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#5kMay2022 CHECK-IN #1

Today is the day! #5kMay2022 has officially begun. If you have not officially signed up, yet, make sure you do that by clicking HERE.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK-IN by leaving a comment below.

Please let us know:

  1. Your name
  2. Your home state (and town, if you want to)
  3. What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge?
  4. Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones?

*If this is your first time leaving a comment on this website, your comment will need to be approved. No worries! I will be approving comments throughout the day. You only need to post your response once.*

723 thoughts on “#5kMay2022 CHECK-IN #1 Leave a comment

  1. Name: Jeff Polen

    Home Town / State: Apple Creek, OH

    I was motivated to sign up for #5kMay2022 because I wouldn’t want to ask others to do something I wasn’t willing to do, myself.

    I plan to participate in ALL of the Bonus Challenges!

    • Kathy Borsich
      Hometown Medina, Ohio but now residing in Arizona.
      My sister asked me to do this, I didn’t realize at the time that is was everyday, but I’m up for the challenge.

      • Amanda Nagel
        Wooster, Ohio
        My friend recommended this, I was in need of some motivation!

      • Mark Kaiser
        From Avella, Pa
        This is my second year.
        I’m going to try to do some of the scripture readings.

    • Cole Kuzma
      I’m motivated because I’m in my high school attack team and love running and getting better
      I’ll be participating in the scripture

      • Jennifer Weaver
        Fredericksburg, Oh
        I’ve been wanting to be more active and this challenge is the perfect motivation!
        I’ll also be doing in the Scripture reading.

      • Hi, I’m Phil Mast from Midland, VA. This is my first time attempting the 5k every day in May challenge. I’m motivated to do this because I really want to get back in shape. I’m praying that the pulled muscle is healed enough to allow me to complete it. I’m doing the scripture reading challenge as well.

    • Terri Desautels
      Saco, Maine
      2nd year in a row and I’ve encouraged others to join me!

    • Chloe
      Wooster OH
      I am motivated to do the 5kMay2022 challenge to better myself and spend time outside. My four-legged friend Louie is joining me. No bonus challenges. Here we go!

    • Kevin Schilling
      Wooster, Ohio
      I was motivated to sign up for 5kMay2020 to enjoy nature and be more active. No bonus challenges for me, but I am looking forward to this journey. Let’s do it!

    • Chris Leiby
      Lititz, Pa
      Motivated to sign up because I need to get moving and need the extra motivation
      I plan to participate in the Bible Challenge.

    • I am Willis Yoder from Millersburg Ohio! I am motivated to do this running challenge to maintain my weight and to meet new people! I plan to join the Mayhem challenge on the 28th!

    • Hi! I’m Jess Yoder
      I live on Florida’s beautiful Suncoast.
      This is my 3rd 5kmay and I sign up because I enjoy the challenge.
      I plan to do the photo challenge.

    • Chloe Stoler
      Apple Creek Ohio
      Stay in shape for sports
      Podcast and fun photo challenge

    • Valerie Kanc


      I recently participated in my first 5k (even though I was very unprepared), and it was better than I ever could have imagined. I enjoyed being motivated by others around me and all of a sudden I found myself wanting to go on walks and jogs every day afterwards – just because (which has never really been the case). So I’ve had a goal of wanting to work towards a full jog or run of a 5k this month, so this is the perfect motivating challenge.

      Of all the challenges, I will likely participate in the scripture reading

    • Amanda Massoni
      First time participating but sounds like a great challenge to up my cardio. Participate in daily podcast/scriptures and probably some of the daily challenges 👍🏻

    • Hayden Priddy

      Kingston, Oklahoma

      I was motivated on a whim! I’ve been running 1 5k a month so I decided to really challenge myself.

      I plan to participate in the scripture and social media challenge.

    • Name; Eric, aka Thor

      Excited to be part of this 5K challenge with others, and get renewed (physically & spiritually) in the process

      Looking forward to those daily podcasts and Scripture insights!

    • Lucas Bowman
      Red Oak, Virginia
      Always wanted to train for a 5K, and have friends doing this.
      Possibly, not sure yet.

    • Christine Nelson
      Middle of nowhere, Illinois
      Sounded interesting last year so after doing it last year I decided to do it again
      Bonus challenges: reading scriptures and daily fun photo if I remember

    • Kyle Nelson
      My wife signed us up last year and I enjoyed the time with her so I decided to join her again this year.
      Bonus challenges I plan on doing are the 3 Bible chapters a day

    • Not sure I got checked in but I tried yesterday. Could you confirm please?
      Thank you!

    • Katie Dunlap
      Wooster Ohio
      I was motivated to sign up because it is a great and fun accountability & challenge for me!
      I plan to participate in the Bible reading podcast

    • Jess Orr
      Apple Creek, OH
      My mom, Cassie Chance, and sister, Brittany Stevens!
      Yes, the podcast and scripture.

  2. William Miller, Bellville, OH. I was motivated to sign up to get out and run more. I do not plan on doing any of the additional challenges. Let’s go!

    • Melody Swartzentruber
      Ashland Oh
      2nd year to participate. Ended up going 101 days before I forgot a day last year Needed to do it again!
      Probably no to all the challenges. Doing a couple other Bible studies and not fit enough for the extra challenge.

  3. Julie Beckett
    Wooster, Ohio
    Last year was my first “5K Every Day in the Month of May” Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It was very motivating and it inspired me to walk a 5K or more a day on many days this year! I am 🤞🏼for less rain (and sleet) this May!
    No BONUS challenges this year!

  4. Denise Tansey
    Perrysburg, Ohio
    This is my first 5K a day in May was encouraged by my friends at the gym I workout at.

  5. Excited to start summer off moving! Prayers for everyone to have a safe, injury free month.

  6. Your name: Alissa Greene
    Your home state (and town, if you want to): Wyoming
    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge?: Friends from church
    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones?: I am thinking of doing the picture and the podcast.

  7. Frank Mrozowski
    Cortland, NY
    This is my 2nd year the this challenge. It’s actually what got me running consistently every day. I guess you could say that it really changed my life because I wouldn’t have pushed myself as far as I have without the kickstart from last years challenge. I’m looking forward to being outside, regardless of the weather, and enjoying the whole experience. I also have my youngest son attempting it with me and I’m really rooting for him. We are not sure about the final bonus event but it’s not off the table completely. Good luck everyone!!!

      • Thank you Jeff! It’s been a little rough start for my son but he is really pushing to beat the challenge. He said it’s hard to believe his old man is blasting thru it and the youngster is having challenges. Lol

    • Christina Walker
      From Kenosha WI
      I’m most looking forward to the jumpstart back into fitness!!

  8. My name is Jana Bucher from Indiana. I’ve been able to do this the past two years and am excited to continue!

  9. Shawn Mullet
    Berlin, Ohio
    The challenge of running every day.
    The Bible and mayhem challenge.

    • Checking in for Day 1!!!
      Missy Lemon
      Fredericksburg, OH-IO!
      Because this is such a fun challenge and I need to keep moving during this busy month.
      Bible reading challenge and maybe photo challenge.

      • Let’s see those photos!! Thanks for being a part of the challenge again!

