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Photo Every Day 2023

It is the week of Easter!

I love Easter.

Obviously the main focus of Easter is remembering what Jesus has done for us by laying down His own life on the cross in exchange for our sins. We remember that key historical fact each year on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus was raised from the grave, that He is alive forevermore, and that by simply believing that He died for our sins we can also have eternal life.

It’s a pretty great week!

Leading up to the celebration of Easter, we enjoy coloring and decorating “Easter Eggs”… which is exactly what we did this evening.

You may think the Easter egg is merely a newfangled, secular tradition, but the use of decorated eggs for celebrating Easter dates back to the 13th century.

In many traditions, eggs were not permitted to be eaten during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter Sunday), but chickens continued to lay eggs during that week. This led to the collection of those Holy Week eggs, which were stained red to reflect the blood of Christ and were eaten after the season of Lent.

Eggs also serve as a great reminder of what Jesus has done, because they’re a symbol of new life. The shell cracks open, and new life emerges—a memorable illustration of what took place on Easter morning, when the tomb broke open and Jesus was alive forevermore!

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