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Photos from Kenya 2023

We were blessed to have Archbishop Henry Mulandi join us for the final day of the Pastor’s Conference at ACMI (African Christian Mission International).

I remember when Henry Mulandi would visit the church that my wife grew up going to. As a new believer, myself, I was fascinated by the idea that there were Christians all over the planet. (Of course, in all reality it makes total sense that there would be devout Christians on the other side of the globe—the side where Jesus actually spent His own earthly days.) It was always a special Sunday morning when Henry Mulandi was in attendance.

I spoke to Henry while we were waiting for the last session of the Pastor’s Conference to start. He remembered Pastor Bill Detweiler and Pastor Terry Shue very well. Bill and Terry both pastored the church my wife grew up in—the church were I first started attending after putting my faith in Christ at age 21.

Henry is the man responsible for so much of the work at ACMI. This is what it says on their website:

ACMI, formerly ACM, was founded in 1992, when Bishop Mulandi saw the need of reaching out in highschools, colleges and universities with the gospel of Christ.

This was done through preaching in open-air meetings (crusades/street meetings) all over the country and planting of churches in different villages in collaboration with the local churches.

He also saw the need of reaching out to the refugees by ministering to their spiritual, emotional and physical needs through provision of God’s word, food and clothing. The latter saw the establishment of an ACMI base in Nothern Kenya, Kakuma, which boarders the country towards Sudan.

I was super excited to hear Henry speak at the Pastor’s Conference, and to hear what he had to say made me even MORE excited! He gave the pastors a charge to go back to the roots of ACMI—to reach the high school, college, and university students with the gospel of Christ!

Yes, LORD!

This vision lines up so perfectly with the ministries that I am partnered with in the United States. 

God is at work in Kenya! God is at work in the United States of America! God is at work all over the planet! Let’s join God in the work that He created and commissioned us to do!

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