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Photos from Cancún 2023

One funny story to wrap up my “Photos from Cancún 2023″…

As we were walking in from the beach back to our room on the first day that we were there, we noticed that there was a guy making crêpes. There were all kinds of jams and jellies, and other ingredients sitting out in jars and in trays. He was making the crêpes fresh, with whatever ingredients you chose. We thought that sounded interesting, so Jodi stopped and ordered one for herself.

The guy who was making them seemed really nice. He was very smiley and talkative, but I noticed that he didn’t really say many English words. When it was my turn to order, I asked him to just make me whatever kind of crêpe he would make for himself. He smiled and nodded and got right to work.

Everything was going great.

As the batter warmed up, he looked at me again and asked what ingredients I wanted. I reminded him that I just wanted him to make me whatever kind of crêpe he would make for himself. He smiled and nodded, and stared at me as if waiting for directions.

It was at this point that I realized he had absolutely no idea what I was saying.

I think he knew approximately two words in English: Hello and yes.

Realizing this, and not wanting to make things more awkward, I just pointed to a few ingredients and he made me the crêpe. I had no idea what I was pointing at, but he sure was chuckling at my concoction.

When was finished crafting my custom crêpe, I sat down with Jodi to eat the first (and probably last) peanut butter banana chocolate and mozzarella cheese crêpe.

While we were eating (and chuckling to ourselves about my hideous creation), a massive iguana came out from behind the chairs we were sitting in. I’m not sure if it was dangerous or not, but it sure was ominous. I was able to snap a quick photo with my iPhone before scurrying off, ourselves…

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