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4 thoughts on “#5kMay2022 – Day 5 Leave a comment

  1. Jeff, I love you dearly, but your evolution section drove me up a wall. Millions of Christians hold evolution and faith in union so dismissing it was very dismissive of their faith, but even worse was the logical fallacies you used to dismiss it. I am not an evolutionary biologist, but if you want a genuine understanding of evolution I can try to provide it. If we are to believe that God is truth then we must hold that the truth that is evolution is part of God’s handy work.

    • Thank you for the comment. I really do appreciate it. Please allow me to engage with it, a bit.

      I do believe in microevolution. I do not believe in macroevolution.

      In other words, I do believe that evolution within a species is true, scientifically verifiable, and in no way in tension with the clear teaching of the Bible. I do not believe that evolution from one species to another is true, scientifically viable, or true to the teaching of the Bible.

      I believe that the book of Genesis is the best explanation for the origins of life, and that it is 100% true—even when it seems wild and requires faith. When “science” and the Bible disagree, I will trust the biblical understanding over science every time.

      I was by no means attempting to present a comprehensive idea of this subject within the few minutes of commentary on a daily podcast. However, I do believe that this is a gospel issue.

      I believe that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world. Through sin came death. Before sin there was no death. This is a clear, biblical teaching. Macroevolution and an “old earth” understanding suggests, by way of fossils, that the world is millions (or even billions) of years old. Those who ascribe to this belief have to suggest this unobservable (unscientific) idea in order to make their presuppositions fit within the observable data.

      In short, it is a theory with no observable data to prove it. As is the biblical account of creation, to be fair. Each are theories requiring a level of faith, as there is no observable data… because we have been eye-witnesses of neither. We were not present at creation (though God was, and He told us all about it), and we have never been present at the moment that one species evolved into another.

      If we are to believe that the earth is millions (or even billions) of years old because of fossil records, which are really just the records of DEAD things, then we ultimately forfeit the gospel. If death entered the world before sin entered the world, as the fossil record and “old earth” theory would suggest, and as macro-evolutionists require, then sin could not have been the cause of death (which goes against the clear teaching of the Bible). If sin and death did NOT enter the world through one man, Adam, then there is no reason to believe that sin and death were conquered through the second Adam, Jesus.

      In short, Paul’s case in Romans 5 is shot through and made completely invalid.

      This is pretty clear to me. I understand there is a rather wide difference of opinion on this within Christian circles, and obviously the podcast represents my personal opinion (except for in the case of an opinion brought by a special guest).

      I am not saying you have to agree with my opinion, but perhaps this gives a better explanation for why I believe the way that I do.

      I could go on. I have studied this at length. I did not grow up a believer, or as a church attender. I put my faith in Christ at age 21. As a non-believer, I tried to make evolution work. For myriad reasons, I could never make it work, which is at least part of what led me to putting my faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. The biblical explanation of creation is the only explanation that has ever made sense and answered all of the questions, in my opinion.

  2. Enjoying the Podcasts!!! I’m a day behind…day 3 I had to get up at 3:00 a.m. to do my walk (to beat the rain and work with my schedule for the day) and the podcast was not available for the day was not available yet. What time does the podcasts become available each day? Thanks for leading this 5K a day challenge. Loving it!!

    • Awesome! Way to be faithful!

      The podcast drops each morning at 4:30am EST. Sometimes it is finished being recorded just in time to be released. Haha.

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