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Whistling Pines 112 (Update #3)

I’m finished (in more ways than one)!

I ran my last, slippery, dark loop in 55 minutes. I wish it were faster, but that was all I had in the tank. Between the jet lag and the muddy, messy conditions, I just couldn’t get my legs going any faster. 

That last lap was like running on ice. My mind was going in one direction, and my legs in a completely other direction. 

Three 10k loops is no walk in the park! That was hard! I am happy to be done. 

When I passed off the timing anklet, we were in first place. We have been battling back and forth with another team for first. I hope we have the firepower left to pull off the victory, but it would take some VERY strong runs from our last 3 guys. The other team is just stronger and faster than we are. But we are doing our best and having a blast. We’re at least giving them a run for their money!

I’ll give one more update when our last guy comes in. Until then, I’m just going to be chilling (quite literally) by the fire and being thankful that I am finished with my 3 laps!




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