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Photos from Kenya 2023

For the entire month of January I posted “Favorite Photos from 2022”. That was fun. I hope that you enjoyed walking down my memory lane as much as I did.

What you may not have known was that I had written and scheduled most of those posts to go online at 10am each morning-and most of them did go up without an issue. The reason that I had to write them in advance and schedule them to go online each day was because I spent most of the month away from home… in Kenya.

Good friends of ours, Paul & Cindy Mullet, have been going to Kenya for years. For nearly as long as I can remember, Paul has been asking me to join them in traveling to Kenya (or maybe I invited myself to join him-I can’t actually remember). Because of other ministry opportunities on my calendar (and then because of COVID), it has never worked out for me to join them. But this year I decided to prioritize it and block that time off to make sure I was able to be there and see first-hand what God is up to in Kenya.

I’m so glad that I did!

My wife and oldest daughter were also able to join me on this amazing ministry trip. Words simply cannot express how awesome our time in Kenya was, but I am hoping to do my best in communicating throughout the month of February some of our highlights of the trip. Each day I will be posting “Photos from Kenya 2023”.

Personally (and I’m sure this is just me), I don’t enjoy Facebook photo dumps. When I see that someone had a great trip and dumps 50+ photos on their Facebook timeline, I get a little overwhelmed, and I find myself just quickly scrolling through the photos. That feels like too much information for me to wrap my mind around.

This will definitely NOT be a photo dump. It will be more like a photo trickle.

I hope you will travel along with me as I relive some of the best moments of our trip through sharing a single photo each day. I will also offer a little commentary along the way. Hopefully it will feel a little bit like being there, yourself.

If this method of dispersion is painfully slow for you… it’s okay. Maybe one of the most important things that I was learning while in Kenya was the importance of slowing down, and just enjoying life, people, and circumstances a little more.

This first photo from Kenya 2023 is a shot that I took overlooking East Africa’s Great Rift Valley. What a stunningly beautiful land God has created!

This Great Rift Valley extends from Lebanon in Asia to Mozambique in Southeast Africa! That is roughly 7,000 kilometers, or 4,300 miles!

And if you think that is cool, just wait until you get to see some of the people…

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