  10. Kendrick Mullet
    Berlin, OH
    I enjoy the discipline of running every day.
    Bonus – Bible reading challenge.

  11. Jared Jenkins
    Olathe, Ks
    1st year doing this to push myself to do it
    Bible challenge

  12. Gail Bleibtrey
    Akron, Ohio
    Just to see if I can do again
    The reading and the daily photos.

    • Megan slomkowski
      Medina, Ohio
      Been doing this for 4 years now. I enjoy the push to challenge myself.
      No bonuses

  13. Gretchen from Loudonville Ohio
    A group of people from Strive Fitness are participating.
    I will probably do some of the challenges.
    It will honestly be a miracle if I finish!

  14. Gretchen Tracy
    Loudonville OH
    Group from Strive Fitness
    I will try to do some challenges but it will be a miracle if I finish the challenge.

  15. #1 Reuben Miller

    #2 Beach City

    #3 it’s a good way to challenge myself. 5th (?) year doing it. I think so anyhow. However many years you’ve started challenging folks
    #4 Bible reading challenge

  16. Holly Winkofsky
    Chicago, Illinois
    4th year doing this.
    Last year I continued for 100 days straight of 5ks.
    This year I started April 1st, so I’m 30 days in. I run every May now bc it’s Stroke awareness month. This is the month 5 years ago I survived a stroke and heart surgery while training for an Ironman. I enjoy celebrating my life and the ability to run every day in May with these runs with all of you. Thank you!

    No Bible challenge
    No mayhem

  17. Greg Williams
    Brookneal, Va
    This is My first 5k a day.
    I have been wanting to step up with my cardio and heard about this.
    I plan to do 2 of the 3 bonus challenges (no mayhem).

  18. Eric Brown
    Charlotte County, Virginia

    I was challenged by my Soulcon brothers in the Gibborim. I plan on completing everything asked of me. Rak Chazak Amats!!!!

  19. Carrie Sansom from Wooster, Ohio. This is my second year for the 5k in May Challenge. I plan on doing the scripture challenge for the second time as well.

  20. Jon Lester
    Fairlee, Vermont
    I love running and being outdoors and active in the beautiful scenery of the northeast! 🏔
    I plan on doing all the bonus challenges, the Mayhem day will be tough but hopefully will plan ahead and make it happen!

  21. Danielle RomanishinLinzer Year 3 although 1st year I missed final check-in. Oops.
    Yes Bible and Mayhem

  22. BJ Herndon from Vilonia, AR. This is my first time doing 5K a day in May and I’m doing this because I saw several of my friends participate last year and I’ve become a consistent runner since then, so this will help me stay consistent. I plan on doing as many of the photo challenges as I can.

  23. Heather Shedron
    Apple Creek,Oh
    This challenge motivates me to get out everyday.
    Bible reading

  24. Tanya Anderson. Lakeville, Ohio. Bible Scripture Challenge. Fitness both physically and spiritually

  25. Dennis Byler
    Winesburg, Ohio
    1st year doing 5k in May
    Plan on doing the scripture challenge too!

    • Tracy Keys
      Wooster, Ohio
      This is my first year. I was looking for a challenge to keep me motivated. I’m excited to participate this year!

      • Linda Keefe
        Tiffin, Ohio
        This is my second year participating. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

      • Hi Jeff, my 10 year old son came along for my 5k run / walk yesterday and today and he would like to join the challenge. Is this still an option?

      • Yes. Go ahead and have him CHECK-IN on the day one blog post and if he keeps up with the challenge and the check-ins, I would be honored to send him a shirt.

    • Cassie Chance
      Wooster, OH
      Motivated to sign up from previous 4? years experience and the amazing Polen family spreading the Word. I intend to participate in the bonus challenges. I love these challenges and the community you’ve built! May 1…..half marathon and 5 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail!

    • Janelle White
      Cincinnati Ohio
      2nd year participating with my sister. looking forward to more fun and motivation this year!!

    • Christie Jackson
      Toledo, Ohio
      This is my 4th year doing 5k in May. I love encouraging others to join me every year!!
      I am not planning on doing the scriptures.

  26. 1. Karen Alexander

    2. Millersburg, OH

    3. This is my 5th year. I do it every year, and this year, I encouraged 4 other friends to join in the fun for a free T-shirt and a sense of accomplishment.

    4. I always do the Bible challenge, and I like to listen to the podcast. I will probably do Mayhem-have to check my schedule. The daily photo challenge is right up my alley. I just have to figure out where to post it.

    • Ronda Shultzman
      Apple creek
      This is my 5th year I think? I love a good challenge.
      I plan on doing mayhem, maybe the photo challenge, and listening to the podcast

  27. Jacob Troyer

    Kidron, Ohio

    This my first year doing the 5k every day in May challenge.

    I plan to participate in all the bonus challenges

    • Chadd Martin
      Ontario Canada
      This will b my second year doing it
      I will do some of the optional challenges throughout but not every day
      I might do the Mayhem again this year but I am not 100% positive yet.

  28. Name: Victoria Sciarrabba
    Location: Baker, WV
    This is my first year participating in the challenge. I am hoping this will be a catalyst for a reboot on my health journey-spiritually, mentally and physically.
    I am planning to participate in the scripture reading as well.

    Thank you for this challenge!

  29. Michelle Knox from Fredericksburg, OH.
    I love doing this challenge, it keeps me accountable.
    I wil be participating Bible reading challenge as well.

  30. Jael Perez Navarre, Ohio. This is my 1st year doing the challenge. A friend of mine has done the challenge before and motivated me to to do it this year. I’m excited!!! I’m also doing the scripture reading challenge.

  31. Sam LaMar
    Rittman Ohio
    I’ve got two daughters who I want to be around for and also be able to do things with and not feel out of breathe.
    Planning to try all 3 challenges if I can.

  32. Kelly Kuzma
    Thinking this is my 4th year—?
    Love the challenge of it—and pushing myself— also really enjoy the podcast.
    Recruited a few folks to join this year…

    No mayhem or photos

  33. Duane Byler
    Winesburg, OH
    This is my third year! I love the challenge! It keeps me motivated in life and it’s a great way to start the summer!
    Bible challenge ✅
    Mayhem ✅

  34. Michelle Shane
    Dalton, OH
    Trying to stay as active as possible while recovering from surgery!
    5k and scriptures, but sadly no mayhem for me this year

    • Michael Hostetler
      Fredericksburg Oh
      Enjoy the daily motivation
      5K May scripture reading challenge and mayhem

  35. Stacey Kaiser
    Avella PA
    It’s my second year doing 5K in May, I’m going to attempt the photo challenges and the scripture readings. I did this last year and loved it! Can’t wait. My husband is participating and we are hopefully going to get some runs in together.

  36. Your name – Eric Stewart

    Your home state Lula, GA

    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? It is my third year!!

    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? Daily Bible reading

  37. Marcus Borntrager

    Sugarcreek Ohio

    The challenge of running every day

    Bible reading

  38. Scott Call
    Wooster, OH
    Kickstart to get back to running by doing it right with walking

  39. Angela Deiotte
    Marshallville, OH
    Did it last year so would like to try to complete another one
    Scripture challenge and MAYBE the mayhem 😳

  40. Josh Davis
    Farmville, VA
    Found out about this from a guy I was doing soulcon with, still on my journey to better health and weight loss, this should help a lot.
    I will definitely be doing the scripture challenge.

