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Photos from Kenya 2023

People keep asking me, “What was your favorite part of being in Kenya?”

There are so many ways I could answer this question. For instance, I could say:

  • “Being a part of an awesome team!”
  • “Being there with Paul & Cindy Mullet, to see them pouring in to their passion.”
  • “Being able to minister alongside of Scott Price and Larry Kaufman.”
  • “Being there with my wife and daughter.”
  • “Offering practical help to a widow”
  • “Playing fútbol against a team of Kenyans.”
  • “Feeding a village.”
  • “Speaking at a Youth Conference with more than 1,500 youth in attendance.”
  • “Having a chance to go on safari and see wild animals.”
  • “Speaking at a Pastor’s Conference with more than 40 pastors and many spouses in attendance.”
  • “Running a race in Kenya and finishing in third place.”

My list of answers could go on and on and on. And honestly, all of those answers would be highlights of the trip, for sure. But for me, the answer to the question is easy.

It’s the people.

We met so many amazing people in Kenya. I do hope that many will be lifelong friends.

Yesterday’s photo from Kenya 2023 featured Pastor Elijah and Pastor Boniface. They are both amazing men of God. Today’s photo from Kenya 2023 was taken in the same village. This is David.

David was one of the first people we met when we got to Kenya. Our first stop after the airport was at ACMI (African Christian Mission International), which is the ministry that we were working through. ACMI is an awesome organization, and David is an awesome guy.

This dude just exudes joy. Like so many of the Kenyans that we met, he is a deep thinker and a fast friend. David’s smile lights up a room, and once he has your attention, he is ready to teach you how to play a game. We played many games that David quickly organized, and the games often led to lots of laughing.

David showed us how to dance like a Kenyan during the worship services. It was definitely a good attempt on his part, but there was no way these Americans were going to be able to move their bodies like he (and the rest of the Kenyans) could so effortlessly move theirs.

David worked with us at the widow’s home, he joined the American team in the futbol match, was with us throughout the Youth Conference, served us during the Pastor’s Conference, and ran the Saturday morning race with us.

One day, during the Pastor’s Conference, he noticed that Taylor was looking a little bored and overwhelmed (those were LONG days, and she really endured like a champion), so he invited her to walk with him to the local mall where he treated her to a delicious yoghurt. That really meant a lot to her, that he noticed her and cared for her.

We were in Kenya to notice them and to care for them, but it sure felt good to also be noticed and cared for, ourselves.

That’s David. He notices. He cares. He was an absolute blessing to us while we were in Kenya, and I believe we will be lifelong friends.

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