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Photos from Kenya 2023

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite photos from our trip to Kenya that featured Scott Price and an adorable, precious little girl who was just hanging around at the widow’s house. I wanted to share this photo today as a bit of a follow-up to the photo I shared yesterday.

This is the same adorable, precious little girl (posing with my daughter and my bride).

I’m not sure if she had ever had the opportunity to have her picture taken, or to see herself immediately represented on a camera screen after her photo was taken. I took the photo of her with Scott (the one I shared yesterday), and then I asked her if she wanted to see it. She shook her head yes so I turned the camera around and showed her the screen. Her eyes got HUGE, a smile stretched across her face, and she audibly gasped and proclaimed, “Wow!”

It was awesome.

Before I knew it, she was gone. Soon after her disappearance, she reappeared… but this time with the most beautiful white dress you have ever seen! She wanted her picture taken again, but this time with her beautiful white dress, purple backpack, and super cool sunglasses.

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