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#5kMay2019 FINAL CHECK IN – June 1

For our fourth and FINAL CHECK IN, simply leave a comment answering the following questions:

  1. NAME (first & last)
  2. YES or NO, did you intentionally walk or run at least 3.1 miles every day in May 2019 without missing a day?
  3. YES or NO, did you read at least 3 chapters of scripture every day in May 2019 without missing a day?



84 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 FINAL CHECK IN – June 1 Leave a comment

  1. Mark Rowe

    Yes I done a 5k everyday and did not miss a day.

    No I fell off the reading and did not finish it.

  2. Matt Yoder
    1) Yes
    2) No

    Additionally, thanks for your effort and work put into this group, Jeff!

  3. Esther Mullet

    YES -(one day I biked 10 miles instead of walked, so that may not count, up to you,😊)


  4. Allison Dougherty
    Yes I did intentionally walk or run at least a 5k everyday in May of this year.
    No I missed two days of reading. But I loved listening to scripture during my runs!

  5. Mike Makselan
    Yes I completed all the runs/walks.
    Yes I read daily but did get to listen to the podcast daily.

  6. Heidi Hartzler
    YES- I feel so accomplished 🙂
    YES- if your podcast counts I listened every day and I will miss it 🙁

    Thank you again for the challenge and all the effort in your podcast each day!! I loved it!!

  7. Gail Bleibtrey
    Yes I did 5k or more intentionally every day.
    I am ashamed to say I was not consistent with the reading. I need to work on this.
    Thank you for organizing this challenge. It was fun.

  8. Ryan Grimshaw

    Yes I completed at least a 5k everyday in the month of May!

    I also listened to your podcast every day. Thank you so much for doing that. I learned a lot from the readings and the way you explained them.

  9. Michelle Knox
    Yes, I did a combination of walking & running a 5k everyday in the month of May
    I did miss some of your podcasts. But I did listen to some and enjoyed them.

  10. 1. Amy Geiser
    2. Yes I did.
    3. No. I know I missed a couple days and had to catch up later.

    Thanks for another great May, and I will miss the podcast!!

  11. Melissa Shanks
    Yes, if you count a 24 hr period.
    No, but I did my own reading

    Thanks, Jeff, for all the support!,

  12. 1. Scott Tinman
    2. Yes I did complete a 5k everyday even some more
    3. Yes did read 3 chapters of Scripture- been doing the Chronological reading plan

    31 day streak will continue last time I did this got to 300+ days of at least 1 mile a day…here we go

  13. Tracey Wheeler
    Yes, I did! And some days, I had to work very hard for those miles.
    No. Not always three chapters, but read some scripture every day.
    Thank you for encouraging great habits and for reminding me that I DO have time for devotions and exercise. It’s up to me to make them my priority.

  14. Karen Alexander. Yes. No. Darn it! I thought the questions for June 1st would be, “Did you run a 5K today?” And “Did you read your chapters TODAY?” The answer to both of those is “Yes.”

  15. Reuben Miller

    Yes! Wasn’t always easy but it was worth it.

    Sadly, I didn’t get all the reading/podcasts done. My loss, but the good thing is they’re still absolve and I’m able to catch up on them.

  16. 1. David Sears
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    PS. To celebrate I participated in the Akron Children’s Hospital 5K this morning.

  17. Esther Mullet
    Yes (if one day of biking 10 miles counts)
    No (I missed 2 days.) I enjoyed the audio reading of scripture as I was walking. I felt like I was walking along with Jesus and His disciples.)

  18. Derrick Miller
    Yes…in the spirit of honesty there was a day that I did 73 miles and then continued after midnight until 12:21…I counted that as a 5k.
    Yes…in the spirit of honesty it is possible that I made up a chapter or two one day and borderline fell asleep on the audio read once or twice.

  19. Heather Heatwole
    Yes – Mission Accomplished!
    No – did read from the Gospels though on the days I wasn’t studying for SS class.

  20. Freeman Mullet
    I walked the required amount of miles, but I missed a couple days, then doubled the amount I walked the next day. I know that wasn’t what the requirement was.
    NO I did not get the 3 chapters read every day.

  21. Julia Grossniklaus
    Yes and yes
    I posted every day but didn’t post on this😩 I didn’t get a shirt last year, even though I did it all! May not be the brightest crayon in the box 😳

  22. Lorelei Suehrstedt
    No – there were days I came just shy. But only 2 or 3.
    No – I read the Bible daily, but not necessarily 3 chapters.

    I am grateful for this group and I am happy with my performance with both running and reading. This does keep me close to God.

  23. Jenn Troyer
    YES – thank you for giving me a reason to rise at 5am to get this in every day…I think you’ve made me realize the necessity!
    No – I loved the podcast, but I didn’t listen every day. I need to commit to that next year!
    Thanks again! Love this! Here’s to a great run tomorrow!

  24. Marybeth Hall
    Yes, I did at least a 5K everyday in the month of May
    No I didn’t follow your bible study everyday but I do read my bible everyday! Thank you again for this great challenge…

  25. Brenda Yoder
    Yes I ran/walked a 5k every day
    No I did not follow this Bible reading plan

  26. 1. Joshua Edwards
    2. No, I missed two days so I made them up June 1 and 2.
    3. Yes I read scripture everyday, and this challenge was a blessing for me and a reason to get out when I didn’t want to. Just been a rough month, so this was a great escape! Thanks Jeff!

  27. 1. No

    2. No

    (I completed both challenges through day 28…then graduation party happened. 🙁

  28. Matt Yoder
    1. YES
    2. NO

    I am most likely too late.. But thought I’d give it a shot. Next year I’ll be sure to read the instructions 🙂

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