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Photo Every Day 2023

Since the first day of the year I have been posting a photo to my blog every day. I hope you have enjoyed it. It has been fun for me to look back on, personally.

Today’s “Photo Every Day 2023” photo is actually from today.

After spending the week in Florida leading worship and speaking at a Youth For Christ event, I flew to Pittsburgh, PA on Friday morning to meet Jodi. She drove to Pittsburgh to pick me up, then I drove to Charlottesville, VA so we could run a marathon together in the morning.

I have a crazy goal of running a marathon in every state by age 50. Jodi has volunteered herself to join me for one marathon each year. So far she has run a marathon with me in Maryland (Baltimore), Texas (Houston), and now Virginia (Charlottesville).

Perhaps this week I will blog about our experience in Charlottesville. We’ll see. For now… after running this morning and then driving home, I’m just ready for bed.

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