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Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

I have decided to spend the month of November focusing on thankfulness. To help me with this challenge, I signed up to receive a daily prompt from the Day One journal app, encouraging me to write about something I am thankful for. I will, of course, aim to pair the daily journal entry with a photo. 

Here is today’s prompt:

Who do I need to thank?

The full answer, of course, is SO MANY PEOPLE!

I have been more than blessed with incredible friends and family. I am so thankful to God for that. 

But today I want to recognize and thank this amazing couple… Larry & Ranee Yoder. 

Larry & Ranee have been amazing friends to me and Jodi through the years. I had the privilege of serving as the Youth Pastor for their kids (who have really become amazing people, themselves). Larry & Ranee also served alongside of us in Youth Ministry, as “Youth Staff” (essentially small group leaders) in the youth group. They are such wonderful, gifted, loving people. It really was a privilege to serve alongside of them. 

Larry & Ranee also became one our very first ministry supporters when Jodi and I decided to follow God and embark on this incredible adventure of being full-time Musicianaries. 

Jodi and I met together with Larry & Ranee this morning to work out details for the Jeff Polen Music Ministry Banquet happening on November 18 at Fairlawn Mennonite Church. (Larry & Ranee have been responsible for serving the delicious meal each year.) As always, it was great to connect and catch up. I asked if I could take their photo for the blog, and they (somewhat reluctantly) agreed. 

I am so thankful for Larry & Ranee. I am thankful for their friendship, for their serving hearts, and for their faithful ministry support. But I am also using them as a bit of a “stand-in”, representing ALL of our amazing ministry supporters. We simply would NOT be able to continue to do the work that we believe God has called us to without the faithful support of people who believe in the ministry, and who have been blessed by the ministry. 

From the bottom of my heart, to all of you amazing ministry supporters: THANK YOU!!

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