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#5kMay2023 Daily Fun Photo – Day 17

The #DailyFunPhoto challenge prompt for today was to: Run (or walk) somewhere you HAVE NEVER run (or walked) before.

Jodi and I honeymooned in Cancún, Mexico. That was 20 years ago! We were not running back then. We also spent a week in Cancún in 2004 when my brother got married there. We weren’t running then, either.

This year we celebrated our 20th anniversary and we’re SUPER BLESSED with a thoughtful, lavish gift of a ministry supporter who paid for us to go back to Cancún to celebrate one of the things that I am most proud of in life… to be married to Jodi for twenty years (and we are still going strong).

So today we ran our morning 5k on the streets of Cancún. It was hot… and awesome!

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