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Photos from Kenya 2023

I have one more photo of Bishop Stephen Mutune that I have to share. This is definitely one of my favorite photos from our time in Kenya.

Our team traveled to Kenya with a bunch of Bibles in our luggage (three big Bibles per person), because Paul & Cindy wanted to bless each Pastor who came to the “Leaders Alive” Pastors Conference with a Study Bible of their very own. The Bibles were provided by Phil Stutzman (Souls4Him Ministries). It was obviously a very meaningful gift for them to receive. 

In this photo, we had actually given all of the Study Bibles away (which was awesome!), and Paul was instead giving Bishop Mutune a very nice Large Print Bible. Paul & Cindy and Bishop Mutune have a beautiful friendship, and Paul was joking about the Large Print Bible being better suited for someone as “seasoned and wise” as Bishop Mutune. It was a well-placed joke, and I just happened to catch them all in mid-laugh. 

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