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Photos from Kenya 2023

My favorite thing about being in Kenya, without a doubt, was the amazing people that we met there. 

One of the guys that we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with was Amos. “Famous Amos” we called him.

Amos was often the conductor for our bus rides. He was an amazingly helpful guy to have around! 

When we played a game of fútbol in the village, we were getting killed. Then Amos volunteered to play goalkeeper for us—and everything changed! I have never seen a more naturally gifted goalkeeper. He was incredible! I don’t think he let a single goal go in. Thank goodness we had some Kenyans playing on the “American” team!

Amos was also the resident “Media Guy”. He was often taking photos, and he was more than willing to grab our phones or cameras and take photos for us. I have some great shots on my phone and camera that were taken by Amos.

While we were in the village, we were blessed to have a chance to eat a meal with Amos’s wife. They were recently married, so we had a celebration dinner. It was really a special evening of getting to know Amos better, and getting to meet his wonderful wife. 

Amos was quick to carry my guitar for me (what a guy!), and he seemed interested in learning how to play… so one day after church I taught him a few chords. He was a natural. I’m sure with a little practice he could be a great guitar player. I’m thinking with a little practice Amos could be great at whatever he puts his mind towards!

Near the end of our trip we put on a Pastor’s Conference at ACMI (African Christian Mission International). Amos was taking photos of the event, and it seemed like a great opportunity for me to take a picture of Amos taking pictures. I did get a good photo of Amos doing his thing. Then he saw me, and decided to take a picture of me taking a picture of him… so here is a picture of Amos taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. 

It is safe to say that we miss the wonderful Kenyan friends that we made on this trip. We do hope to get back to Kenya to see them all again.

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