  41. Connie Mayle

    Massillon OH

    This is my second year of participating. Last year I got hurt on day 28 and couldn’t complete the challenge. So here I am to try again.

  42. Lowell Weber
    Alma Ontario Canada
    This is my second year doing this challenge.
    It is a great way to motivate movement for the summer season.
    -Plan to do the mayhem run if the other boys from Ontario are still in on doing the run.

    • I hope the other boys are up for it! I enjoyed watching the YouTube video about your run from last year.

  43. I hate running. But my 13 year old son doesn’t- so here’s his check in. This is Isaiah’s 1st time doing the challenge. He is also doing the Bible reading challenge.

    • Hahahahahahaha. Thank you for your honest. Hopefully your love for running will increase (at least a little bit) throughout this challenge. So glad you are joining us! Let’s do this.

    • Tony McMorrow
      Orrville, OH
      At 33 years old I discovered my pure enjoyment of running. Since then I’ve ran, but it hasn’t been consistent. I guess you can say my New Years resolution is to be consistent with running. Last Sunday I ran my first half marathon and plan to do more! I enjoy the challenge and the health benefits that running provides.
      I plan on doing the Bible challenge if not the three chapters definitely reading my bible everyday.
      This is my first one!

  44. Debbie Barnett
    Frederick, Maryland
    Challenge to do with my husband, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law to keep us moving and motivate us in our wellness journey.
    I plan to participate in the scripture readings.

  45. Steve Barnett, Frederick, MD
    Also doing the scripture reading. My wife made me join. Just kidding! It’s great motivation to stay active and serve Him.

  46. Ryan Yoder
    Berlin, OH
    It keeps me motivated. I’ve done it for a few years now so I can’t stop now.
    I plan on doing all of the challenges.

  47. Jeral, West Salem, Ohio
    It’s great to interact with others who are doing the challenge and I also enjoy Jeff’s daily podcast.

    • Casey Holt
      SRQ, FL
      1st year doing this! Excited but super anxious about it.
      A friend of mine who has done this before suggested I participate 🤗

  48. Christy Morgan
    Leesville La
    I have completed the challenge in a previous year. I find it rewarding. Thank you for the challenge.
    Bible reading challenge!

  49. Jackson Mullet
    Millersburg, Ohio
    This is my third year participating in this challenge and I have really enjoyed it.
    I’m planning to do the photo challenge and the Mayhem challenge.

  50. Stacee McKenzie
    Old Orchard Beach, Maine
    This is my first challenge.
    My friend Terri motivated me to do this. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I signed up.
    I will listen to the podcast, and do the scripture readings.

  51. Name: Corey Yoder

    State: Ohio

    Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy participating in this challenge (on most days).


  52. Matthew Webster
    Wild and wonderful West Virginia
    My buddy Jordan challenged me to do it last year. We had a great time so we’re doing it again this year along with 15 other folks.
    Yes, I’m definitely doing the scripture reading. Maybe mahem but I’m not sure. My knees are bad so I have to walk a lot of these 5ks

  53. Renee Slembarski
    Lakewood Ohio
    Motivation: exercise every day to build up base
    Mayhem day: probably hiking since I’m training for a backpacking trip

  54. Rob Wash
    Ashland Ohio
    3rd year doing the challenge, and it gets me ready for summer running
    I plan to follow the daily devotional, but mayhem…not so much

  55. Darlene from Ohio. Third year doing this and I’ll do the Bible reading as well. Great challenges!

  56. Laura Weiner from Wooster Ohio. This is my second year in the challenge. I completed it last year. I loved the feeling of accomplishment! Looking forward to a challenge again this year! I will only be participating in the 5k daily

  57. Candace Deffendall
    Wooster, Ohio
    2nd time doing the challenge and it keeps me motivated to challenge myself and keep running
    Bible challenge

  58. Elisa Hill
    Akron Ohio
    This is my 3rd year and it helps to keep me moving. Plus I enjoy following the others completing this and reading about their adventures on FB.
    I would like to try the challenges

  59. Brad Lane
    Medina, OH
    Because the last 2 years were so awesome, going for 3 in a row!
    Yes on both bonus challenges. Let’s do this!

  60. Christine Allman
    I did challenge last year and it helped me stay motivated.
    I’ll try to do reading/scriptures challenge.

  61. Mike Yoder
    Accident, Md
    1st year Challange
    Didnt officially sign up the last 2 years, but did most days with my wife and now my schedule is more flexible so I’m officially jumping in! 😁🥵
    Doing the Bible reading challange as well.

    • Renee Wolosyn
      Medina, Ohio
      Did my first one last year and loved how I felt.
      I will do my best with the readings.

    • Jack Shantz
      Fredericksburg OH
      I joined because my parents have done the challenge and I want to challenge myself and see if I could complete it as well
      I’m doing the scripture reading challenge.

    • I’m Jason Shantz from León, Nicaragua.
      First year running, all five of my brothers convinced me. Yes to the Bible reading!

  62. Tara Smith
    Lynchburg, VA
    My amazing sisters did this challenge last year and invited me to join them this year.
    I’ll be doing the Bible reading bonus, as well.

  63. Cindy from Ohio. I’ve done this a number of years. Because of a family emergency last year, I was unable to complete the challenge, so I’m motivated to complete this year.

  64. Becky Martin
    Dresher, PA
    This is my first year. I heard about this challenge in a quilter’s YouTube channel and I was intrigued. I’m motivated to see if I can do this.
    I’m not planning on doing the Bible readings, but the first part of the podcast sounds good and I think it will be easy to incorporate during my 5k activity.

  65. Christie Jackson
    Maumee, Ohio
    3rd year participating and motivating other people to join me!
    Yes! Photo challenge!

  66. Patti Sprang, Perrysville,Ohio. Joined 5 k challenge with my Strive workout friends as a way to start carving out some time for running, nature and God. Life gets busy and often these things are left behind!

  67. Dane Kuzma
    Wooster, Ohio
    I’m attempting to get better at running for my Cross country season. I didn’t complete this challenge last year so I’m trying it again.

  68. Ann Sharp. East Canton, Ohio. I joined the challenge to try to get moving more and stay motivated.

  69. Sue Borntrager

    Sugarcreek, Ohio

    I enjoyed the challenge last year so decided to do it again this year.

    I’m planning to do all the bonus challenges.

  70. Billi from Ohio. My friend motivated me to do this and I will not be able to do walking without my dog Bella so she is all in too. I need to come to your store and get good shoes cuz mine are old and I cant find any I like yet! I plan to do the scripture challenge as well. This is a big challenge for me and I am hoping leads to better habits and health! Thanks for doing this!

    • Good for you! You can do it!! Vertical Runner of Wooster is an excellent place to go to get you into a pair of shoes that is perfect for you! It makes a huge difference.

    • Yes! I second vertical runner! I bought a pair of HOKA Rincon 3’s from them I have 65 miles in them and they feel great! They are awesome at that store!

  71. Rebecca Fortney
    Washington, PA
    I’ve completed the challenge for the past 2 years and I’m excited for it again this year.
    I’m going to try some of the bonus challenges. I really enjoy listening to the podcast while I complete my 5K.

  72. Lisa Kurtz. Glenmont, Ohio. Signing up for this will hold me accountable to my commitment to “move more”. Hard getting back at has been hard after injury. Found all of the challenges except the daily photo.

