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#5kMay2022 – Day 11

It has been a fantastic challenge so far. I am loving the Daily Fun Photo Challenge pictures on Strava, Instagram, and the Facebook Group. Thanks to everyone who has been participating in that. Keep those photos coming, and please feel free to keep the interactions going.

Daily Fun Photo Challenge: Run (or walk) with someone you HAVE NEVER exercised with.

Daily Bible Reading Challenge: Mark 3 – Mark 5

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  1. Mark 3-5 is so good.

    Jesus healed a man on the Sabboth. Jesus appointed the twelve! We are warned to never use blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and we are taught who our mothers, brothers & sisters are. We learn the parable of the mustard seed, how Jesus calmed the sea & challenged his disciples to have more faith. Jesus drives a demon out of a man & told him to go teach his people in his land what had happened, & to believe. Shortly after this Jesus raised a dead girl back to life & also healed a sick woman. Just so much to take in & break down in these three chapters, awesome morning reading this morning.

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