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Photos from Kenya 2023


The first Kenyan that we got to meet after landing in Nairobi was Frank. What a guy! 

Frank was our driver while we were in Kenya. I honestly don’t know what to say about this guy, but everything I could say about him would be good!

Frank is the kind of guy who makes me think, I’ll be we would be best friends if I lived in Kenya, or if he lived in Ohio.

Looking back through the photos that I took while in Kenya, I realized that I didn’t really have many photos of Frank. So much of what he did was behind the scenes, but he did a LOT!

Here is a quick selfie that I took with Frank on the last day of the Pastor’s Conference.

Jodi and I ran each morning while we were in Kenya. One morning we were blessed to have Frank join us, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking about Jesus and Youth Ministry with him for the entire run.

Frank is a deep thinker and someone who is fully engaged in what he is doing at the moment. He was definitely the star player on our “American” futbol team.

On the night before we left Kenya, we had the privilege of going out to eat with Frank at the restaurant his wife manages. It was wonderful to get to meet her (and the food was delicious and the service was excellent!)

It was also super cool to see Frank’s son with him when he drove us to and dropped us off at the airport.

One day, while we were talking, I asked Frank if he knew where I could find a Kenyan flag. Everywhere I travel, I like to purchase a flag of the country, a patch of the country’s flag, and a soccer jersey of their national team. Frank thought about it, but he was not sure where I could purchase a flag of Kenya. Then, on the last day, as he was dropping us off at the airport, he gave me a very special gift. It was a Kenyan flag!

The flag is currently sitting at home on the ledge between our kitchen, dining room, and living room. It sits there as a reminder of what God is doing in the nation of Kenya, and as a reminder to pray for the amazing friends (now family) that we met while we were in Kenya.

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  1. Frank is a great man of God! We were pleasently surprised with his gift of a little Kenyan flag, too. It’s just the right size to sit here in our home and remind us of him and all the other people we love in Kenya.

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