  73. Reece Oldham
    Kyle, TX
    Jeff Polen did. 😉 my husband and I did it last year and it was such a fun adventure. It brought us closer together and kept us on top of our fitness journey.
    We are going to attempt the photo challenge!

    • Yes!! I LOVE that you are back at it! Can’t wait to see your posts (if you are doing those again this year.)

  74. Summer Bell


    This will be year 3 for me- I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and keeping myself accountable to it so I signed up again 🙂

    I plan to do some of the bonus challenges.

    • 1. Jaden Weber
      2. St Jacobs, Ontario, Canada
      3. The fun and memories of doing it last year
      4. No, Would have loved to do mayhem but I’m busy that day.

  75. Mark Oldham
    Kyle, TX
    I thought what Jeff does was very impressive and wanted to take part in this to support him. My wife and I did it for the first time last year and really enjoyed it!
    The wife says we are going a photo challenge lol

    • Mandi Kapper from Apple Creek, Oh first time attempting! Looking forward to getting outside and being more active as well as the daily podcast/scriptures! Thanks for organizing!

  76. Your name- stacey urdiales
    Your home state (and town, if you want to)- OHIO
    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? We did it last year year and enjoyed it so we signed up again.
    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? I am hoping to complete some of the challenges

  77. John Murphy
    Morrisville PA
    Got connected through Engage Network.
    I’ll be doing the Bible reading Challenge!

    • Morgan Vinar, Int’l Falls, Minnesota

      I initiated a walking challenge with my friends, and they told me about this one. I want to get outside in the fresh air to improve my mental and physical health (it’s been a long winter).

      I won’t be doing the extra challenges.

  78. Marc Urdiales
    We did it last year and enjoyed it and to slowly get back into running

    I may participate in some challenges

  79. 1. Rachael Beattie
    2. Ashland
    3. Motivation? To do something intentional for my health, more than just the normal.
    4. The scripture reading and possibly the Mayhem.

  80. Marty Phillips from Eatonton, Georgia. (Go Dawgs) This is my second 5K May and I valued the benefits from running every day last year so I’m back today. I plan on doing most all challenges, I’m not on social media but I will still do the photo challenge and I’ll have to figure out what to do with them. I also love the podcast and daily scripture reading. Let’s go!

  81. Sheri Hartman
    Medina, OH
    I’ve done this amazing program for the last several years! I love it!
    Will listen to scriptures and will attempt Mayhem!

  82. Bill Lake
    Wooster Ohio
    I needed a reason to get moving and this one comes with a t-shirt.
    I will track along with the 3 chapters a day

    • This is by far the most costly “FREE” T-shirt I know of! But boy does it feel great to wear, knowing that you earned it! Let’s do this!

  83. 1: Scott Kahn
    2: Laurel, NE
    3: I finished my run that I was training for and looking for another challenge to complete
    4: Not planning on doing any of the other challenges

  84. Christina Lorson
    Wooster Oh
    Enjoyed the challenge last year. I’m back to try it again!
    I will try to participate in the challenges this year.

  85. Brittany Grimshaw, Wooster Ohio

    This is my 3rd year doing the 5K a day challenge. I’m ready to get back into running after taking a few months off.

    I will be completing the scripture challenge and trying to get some fun photos for the daily photo challenge!

  86. Lacey Allen
    My daughter and I love a good challenge and enjoy walking/running together

  87. Kaitlyn Fetterhoff
    Newville, PA
    Had so much fun last year!
    Going to try the Bible reading along with it!

  88. Alexandria, Minnesota.
    Invited to participate by my brother-in-law, first year and pumped 💪

  89. I am a first timer with this challenge. My name is Russell Davidson and I am an avid runner from Virginia. I am looking forward to the 5K mayhem what a great idea. Let’s get busy.

  90. Ryan Grimshaw
    Wooster, Ohio
    I enjoy challenges, especially 5K a Day!
    I plan on listening to the daily podcast and I really want to do the Mayhem this year.

  91. Stephanie Helline
    I’m looking forward to the challenge to get out and run (or walk) every day this month and Improve my 5k pace.
    I’m not planning to do the Bonus Mayhem.

  92. Brenda Yoder
    Millersburg, OH
    I needed motivation and want to stay in shape.
    I plan to do the Bible reading and the daily photo challenge.

  93. Kim Seese
    Canal Fulton OH
    This is my second year participating and I love this challenge because movement is medicine and it helps keeps the excuses in check.
    Planning on trying the Mayhem this year 😳

  94. Jaden Jackson
    I want to get outside more, have motivation to be more active, and I like challenges
    Mayhem, and Scripture reading and I might do daily photo

  95. Hey hey! I’m Darren Dunavan from Toccoa, GA. This is my second year doing the challenge. Last year I was not well but pushed myself to complete it. This year I am well and plan to ROCK IT!!
    I will do the Bible readings, podcasts and maybe a photo here and there!!
    Oh, and I’m a sucker for a free shirt…

    • Jaiden Valerio
      Rittman, Ohio
      First year, but a friend suggested to me I should and I run distance in track! Getting some extra exercise would be pretty nice.
      I will be doing the Bible reading challenge.

  96. Michelle Miller
    Massillon, OH
    I have participated in the past and this is a fun and supportive way to keep moving.
    I plan to participate in the Bible readings and possibly the Mayhem Challenge.

  97. 1. Stef Grick
    3. I wanted to get better at running! I thought it sounded like a good challenge!
    4. Scripture reading challenge

  98. Sarah Zacour
    Wooster, OH
    This is year 2 for me 🎉🎉 Using for accountability and to build a base
    I plan to do the Bible challenge; Mayhem is a big maybe 🤔

  99. Ron Detweiler

    Not sure why I do this crazy thing but, I am always super glad I did at the end of the month.

    Plan on doing scripture and some of the fun stuff as well

  100. Jess Stutzman
    Dalton, OH
    Love to run and it’s a great opportunity to get myself(and the family) out in fresh air everyday!
    Additionally I am doing the daily scripture reading.

  101. Jen Snyder
    Glenmont, OH
    I am one of Karen Alexander’s recruits! Lol I joined because I need to be more active now that I have a desk job…and want to see if I can accomplish this! I would also like to use this as an opportunity to transition from walking the 5k to running it. I used to run half-marathons but life got busy and here I am!

  102. Jennifer Lee
    Leesville, LA
    This is my third year doing the challenge and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Something I look forward to every year!
    I plan on participating in the readings as well as the daily photos this year.

  103. Dana Pew
    Marshallville Ohio
    To hit my 10,000 steps a day and to get my running motivation back!
    Plan on doing the Bible readings

  104. Ernie Hartman from Medina, Ohio. I am doing the 5k a day to start my journey to get my body and mind healthy. I will participate in the scripture reading.

  105. Lisa Squires
    Dover, Ohio
    3rd year doing this. I used to run everyday a few years ago but life/work has gotten in the way too much. I started running or walking every day April 1 for a challenge at work so this should be easier this month. I hope! Haha. I’m not sure what all the challenges are, but for sure will run/walk everyday.

