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The Last Supper

We had such a great time of fellowship around the dinner table on this final night in Israel. I remember when we were getting ready to head out and someone asked us, “Do you know anyone who is going on the tour with you?” Our response was simply, “No.”

Over the past week we have traveled with 12 other wonderful Christian men and women with a heart for God and it has been nothing short of a blessing!

Our tour host and his wife have been fantastic. Getting to know another Pastor from our area has been wonderful, and getting to know the others has been a real treat, as well. We didn’t know anyone a week ago, but tonight we feel like we are spending the last night with dear friends.

We shared email addresses, physical addresses, and pictures of kids as we smiled and laughed during our last supper.

Tonight we are grateful for a great God and for the fact that we have so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.




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