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Favorite Photos of 2022

I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing family. God is good! He is far better to me than I deserve. But that is nowhere near the end of my blessings. I am also incredibly blessed to have awesome friends.

Today’s favorite photo from 2022 was shot on my iPhone somewhere in Iowa on February 20.I was asked to lead worship and speak at a youth retreat in Nebraska that weekend, and Eli Beachy & Mark Rowe came with me to play guitar and keyboards, respectively. I love being able to do ministry with friends.

We typically pack a Keurig with us when we travel, and we were thirsty for coffee on our way home from an incredible weekend, so when we noticed a light pole with an electric outlet on it while pumping gas, we decided that was another gift from heaven. We gave God thanks and used the electricity to power the Keurig so we could all have a cup of coffee before continuing our trek back home.

This weekend we are back on the road. Polen Band is leading worship at a youth retreat in Michigan. And yes, the Keurig is still pumping out delicious black goodness to the glory of God!

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