  106. Paul Mullet
    Mt. Eaton Ohio
    I have participated in all but one.
    Didn’t finish last year because of a family emergency.
    Yes for the scriptures
    Modified version of Mayem

  107. Allene Gentry from good ole Wayne County Ohio! This is my third year for 5K a day in May and I join for the accountability and of course the shirt! It will be a challenge this year but I’ll try to get it done.

  108. Linda
    Did it last yr so I wanted to do it again!
    Planing on helping in the Mayhem

  109. TaCara Troyer
    Sugarcreek, OH
    I really enjoyed the challenge last year and am excited to participate again for 2022!

  110. McKayla McCanna
    Canton, Ohio (anyone from our area want to meet up and run/walk together sometime? 🤗)
    This is my 3rd year participating— it helps get me shake out the winter blahs and gets me outside again!
    I’m also going to participate in the Scripture Challenge this year.

  111. Jeff Fink
    Dalton, Ohio
    As a runner, I will do anything for a free t shirt…..also, I need to get back into shape and build on some marathon training
    I will attempt the reading plan and maybe the photos. Wanted to try the mayhem challenge, but always too busy that weekend

  112. Patricia Zody

    From: Memphis Tennessee

    Why: To get myself back out running again while gaining focus on our God.

  113. Michael Clair
    Springfield IL
    My friend Adam got her to sign up on our walk last night.
    Not sure on extra activities

  114. Kelli Beckler
    This is my 3rd year attempting the challenge. I completed it in 2020, last year only made it to about day 6 and was unable to complete due to leg issues. I’m still struggling with leg issues but I’m going to give it a shot. It felt so good to finish it before and I really want to get back to getting out there everyday!
    I might try the photo challenge.

  115. Ray Fryan
    Jackson Township, OH
    Great reason to move into recovery mode, post Boston. I think this our 3rd year, so it’s becoming a tradition.
    Will do the Mayhem on the last Saturday…also a tradition. Will be doing Our Daily Bread as my daily devotional, so may try some of the reading plan.

    • Tamara (Tammy) Chronister
      Morrilton, AR
      I was motivated by my husband
      I will also be doing the scripture reading.

    • Tamara Chronister
      Morrilton, AR
      My husband motivated me.
      I will also be doing the daily scripture reading.

    • Justin Shantz
      Hawkesville, Ontario
      My brother’s are all doing it 🙂
      Not planning to do the other challenges this year.

  116. Rachel Mathers
    Massillon, Ohio
    I wanted a physical challenge for overall health and wellness. This will be my first year participating-I will walk and jog until I can run. The time during the miles, gives me time to reflect and dream. I haven’t decided on any of the other challenges but would like to look over some scripture since it has been some time reading it.

  117. Kallie Pope, Taylorville Il, participated last year and it was a great time. The scripture reading for sure.

  118. Gwen Schock
    Andreas, Pennsylvania
    It’s hard to turn down a good running challange.
    I plan to do the readings.

  119. Jan Maxwell
    Wooster Ohio
    This is my 5th attempt. 3 for 4. Always up for a challenge… well maybe not always ☺️

    Mayhem??? Maybe if Cassie has anything to do with it
    Photos… I’ll try
    Bible readings yes!!

  120. My name is Mark Wengerd and I’m from Wooster, Ohio. I was motivated to sign up for the challenge of completing it. I heard about it last year and I’m excited to get to work! No bonus challenges for me.

  121. Heidi Hartzler
    Orrville, Oh
    My fifth challenge! May is a super busy month and the 5k just has to be part of my daily routine!
    Bonus challenge: I plan to listen to the podcast! Thank you for doing this!

    • Shawn Adams
      Apple Creek, OH
      This is my 3rd year. Just want to keep doing it as long as I can.
      Not sure what bonus challenges I may be doing.

  122. Jeremiah Schlabach
    Wilmington, Ohio
    I want to have a reason to run more
    The scripture reading and the mayhem challenge.

  123. Tim Brooks
    West Salem, Oh.
    First attempt at this.
    I will be following along in the devotional also.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  124. Levi Schlabach
    Wilmington, Ohio
    I’ve done it 2 times before and it’s really fun so decided to sign up again.
    All but the picture challenge

  125. Missi Shellenbarger
    Mount Vernon Ohio
    I have done the 5k a day for the last 2 years! I love the challenge and doing it with my friends to help motivate each other!
    I do not plan to do any of the bonus challenges! Making it through 31 5ks is challenge enough!

  126. Emily Vonck
    Mount Vernon, Ohio
    Great challenge to stay motivated! I do not plan on any bonus challenges.

  127. Jim Sanderfer
    Uniontown, Ohio
    To help me get more consistent and help me get back to what I love doing.
    I’m also doing the scripture reading.

  128. Lisa Baker and I’m from Mount Vernon OH! This is my third year doing this. Motivated by a fellow coworker (sorta lol) but this has made me have so much motivation to get moving everyday! At this time no challenges.

  129. Lindy Anastis
    Canton OH
    I have done 5K a day in the past 2 years, this year a lot of friends are doing it also.
    I’m going to try to listen to the podcasts.

    • John Chronister from Morrilton AR

      I’m doing this to spend time with my wife and son and to do something I’ve heard a lot about the last few years.

      I’m going to do the Scripture reading and photo challenges

  130. Savannah Gilmore
    Howard, Oh
    Great challenge to continue running!! No bonus challenges.

  131. Michelle Kendall
    Wooster, OH
    I need to get back to running so this is the perfect challenge for me.
    Bonus challenges: no

  132. Meghan Garver
    Nova, Ohio
    This is my first one. I’ll be 40 on June 1, so this is a nice challenge to round out my 40s!

  133. Beth Logozzo from Massillon, Ohio this is my first ever challenge and I’m excited and yet unsure I can do it. Also will be listening to the Bible challenge.

  134. Angie French
    A good friend of mine introduced me to this challenge and I’m looking forward to it. This seems like a fun way to step up my workouts and have some accountability.
    I plan on doing the scripture reading.

  135. Tammy Polen
    Wooster, OH
    I have participated in several, love the accountability and supporting my family’s vision is a must 😊
    And I love the scripture readings and will be listening.

  136. John Chronister from Morrilton AR

    I’m doing this to spend time with my wife and my son and to do something I’ve heard a lot about the last several years and haven’t tried yet.

    Plan is to do the Scripture reading and the photo challenge

  137. Doug Patton
    Wooster, OH
    Motivation: I have participated before and find that it is great discipline for the body and the mind.
    Having Jeff read to me everyday is the only bonus I plan to participate in.

  138. Brian Beachy
    I run everyday anyway, so why not join?
    Scripture is an added bonus. Hoping my schedule will allow me to do the 5k for 12 hours at the end.

    • Carson Shantz
      Hawkesville, Ontario
      I went with my Dad on the 5k run/walk yesterday and today and want to join the event. I’m 10 and size small. 😀
      Not planning to do any of the other challenges

      • Congratulations!! Nice to have you along for the journey!

        Sign up has officially closed, but if you have been keeping up with the 5ks, I can make an exception. Just make sure you do the CHECK-INS on my blog posts for May 1, May 15, May 30, and June 1.

        On June 1 there will be another registration that needs to be filled out in order to get your shirt. That one I cannot make an exception for.

    • Carol Yoder
      Abbeville, SC
      I was influenced by friends, also think it’s a great way to get in shape for summer!
      First time participating.

