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Photos from Kenya 2023

For years Paul & Cindy Mullet have been taking annual trips to Kenya, and have shared with me how amazing it is there. They obviously have a heart for the nation and the people of Kenya. I love it. And I have loved hearing about it. Paul is very quick to invite others to join him—which I really appreciate about him. He has been inviting me to join him pretty much every year since 2018.

For years now I have been trying to figure out how I could join Paul & Cindy on a trip to Kenya. I mostly wanted to be there to experience it for myself, to see them in their element, and to support them in what they are doing. As a Musicianary, I have a goal of getting out of the United States of America at least once per year. I believe this will help me to keep more of a global perspective, as I have the privilege of primarily serving the church in the USA. As a friend, I really just wanted to be there with Paul & Cindy.

This year it finally worked for me to join them in Kenya, and I was so excited about it. As I was preparing and praying about the Kenya trip, I couldn’t shake the thought, Scott Price should be a part of this trip!

I reached out to Scott with a text and simply asked if he wanted to join me. Within five minutes he had texted me back saying, “YES!”

It was eerie how quickly Scott had agreed to join us in Kenya.

He told me that he had already prayed about it, because he had been wanting to get to Kenya for years. As soon as he saw my text, he knew that he should be there with us.

I love it when a plan comes together.

It was awesome having Scott with us on the team in Kenya. Scott is an amazing man of God, and he made friends EVERYWHERE he went.

Here is a photo I took of Scott being Scott at the widow’s home. This adorable, precious little girl was just hanging around at the widow’s house, and Scott struck up a conversation with her.

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  1. We were so happy to have you join us—finally! To have Jodi and Taylor come too was a bonus! Having Scott come was another bonus! We prayed God would put this team together, and He didn’t disappoint.

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