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Whistling Pines 112 (Update #2)

Done with run #2. I’m a little muddy. 

This is such a fun event, but it is honestly a little crazy! I fell twice on that loop and felt like I was doing just as much sledding as running!

The downhill is so slippery that it is nearly impossible to actually run. Sliding is the only option. The uphill is just plain hard. I feel like I am running really hard, but barley going anywhere. You can literally hear each footstep suction to the mud and then you know you have to pull it back out. 


Our team slid into first place right before I went out. Thankfully I was able to keep the lead, but not by much. We are currently in first place, but it is going to be really difficult to hold the lead. 

We’ll just do our best! My best this time around was 3 minutes slower than my best on the previous lap. I finished in 50 minutes this time, and I felt like I worked really hard for that!

Now we’ll see if we can warm up a bit before my last loop. 




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