  139. 1. Seth Bowles
    2. Ohio
    3. I did it last year. Now I minimally have to do it every year! 😉 I want to get more cardio in and stay fit! My girlfriend’s mom also invites me!
    4. I don’t think so.

  140. Hannah Kidd
    Hutto Texas
    3rd year!
    My mother does this and she is my drive!
    No Mayhem
    Scripture and pictures yes!

  141. Denielle Neal
    Perrysburg, OH
    I enjoy running and need to get back in the habit! (Plus my husband made me, lol, jk 😂)
    Bible challenge 💜

  142. Christina Ruegg
    Joined this challenge to hold myself accountable for running and reading scripture daily which I want to continue throughout the rest of the year ( and beyond)

  143. Kelly Evans-Wilson
    Mechanicsburg, OH
    This is my 4th time participating in the challenge! Love the challenge, accountability, and the support.
    Loved listening to the Podcast last year with the Bible readings! Listened while I ran/walked! Plan to do that again this year!

  144. Kayla Myers
    From Ohio
    This is my second year so now I am self obligated 😁
    I plan on doing the daily scripture challenge as well.

  145. Deb Lee – Year #3!
    Canton, Ohio;
    Motivated by friends, by how energized the daily 5k makes me (after a smallish nap!), and the link to scripture and reflection;
    I’m going to try the daily photo challenge – there’s some fun set ups!

  146. Jill Grayson
    Perrysburg, Ohio

    I am a sucker for peer pressure and lots of my friends encouraged the challenge!
    The 5k is the only challenge this year…start small, DREAM BIG!

  147. Jill Grayson
    Perrysburg, Ohio
    I am a sucker for peer pressure, and my friends are awesome!
    Just attempting the 5k this year!

  148. Gretchen Andreas
    Clarion pa
    I enjoy the challenge and want to get back into taking care of my health.
    Scripture reading and maybe the photo challenge.

  149. Diane and Tom Boggs
    2nd year with challenge
    Motivation- still aiming to be a better person
    Participate- try daily

  150. David Miller
    Apple Creek Ohio
    4th year doing the challenge it’s a great way to get the spring/summer started
    I plan on doing all the challenges.

  151. Sue Hauenstein
    Columbus, Ohio
    Last years challenge (my 1st) turned into a pretty regular routine for me & my dog, Murphy 🐾 We are BOTH benefitting! No bonus challenges.

  152. Ryan Neal, Perrysburg, Ohio. Christie Jackson invited us. So we are now the Christie J’a Jackrabbits running club and gonna get this done. Some others from our gym are joining in. Also doing Bible challenge.

  153. -Deana Fresenko
    -Louisville Ohio
    -This is my 3rd year and I need a kick in the butt after a cold winter of not running much
    -Scripture readings, I love the podcasts

  154. Jacqueline Noe
    New Albany, OH
    I did the challenge in 2020 and I decided to come back for 2022!!
    I will not be participating in any of the other challenges

  155. Mary
    Springfield, Il
    I survived walking in this last year and wanted to try it again!
    Looking forward to the Bible podcasts!

    • Kelly
      Necedah, WI
      Last year, two dear friends of mine convinced me to do the challenge with them and it was great!
      I won’t be doing any of the extra challenges.

  156. Marlin Yoder
    Chippewa lake, Ohio
    I have done every one so far, wouldn’t want to miss out!
    Scripture… yes

  157. Allison Lintern
    I am doing this for the accountability! It is a great challenge and forces you to get the work done.

  158. 1. Mark kister
    2. Wooster, Ohio
    3. This is my 3rd year doing this and I like the accountability.
    4. I will do the scripture challenge and possibly the mayhem.

  159. Name: Grayson Burch

    Hometown: Bedford, VA

    What Motivated Me: A friend at work mentioned the challenge to me. I’ve also found running to be beneficial physically, mentally and spiritually, but I’ve never done a consistent 5K every day for a full month! So, challenge accepted!

    Doing Any Bonus Challenges: Definitely the Scripture reading.

  160. James Lund Jr.

    Sacramento, CA

    Compete with my Soulcon/Gibborim brother in the Men of Valor arena.

    Plan on doing both bonus challenges.

  161. Becky Blackford
    Canton, Ohio
    I’m going to try the daily Bible reading and the Daily Fun Photo in addition to the 5k a day.
    I wanted to challenge myself to do something good for myself this month when school gets all kinds of crazy!

  162. Brian Hostetler
    First year
    I wanted accountability to both run more and read more.
    I’ll only be doing the running and the reading.

  163. Ashley Zickefoose
    Loudonville, OH
    A friend invited me to participate!
    No BONUS Challenges 🙂

  164. David Byler
    I did it last year and really enjoyed it, so wanted to do it again!
    Maybe the mayhem.

  165. Michelle made me sign up 😉
    I WiLL do the daily bible reading.
    I will do the daily fn photo.
    I will run every 5k….it may be slow but I will run.
    Was that it?

  166. Emily Byler
    I wanted to do this challenge again for many different reasons, including the fact that it’s such a fun goal to accomplish with a group of people, that it has so many health benefits, and I just love running/walking/getting fresh air and enjoy reading through God’s word with a group of people.
    I am doing the reading challenge and hope to do the mayhem and photo challenge as well.

  167. Hello!

    Bentleyville, PA
    This is my 3rd year. I look forward to this every year.
    I want to try the Mayhem challenge this year.

  168. DJ Reichert

    Wooster, OH

    1st year doing the 5K a day in May! Pretty excited to do this…..of course it’s only the 1st day!
    The accountability like others have said to keep me motivated will be great!

    No other challenges

  169. I’m Teresa Brannan from Petal Mississippi. I missed last year’s challenge by a day or 2 and I’m determined to get all the days this year. I will be listening to scripture and posting fun photos but not officially doing bonus challenges. Glad to be here and look forward to seeing everyone’s progress this year!

  170. Hello hello
    San Antonio, Tx
    Scott call always keeping me in check and motivated ! Looking forward to getting moving in May

  171. Lisa Reichert
    Wooster, OH
    First Year. I have thought about signing up for a few years and decided now was the time. Looking forward to the challenge!

  172. Jodi
    Bentleyville, PA
    I signed up to be part of something that will help me increase my daily activity.
    I might try the mayhem.

  173. Caitlin Compston
    Wooster Ohio
    I’m trying to be more active every day and figure this would be a great way to help do that.
    I extra challenges here.

  174. Julie Boggs
    Wadsworth, OH
    3rd year, I have used the Mayhem challenge to run 1 mile for everyone of my students the past 2 years. This year I am going to attempt 58 5K’s in may for my 58 students!

  175. Name: Emily Dougherty

    What motivated me: I’m training for a 5K so I thought it would be perfect! I did this one other time in 2020, and wanted to do it again! Also, I love the shirts 🙈😏

    Extra challenges: Scripture reading and picture challenge!!

  176. Josh Boggs
    Wadsworth, Ohio
    3rd year participant
    I enjoy the running each year but no extra challenges for me. Thanks.

  177. Kathy Borsich
    Florence, AZ

    My sister told me about this, I didn’t realize it was everyday when I agreed, but hey, I’m up for it.

