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Signing Off from Israel

It has been amazing.

I’m not sure how to describe our trip. I learned more than I ever imagined that I would (and I imagined that I would learn a lot), my mind was blown by the goodness of God over and over again, and I realized how much I don’t know.

I am walking away from this trip very thankful for the experience. I am thankful for a church family and leadership team that had this vision and made it happen. I am thankful for God making Himself so visibly known through nature and through Scripture. I am thankful for a godly wife who is as excited about God as I am. And I am thankful for family and friends who were willing to help us out along the way by watching our kids or praying for us while we were gone.

I am tired. I think that two weeks of touring at this pace would either kill me or cause my head to explode… Maybe both.

I can hardly wait to get home and hug our kids and tell them that I love them.

I am considering this to be the final blog from our trip to Israel, because I can’t imagine anyone wants to hear about our plane ride home (as exciting as that is going to be). But thank you for following, and I hope that it has been a blessing for you. This trip has certainly been a huge blessing to us! If nothing else, maybe it has encouraged you to go to the Holy Land for yourself. You should!

As I sign off from Israel, I can’t help but think about the state of the world today. When we left home, North Korea was threatening to attack South Korea. Now as we head home the news headlines are directed towards the bombings in Boston. The world so clearly needs Jesus.

We worship a living Lord! He has left us with a commission to go into the world and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God!

Now is the time! Let us be the generation that pursues God with everything that we have.

From Israel, peace out.




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