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Photos from Arizona 2023

The emcee of the event in Arizona was a guy named Harris III. He did a great job as an emcee, but he also took an evening to share some illusions and perform some tricks. 

He was really entertaining. 

He made a table move all over the stage and even elevate into the air. I have no idea how he did that. 

He also did a card trick with an imaginary deck of cards. Somehow without even using a real deck of cards, he pretended to toss the imaginary deck to a random audience member, then she pretended to pull out the card of her choice and without telling him what the card was she tossed the deck back to him. With the card of her choice selected in her mind, Harris III pulled out a real deck of cards, thumbed through, and pulled out the exact card she had in her mind 


I have no idea. 

Mind blown. 

For his final trick, he had a couple of audience members come and strap him into a straight jacket. Then he talked about how sin gets us tied down and locked up. We are not free when we are slaves to sin. 

And as he somehow (seemingly miraculously) got himself out of the straight jacket, he talked about the power of Jesus, who died for us, and set us free!

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