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Photos from Kenya 2023

This whole “Photos from Kenya 2023” journey began on February 1 with a photo that I took overlooking East Africa’s Great Rift Valley. I hope you have enjoyed journeying with me so far.

Today’s photo brings us back to that same spot. 

I absolutely LOVED my time in Kenya. I certainly hope to make it back again. I loved the people I met there. I loved ministry that we were able to do there. I loved seeing God at work there. I loved the team that I had the privilege of serving alongside of there. But I think the most special thing, to me, about the trip to Kenya, was the blessing of getting to do it with my bride and our oldest daughter.

While I will always be able to look back at these photos and see the amazing people, places, and things with my eyes, even without the photos I will always cherish those two short weeks in my heart.

God is good.

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