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Photos from Kenya 2023

The food in Kenya is amazing.

I am not sure if everyone on my team would agree with me, but I personally enjoyed the food that we got to eat while we were in Kenya.

The mandazis and the samosas were my personal favorite! 

A mandazi is kind of like a slightly sweet donut. In fact, I think some people actually referred to them as “African Donuts”. It is some form of fried bread that is crisp on the outside and quite airy on the inside. They are delicious!

A morning mandazi with a piping hot cup of black, Kenyan coffee is a great start to any day!

A samosa is actually more of an Indian or South Asian treat, I believe. Like a mandazi, it is really more of a pastry. A samosa is a little harder on the outside than a mandazi, but it still features a slightly crunchy type of dough as the outer wrap of goodness. While a mandazi is essentially a slightly sweet breakfast food, a samosa is more of a savory lunch or dinner treat. Samosas are typically filled with spices potatoes, peas, and some sort of meat. They are so good.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.

Still, my favorite food item in Kenya was not necessarily something fried or stuffed… it was the absolutely delicious fruit growing on the trees!

I LOVED the fresh pineapple. There is just nothing quite like fresh pineapple that was grown and recently harvested nearby.

But my absolute favorite food item in Kenya was definitely the fresh mangos. Yum, yum, yum!

We actually had a mango tree at the house where we were staying. Each morning I would walk outside of our door and see the mangos hanging on that tree. It was a constant reminder of our mission in Kenya, and our mission here on the earth.

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

John 15:8, ESV

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