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Photos from Cancún 2023

One funny story from our honeymoon back in 2003…

We picked our resort after searching and searching-and weighing our myriad resort options-primarily because one particular resort had the coolest looking swim-up bar. Of Course, when we got there, the swim-up bar was under construction and we never even got to use it!

Every once in a while we would hear a hammer hit a nail behind the construction tarp, but the progress was painfully slow.

This year, for our 20th anniversary, we flew back to Cancún, and we finally got to swim up to a swim-up bar. It was fun. We did it once. Unfortunately, it turns out that the swim-up bar attracts rather loud, fairly obnoxious people who drink quite a bit more than they should. We found that our “happy place” was just relaxing down by the gently rolling waves, admiring God’s handiwork for the week.

One night before our dinner, I snapped this photo of the love of my life, sitting on a swing by the no-longer-open beach bar.

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