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Photos from Kenya

What if I told you that this was a photo of a Kenyan kitchen?

It is. 

Well… it was. 

One of the projects that our team focused on was providing a new kitchen for a wonderful lady in a small village. She recently lost her husband, and is now a widow. She is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, and for the past while she has been cooking over these stones.

It’s not much, but she makes it work.

That pretty much sums up most of what we saw in Kenya, actually. It’s not much, but they make it work.

While we are wallowing and complaining in the midst of our abundance (I count myself among the guilty!), they are making due with what they have.

It really is admirable.

Still, one who is faithful in a very little can be trusted with much (see Luke 16:10). We were excited to be able to help her get into a much better kitchen situation. 

We showed up fully expecting to work on the kitchen until it was finished, but there was quite a bit of other construction going on when we got there. In fact, the other construction made it impossible for us to work on the kitchen, so we found other worthwhile tasks to work on. 

I’ll be sharing a little more about that in the coming days…

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