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#5kMay2019 FINAL FINISHERS Update

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished the #5kMay2019 Challenge! I hope it was as awesome for you as it was for me. The purpose of this post is to do one final check to make sure everyone who is supposed to actually gets their finishers T-Shirt and/or “Greatest Sacrifice” eBook.

I will wait for 1 week before I put in the official T-Shirt order and email the eBook. I don’t want anyone to miss out, but there has to be a deadline. This is my best (and last) attempt at making sure no one gets overlooked.


5k Challenge Finishers

Karen Alexander
Robbie Babulski
Ed Babulski
Gail Bleibtrey
Lori Butler
Keith Byler
Katherine Chance
Richard Coblentz
Allison Dougherty
Kayla Farrell
Dave Fletcher
Cindy Fox
Shyann Galvan
Nicole Geiser
Randy Geiser
Amy Geiser
Brittany Grimshaw
Marybeth Hall
Levi Harrison
Tamra Harrison
Heather Heatwole
Joe Heatwole
Justin Holt
Sarah Hostetler
Nixson Jarquin
Michelle Knox
Kelly Kuzma
Trisha Maibach
Benji Mast
David Miller
Jason Miller
Patrick Miller
Reuben Miller
Esther Mullet
Melissa Mullet
Sheldon Mullet
Brenda Mullet
Kevin Nisly
Jodi Polen
Tammy Polen
Jeff Roche
Mark Rowe
Melissa Shanks
Crystal Shantz
Ronda Shultzman
Jenn Troyer
Joe Troyer
Tracey Wheeler
Mid Knight White
Holly Winkofsky
Corey Yoder
Jeremy Yoder
Susanna Yoder
Marlin Yoder
Brenda Yoder
M Yoder
Justin Yoder
Denver Yoder

Bible Reading Challenge Finishers

Mari Cihiy
Joshua Edwards

5k Challenge & Bible Reading Challenge Finishers

Stephanie Baker
Ryan Grimshaw
Julia Grossniklaus
Connie Hall
Heidi Hartzler
Mike Makselan
Derrick Miller
Shawn Mullet
Doug Patton
Piper Polen
Abigail Polen
Taylor Polen
Jeff Polen
David Sears
Scott Tinman
Marion Troyer
Justine Yenni
Ryan Yoder
Connie Dixon



8 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 FINAL FINISHERS Update Leave a comment

  1. I am not on the list but did the 5k each day. My husband was who registered for both of us. Could this be why?

    • Yes. If you did not register then you would not be on the list. That is where I collected the information that we needed (like T-Shirt size, email, and shipping address). That would explain why you haven’t received anything.

      No worries. If you completed the challenge I’ll just add you to the list. What size T-Shirt do you need?

  2. Jeff, I had mentioned about my wife (Jessica Yoder) completing the challenge as well. She would be a size medium if there are mens/womens sizes or small if it’s just one size fits all. Also I had registered as an XL but would love to drop to an L if I could. Thanks!
    Justin Yoder.

  3. Rather than only assuming, I’m inquiring if the M Yoder under the 5k challenge finisher represents Matt Yoder by chance? Not sure if there are missing details on my end or not? Thanks!

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