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Photos from Kenya 2023

I have written quite a bit about the amazing team (and many of the incredible individuals) that I had the pleasure to serve alongside of while in Kenya. I have written about the joy of being there with my bride and our oldest daughter. I have written quite a bit about how much I appreciated being there with Scott Price. On many occasions I have mentioned that the reason for my being in Kenya stemmed from my relationship with Paul & Cindy Mullet. 

We had an amazing team! I believe with all of my heart that God put this team together, and it was an absolute joy to serve alongside of each and every one of them.

There is at least one critical member of our team that I have thus far failed to mention. Larry Kaufman, Lead Pastor of Grace Church, also joined our team for this trip. 

Larry is a guy that I have know through the years, and have gotten to know a little better in recent years. He is a great guy who loves Jesus and is passionate about being used by God to help build His church.

Larry patiently endured sitting through the Youth Conference while I spoke through six sessions. He is far more qualified than I to be speaking at something like that, but he graciously sat and observed, and was content to not be on stage. For the last session, they had an open Q&A panel with a couple of Kenyans and three Americans (me, Scott Price, and Larry Kaufman). Both Larry and Scott answered the questions like seasoned experts, full of wisdom, grace, and truth. 

I also answered to the best of my ability… but I’m not sure about the wisdom and grace part…

On Sunday morning Larry and Scott went to the main CCI Church in Thika. Larry spoke for the main church service, and Scott was given a few moments to share in the youth service.

(I had the privilege of speaking at a church just outside of Thika, which was absolutely a highlight of the trip for me, but I also felt like I missed out—because I would have LOVED to have heard Larry speaking at CCI.)

Towards the end of the trip, Paul Mullet, Larry Kaufman, and I spoke at a Pastor’s Conference called “Leaders Alive”. It was awesome!

Paul Mullet spoke about Relationships. I spoke about Discipleship. Larry spoke about Leadership.

Larry is an obviously gifted leader, and he is passionate about helping others become leaders in the Kingdom of God, in their own unique calling.

This was one of my favorite photos from our trip to Kenya. It is a photo that I took while Larry was fielding questions about his topic.

This photo may not look like much to you, but to me it speaks a lot.

What you cannot see in this photo is what was happening in the room. Larry had just finished presenting a key idea regarding servant leadership, and then he opened himself up for questions. Someone in the room was clearly struggling with the ideas that were presented, and he was pushing back pretty strongly. Larry just stood there and patiently endured the question (rant), listening to the question behind the question and looking for a way to care for the heart of the questioner. 

It was a cool moment when the action of the preacher spoke louder than the words of the preacher. 

Perhaps that is the best compliment we could offer someone… to tell them that their actions speak louder than their words (in a good way)!

I know for me, I don’t just want to talk the talk. I also want to walk the walk. 

I feel like Larry does that well, and it was a privilege and a pleasure to serve alongside of him in Kenya.

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