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The Garden Tomb

Our tour officially ended with a stop at the Garden Tomb. This is an interesting second opinion of the location of where Christ was crucified, and then taken to a tomb in the middle of a garden.

This opinion is actually quite convincing…

The hill called “Golgotha” actually physically resembled a skull. The garden tomb requires a person to look to the right when they walk in (unlike many others), and the close proximity makes a 3 o’clock death and 6 o’clock burial deadline a possibility. The whole thing is actually quite inspiring.

I am inspired to dig through scripture and re-read the Gospels (especially) again.

Beyond the beautiful landscape and surroundings of the garden tomb, there is just a “feeling” that you get from being there that is so much better than being in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The people in the garden are kind and there is no arguing about who’s is who’s and what is what like there is in the other location.

Regardless, I guess it doesn’t really matter where the location of Christ’s death and burial is because He’s not there anymore! He is alive! He has ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

We concluded our time at the garden tomb by singing some songs and hymns, and sharing communion. It was a fitting end to our tour of the Holy Land.




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