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10k October (Day Ten)

Today I spent most of my time in the recording studio working on electric guitar for a project that will be finished very soon. I am excited for it to be released. It is an EP with four songs written and performed by Jennifer Miller. 

Jennifer was a student in my Youth Group and a member of the Worship Team where I was the Youth Pastor and Music Director from 2006-2016. She is very talented and I am excited for the world to hear her songs. 

Elijah Beachy was helping out in the studio today as an assistant engineer and a second electric guitar player. Good times!

After finishing up the recording for the day I went out and ran the same 7 mile route as yesterday. I was curious as to whether I would be able to run stronger or not. I am happy to report that I was, in fact, a little faster than yesterday. 

I ran 7 miles in 52:48. That is an average pace of 7:30 per mile. Yesterday I finished in 53:57 and had an average pace of 7:42. 

Yay for improvement. 



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