Well… that certainly felt a lot better than last night. Definite not back to 100%, but (I think) getting better. 

Today I ran in the beautiful sunshine and I finished my 10k in 47:44 with an average pace of 7:41 per mile. Admittedly, it was not quite as good of a finish time as last night’s run, but the finish time can be deceiving. 

Last night I hit a wall. My first mile was 7:07. My second mile was 7:18, and then the wheels fell off… I had slipped to 8:16 by mile 4, and I was huffing and puffing pretty hard. My chest was tight and it was a tough 10k. I finished,  it it took about all that I had to do so. 

This afternoon I was much more consistent and intentionally ran at a slower pace. My legs were tired, but I was able to breathe and finished strong. 

Tomorrow morning I plan to get a good run in, and then I will stick to morning runs through the weekend. Today was a nice transition to get back to morning runs. It is hard to finish at midnight and then run again at 5am…

Saturday is the Wooster Brick Run. It is a 25k… with a nice dose of Flickinger hill in the middle of it. I’m trying to rest my legs as much as possible in preparation for that run, but it’s hard to rest your legs when you are rocking 10k October!



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