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Photos from Kenya 2023

Yesterday I wrote about our team picking up a bed and frame for one of the wonderful ladies we had the pleasure of serving while we were in Kenya. Today’s photo from Kenya is a bit of a continuation of that story.

The giving did not stop with the bed. In fact, we were able to get a mattress for her son, as well. 

Many of the members on our team had the privilege of offering her gifts, and speaking blessings over her. Jodi and Taylor were able to give kitchen supplies.

I will say that this photo is meaningful to me for two reasons. 

First, it was just a really cool moment for me to see my wife and daughter serving together like this. In many ways this is a photo of disciple-making in action.

Second, apparently they did not know everything they were giving before pulling it out of the cardboard box and presenting it, so poor Jodi was labeling a few things incorrectly. It was actually kind of funny. At one point she pulled out an item and labeled it “serving trays” (mostly because they looked to us like serving trays). Paul was quick to chuckle a bit and say, “Actually, those are lids for the pots…”

Haha! Well, whatever we gave, she sure seemed to appreciate it!

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