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#5kMay2023 Daily Fun Photo – Day 23

The #DailyFunPhoto challenge prompt for today was to: Challenge yourself to run (or walk) your fastest mile during your daily 5k. Post a photo of how you feel afterward.

I think this photo most accurately describes how we felt.

I definitely did NOT run my fastest mile ever, but I did run as hard as I could today.

We ran two warmup miles and then started our fast mile as soon as our watches clicked. I took off way too fast. Within a half mile my breathing was out of control. Obviously my legs were tired, but what really did me in was having some nasty bug fly directly into my mouth. Haha. That was a factor.

But in the end, I ran about as fast as I was able to today. It was a 6:02 mile. Not terrible, but nowhere near my fastest mile.

I will say that this #DailyFunPhoto challenge offered a very different kind of run today. That is one huge benefit to participating in the #DailyFunPhoto bonus challenge. All three of us decided that, while we wouldn’t want to do a run like this every day, it was a good and welcome break from the daily grind of just going out and running a 5k. It is good to challenge yourself, to push you limits from time to time, and to mix things up.

If you are participating in the #DailyFunPhoto bonus challenge, how did your fast(est) mile run turn out?!

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