  178. 1. Betsy
    2. Ohio
    3. I did the 5k May challenge in 2020 and found it so rewarding to say I completed it. I didn’t participate last year and felt like this year I needed to challenge myself again.
    4. I am probably not doing the bonus challenges

  179. Drew Hostetler
    Fredericksburg, OH
    To get in better shape and challenge myself to run everyday.
    Bible reading

  180. Cameo Quick, Centerburg Ohio.
    My coworker Missi Shellenbarger encouraged me to do the challenge.
    I plan to also do the scripture reading or listen to your daily podcast. Thanks.

  181. 1. Betsy
    2. Ohio
    3. I did the 5k May challenge in 2020 and really enjoyed being able to say I completed it. I did not do the challenge last year and decided I needed to challenge myself this year to complete it for 2022
    4. I do not think I am doing the bonus challenges

  182. Gene & Missy Mattingly
    Winchester, VA

    Some guys at Church decided to participate and asked/invited me to participate. My wife and I run regularly and thought this would be a worthwhile endeavor.

    Still considering the other “bonus challenges.”

    Love in Christ,
    Gene (& Missy)

  183. Ryan Kuzma

    Wooster, OH

    1st time doing it. My wife has always done it so I thought I’d join her in This adventure!

    I’m gonna attempt to do the additional challenges but these will be a challenge for sure.

  184. Your name Liza Meehl
    Your home state Rittman, Ohio
    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? I had ran for three years straight finished 2 marathons multiple halfs,10k and 5k. I had gotten injured and since then it’s been hard to find the passion for running again.
    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? I plan to read the BIBLE and grow daily

  185. Serge Penner
    St. Clements, Ontario
    This is my second year doing this challenge.
    Running consistently is refreshing and motivating!
    I’m planning to do the mayhem run with the Ontario boys!

  186. Carmen Schrock
    Massillon, OH
    Second year participating. Love the encouragement to get outside and move.
    Will not be participating in other challenges.

  187. Raina Schrock
    Massillon, OH
    1st time participant!
    Will not be doing other challenges.

  188. Dallas Penner
    St. Clements, Ontario, Canada
    I want to stay active, run with friends, and getter better times.
    This Year 2 for me, I hope to do the Mayhem again! Maybe even another video… 🙂

  189. Peggy Pierpoint
    Seville, Ohio
    This will be the third 5K May for me.
    Ever since the first 5K May in 2020 I have been hooked. It’s about being accountable to complete the challenge…every day…rain (a few times, snow) or shine.
    Definitely doing the daily scripture reading…..not sure about the other two bonus challenges.

  190. Darren
    Massillon, OH
    First year participating. I signed up mostly because of peer pressure and FOMO… but also because I know that supporting the Polen family and having a cool new t-shirt will definitely make it worth it.
    Not planning to do the other challenges.

  191. Erin Micklem
    Madison Heights, VA
    I did the challenge last year and I loved it, so I decided to join again!
    I will do the daily scripture reading, but I think that’s it!

  192. Franklin Micklem
    Madison Heights, Virginia
    This will be the 2nd year doing this, last year was a blast!
    I plan to do the readings.

  193. Kyle Kindbom from Wooster.
    After several months off of running this seemed like a good way to get some motivation and accountability to get back on track.

  194. Nic Worsham
    Des Moines, IA
    First time doing it. I’m not a runner and was looking to challenge myself in a physical activity.
    I’m planning on doing the scripture reading and mayhem bonus challenge.

  195. Liam Schrock
    Massillon, OH
    First year participating.
    It will be fun.
    Not doing any extra challenges.

  196. Nic Worsham
    Des Moines, IA
    First time doing the challenge. I’m not a runner and was looking for a physical challenge to get me back into activity once school ended.
    I also plan on doing the scripture reading and mayhem challenge.

  197. Katie Ramseyer
    Marshallville, OH
    First timer!!
    Doing the scripture challenge and giving mayhem a try.

  198. Cameo Quick
    Centerburg, ohio
    My coworker encouraged me to join
    I did sign up for the scripture reading also.

  199. Wayne Latsch
    Pulaski, Virginia
    2nd 5k challenge and looking forward to doing it again. Last year I finished with 100 miles total. This was even with a sprained ankle.
    Scripture reading

  200. Sharon Renfrow
    Orrville, OH

    Looking for a challenge and enjoyed this last year.

    I plan to also read the scripture plan this month and try mayhem.

  201. Ed Zimmer from Kents Store, Virginia.

    Excited to improve my fitness with fellow believers.

    Hoping also to complete the scripture challenge

  202. Kara Gorglione
    I have enjoyed doing the 5k a day during the Month of May. It’s a great way to get active.
    I plan to participate in the BONUS Challenges of the scripture reading and picture a day.

  203. 1. Adam L.
    2. Illinois
    3. This is my 3rd 5k in May… and I haven’t missed a single daily 5k (runs and walks) since May1, 2020. Today is day 731 in a row! I wouldn’t miss it! I love the challenge and knowing lots of others are out there racking up the miles as well! Shout out to my repeat friends Mary and Keri and first timer Lindsey!
    4. No, but I’m curious about seeing what people come up with for the photo challenges!

    • Jeremy Shantz from Fredericksburg Ohio. I know the challenge of running every day is good for me & teaches me discipline. I’m doing the scripture reading challenge & maybe Mayhem.

  204. 1. LaDawn Lapp
    2. Massillon, Ohio
    3. My first year doing the challenge. I’m excited about the motivation to get outside and getting some good exercise!
    4. I will not be doing the other challenges

  205. Kim Tish
    Millersburg, Ohio
    First time here.
    I like the idea of being accountable. I have been trying read through the bible in a year so this will be a helpful.

  206. Samuel Arthur from Indiana I joined to get back into shape after hernia surgery and I am going to be doing the scripture reading bonus

  207. Kim Tish
    Millersburg, Ohio
    First time here
    Not doing the bonus stuff
    I like the idea of having accountability and reading the scriptures.

  208. Nathan Groezinger
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    I’m doing the 5K in May challenge because it sounds fun and some family members are doing it!
    Just the 5K every day!

  209. 1. Bella Gingerich
    2. Apple Creek, OH
    3. This is my first year and I was encouraged by family to participate
    4. Scripture reading

  210. 1) Will Harold
    2) Kenosha, WI
    3) Heard Jeff on the four chair podcast and decided to sign up.
    4) I will be doing the discipleship bonus challenge

  211. Amy Mast
    Apple Creek, OH
    I am starting this challenge to boost my motivation to get back to running. I haven’t been able to make much progress since having COVID and pneumonia, hoping the support will help me get back at it!

  212. Heather Swanberg
    I love running, so why not join others and make it a challenge.
    I would like to try to join the other challenges included, if I can remember to do it.

  213. 1.) Ruth Thomas
    2.) Winter Springs, FL
    3.) I love the thought of doing a 5k every single day for a whole month!
    4.) Scripture reading and I’ll try my best to do the photo challenge.

  214. Joey Shantz
    3rd time. Enjoy the challenge. Peer pressure from big brother 😆
    We ll see on Mayhem. No to the others.

  215. Jamie Shantz
    Waterloo, Ontario
    Excited to have a disciplined routine of running 5k every day this month.
    Doing scripture reading and maybe mayhem

  216. Rachel Mast
    Dalton, Ohio
    This is my first time doing the 5k every day in May.
    Planning to do all the challenges.
    I signed up for motivation to move!

