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Photos from Cancún 2023

#5kMay2023 is officially in the rearview mirror. What a great month! Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge. Don’t forget that #MayIsComing…

The #DailyFunPhoto challenge gave me something to post each day (or at least a prompt to attempt each day). Now that the daily fun photo is no longer happening, I figured I would go back and post some photos from some key events that were largely photographically missed.

The first collection that I wanted to post is a small collection of “Photos from Cancún”. Jodi and I have been blessed with 20 amazing years of marriage. We experienced a double blessing this year when an incredibly generous ministry supporter offered to pay for us to go on a “second honeymoon”.

The deal was too good to refuse, so we packed our bags and flew back to Cancún, which was where we spent our first honeymoon back in May 2003.

We are definitely older (and I would like to say wiser), but we are NOT too old for me to set my camera on a lifeguard chair and capture a romantic photo on the beach.

So here is the first of my “Photos from Cancún”.

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