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Photo Every Day 2023

With #5kMay2023 officially over, I will be back to posting a far more “random” photo to the blog every day in 2023.

However, before I completely move on from #5kMay2023, I wanted to share one more photo from yesterday.

I woke up and completed the challenge by running a 5k with Jodi. I posted that photo yesterday. I also ran a 5 miler with a bunch of #5kMayers last night at group run. But between those two, our whole family walked a 5k with my dad to join him as he completed the #5kMay2023 challenge!!

What a champion!!

So this photo is pretty special to me. It is our victory photo after my dad (and many little Polens) officially completed #5kMay2023.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone that has completed this 5k everyday in the month of May. Also I’d like a free entry into the Jeff Polen 5k.

  2. How wonderful for your family to get all 3 generations (from both sides!) finishing the challenge!! Super exciting!! I already registered for the 5K, but hopefully some people will get free registrations! ❤️

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