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Photos from Kenya 2023

For the past several days I have shared some of my favorite photos from our recent trip to Kenya. Most of those photos featured some of the amazing people we met in Kenya.

Today I am going to continue that trend, but with a bit of a twist…

One of my favorite people I took photos of while in Kenya was not actually a Kenyan. It was my daughter, Taylor. 

Here is Taylor with one of the lovely ladies that she met at the Pastor’s Conference. This is a photo I took of Taylor and Faithfulness.

I was so proud of my daughter to travel with me and her mother halfway across the globe to a foreign nation with people she had never met. I knew she would survive the trip, but I was delighted to watch her thrive throughout the trip.

She really came alive—whether it was while serving at the widow’s home, playing fútbol with the school kids, leading worship with me in front of more than a thousand students at the Youth Conference, just being with our team, or meeting new people at the Pastor’s Conference, Taylor was really in her element. I feel like she was tapping into the fearfully and wonderfully made person that God has created her to be.

When we got home she said, “I need to get a job so I can start saving up for my next trip to Kenya.”

I do believe she will be back some day.

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  1. Jeff, I love all your posts and pictures! It’s like experiencing a bit of the trip with you and the team! This post about Taylor is especially inspiring. She is a DELIGHT! Your words about her are kind of like our heavenly Father’s words about His Son. “Taylor is my beloved daughter, and in her I am well pleased!” –Jeff, her father ❤️

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