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Photos from Kenya 2023

All of the pastors who were present for the “Leaders Alive” Pastor’s Conference received a Study Bible as a special gift. As I pointed out yesterday, the Bibles were provided by Phil Stutzman (Souls4Him Ministries), and we each packed three Bibles in our luggage to get them to Kenya.

It is not actually easy to fit three very large Bibles in your luggage. As you can see from the photos, they are not small. They are rather heavy, too. 

But the opportunity to hand these Bibles out to faithful men and women of God who are pouring their lives out for the Kingdom was more than worth any hassle we encountered to get the Bibles there.

Today’s photo from Kenya features another special moment that happened while Paul & Cindy were handing out the Bibles as a special gift. 

This photo is incredibly meaningful to me, and I wanted to share it, but it is meaningful for reasons that I am going to keep to myself. Something special happened with this couple at the Pastor’s Conference, and (I believe) it was a truly moving experience for everyone who was there. But it was also something sensitive that I do not think I should go into detail to explain. 

So, today, I simply present this beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God. Giving, receiving, blessing, praying, united, joyful, humbled. God is good.

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