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Photos from Kenya 2023

Yesterday I mentioned that we had intended to provide a kitchen for a widow in Kenya, but when we got there we realized that there was a LOT of construction going on at her house (which our team had paid forward to make possible), so we were not able to work on the construction of a new kitchen. 

That was totally fine. The new structure for the kitchen was in place, but we were not physically able to work on the new kitchen because of other construction taking place. 

There were several Kenyan workers present at the widow’s house. It was awesome!

Men were cutting lumber, and a roof was being constructed above the widow’s bedroom. One of our team members, Lester, is a roofer by trade. He did not hesitate. He jumped right up on the roof and pitched in to get the project done! It really was an awesome sight to behold… God had gifted Lester to work construction, and Lester was using his gift to the glory of God!

Lester had brought a work belt and a brand new hammer to use, and he ended up giving it to one of the guys who was working on the roof. It was an awesome moment. The guy was blown away by Lester’s generosity. 

You know, it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. It just takes a willingness to do the small things, and the small things add up to a big thing—where God is glorified.

I believe that Lester truly glorified God by being willing to pass on his blessing to someone else. What a beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God.

Meanwhile, the rest of our team was involved in what we called the “Brick Relocation Project”… we were tearing down an old building, and bringing the still usable bricks up to the main area where they could be repurposed. It may not seem like much, but someday had to do it, and we were more than willing to pitch in and help.

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