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Photos from Kenya 2023

This will be my last photo from the “Leader’s Alive” Pastors Conference, and it is definitely another of my favorite photos from Kenya! I partly love this photo because it captures so much joy, but also because I just love the couple in the photo.

As the pastors and their spouses were called forward to receive the gift of a Study Bible, they quickly realized that holding hands, or showing any kind of affection towards one another, was going to get a positive response from Paul Mullet. In Kenyan culture, any kind of public display of affection is not something that normally happens. But these pastors and their spouses were flipping the script…

Here in this photo is Pastor Elijah and his lovely bride, Maureen, coming forward hand-in-hand to receive their gift of a Study Bible…

Elijah and Maureen are WONDERFUL people! We had the privilege of being led in musical worship by them on Sunday morning at Bishop Mutune’s church. 

As you can see from the photo, this power couple did not just hold hands… they locked their hands together, smiled from ear to ear, and practically skipped down the aisle like it was their wedding day.

It was awesome!

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