  217. Melissa Shantz
    3rd time. Good exercise and self discipline.
    Scripture reading. No to the others.

  218. Toni Arrington…Red House, Virginia.
    I’m excited this is my 1st 5k challenge and I’m also doing the Bible challenge.

  219. Diane Yoder
    Wooster, OH
    This is my first year doing the 5k a day in May. Someone from work said I might like this challenge since I run regularly on a daily basis. I’m currently building my mileage up to a half marathon and hopefully a marathon in the future. I am also planning on doing the Bible challenge but will see about the Mayhem challenge. Not sure yet.

  220. Beverly Gable
    I wanted to continue my 5K’s since last years challenge. I’m going on day 366 for my 5K.

  221. Mauricio Garcia from León, Nicaragua. A friend asked me to join him. Yes to Bible reading.

  222. 1) Jack Shantz
    2) Fredericksburg OH
    3) I signed up because I want to stay active and also my Dad and uncles signed up and I like to run with them.
    4) I am doing the scripture reading challenge

  223. Sara Wakefield
    Wooster, OH
    This is my third year- I love the challenge of it, and the idea that so many are doing this together even when we may never actually meet!

    Hoping to do a few of the Mayhem hours with my friends Cassie and Mid, but not doing the extra challenges this time.

  224. Annie McDowell
    Wooster, Ohio
    This is year 3, but first year with a running partner (baby #2 due July 2!)
    I’m participating in the daily scripture readings!

    • Tiffany Hoover
      Plain City Ohio
      This is my second year to participate and I am excited to stay committed to this and get outside more!

    • Jill Groezinger
      Cedar Rapids, IA
      I’m participating to get in better shape.
      I’ll do the Scripture readings as well!

  225. Erin Reed Huron OH. 1st year doing the challenge. Given the idea from friends. Excited to try it.

  226. Nathanael Brown
    Apple Creek OH
    Perfect way to challenge myself to hit some running goals
    I’m participating in the Scripture reading goal as well.

  227. Lisa Lang

    I am a runner and happened to stumble upon this challenge, so I thought, why not. So, here I am. I am participating in the scripture challenge. I love that! I am also planning on participating in the photo challenge.

  228. Annette Miller
    Apple Creek, Ohio
    First time doing this. Wanted to get myself moving and healthier.
    No to the other challenges

  229. Cheryl
    Walnut Creek, OH. This is my first time – I’m inspired by several friends who have done it the last several years. I’m not doing the reading or mayhem

  230. Renee from Shreve Ohio. This is my first year. I wanted to join the challenge because I like the idea of reading scripture together in a large community while doing a favorite hobby – running! I hope to do the run on the 28th, however, my husband is having surgery on the 27th ….we’ll see! Thank you Jeff for organizing.

  231. Brooke Groezinger
    Iowa, Cedar Rapids
    Preparation for sports!
    I don’t plan on doing additional challenges

  232. Katrina Wise
    Atwater, Ohio
    This is such great motivation to get moving for the summer! Thank you for putting this together.

  233. Joann Mast
    Millersburg, OH

    This is my first year participating in the 5K. I always wanted to do a 5K challenge and was so excited to hear that you will be doing this one again this year. I also want to prove to myself that you can do anything you set your mind too. That is one thing I have been struggling with over the past years I start something and never finish it.

    I will also be participating in the scripture reading.

  234. Fannie Weaver
    Apple Creek,OH
    Wanted accountability to be active daily.
    Possibly the scripture reading.

  235. Connie hall smithville Ohio my crazy co worker always pumps me up for this and I love to challenge my self

  236. Karlee Lehman
    Home state: Iowa, recently moved to Wooster Ohio. Joining some friends from church for this challenge, excited to get out and get moving. Joining for the run/walk and the scripture portion.

  237. Richard Strain
    Canton Ohio
    This will be my third year in a row, wouldn’t miss it. such a tough challenge, but well worth it.
    Hopefully I can do the mayhem challenge this year.

  238. Kristin Yoder
    Accident Maryland
    Self discipline ig
    Not planning to participate in any extra challenges

  239. I’m Jen Johnson from Ohio! I signed up for this challenge to stay committed to getting into better shape! Got my 5K in today and am excited about it and trying to do some of the others challenges such as the scripture challenge and the photo challenge.

  240. Sheri Belardo
    Massillon, OH
    1st time doing challenge. A friend invited me and I needed a push to get back into running regularly. Excited to do this and thankful for the opportunity

  241. I’m Danielle, from Wooster, OH.
    I signed up for 5k May for fun and to challenge myself to something new!
    I’m going to try to do the daily photo challenge as well as the Mayhem at the end of the month.

  242. Jonathan Smith
    Roswell, NM
    Need some motivation to run as soon as track finishes and as it is winding down

  243. Am exited to do this challenge.
    Am expecting to do all challenges, but still thinking about Mayhem

  244. Marybeth Jacobs Hall
    Who doesn’t need the exercise! I do it every year and ❤️ it!
    Doing the scripture but no Mayhem for me.

  245. Elizabeth
    This is my 2nd time doing the 5k challenge
    No bonus challenges this year

  246. Mike Chismar
    Brunswick – just time to get restarted in the ever long quest for fitness.

  247. Susan Gingerich
    Apple Creek, OH
    My friend, Emily 😉, challenged me, and I’ve been wanting to make exercise a regular part of my day, so we’re trying it!
    Bible challenge – loved the story of the man in Turkey today!

  248. From Navarre, OH. I like the discipline of running/walking every day. I am planning on doing the Mayhem.

  249. Benji mast
    Millersburg, Ohio
    I’ve done it to many years in a row not to do it.
    Bible reading bonus

  250. Ray Ludwig
    Lula, Georgia
    3rd year of doing this challenge
    Not planning on bonus challenges, but considering trying Mayhem this year.

    • Jenny Chan
      First time participant. Hope this helps motivate me to walk/run regularly.
      Not planning on bonus challenges.

  251. Scott Tinman
    Findlay, OH
    Been doing this for past few years and even got some local friends to join me this year!
    Looking forward to Reading 3 Chapters of the Bible a Day and listening to the podcast! Also the picture challenge but still not ready for Mayhem Challenge

  252. Mike Makselan
    North Ridgeville, Ohio
    Fun event and need to get my butt back in shape.
    Not planning on doing the extras.

  253. 1. Gavin Geiser
    2. Fredericksburg, Ohio
    3. Because it is fun and I did it last year.
    4. Scriptures yes; Mayhem thinking about it.

  254. 1. Nicole Geiser
    2. Fredericksburg, Ohio
    3. Did it last year and it was a good and fun challenge.
    4. Scriptures yes. Completed Mayhem last year and want to do it again.

  255. 1. Randy Geiser
    2. Fredericksburg, Ohio
    3. Fun family activity.
    4. Scriptures yes. Mayhem thinking about it.

  256. Drew Hostetler
    Fredericksburg, OH
    To challenge myself and get in better shape.
    Bible reading

  257. Your name – Matt Shirah

    Your home state-Columbus, Ga

    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? I want to actually complete this with several other men that are running as well.

    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? Daily Bible reading

  258. 1. Christine Makselan
    2. North Ridgeville, OH
    3. Been doing 5k a Day for a few years and wanted to continue.
    4. No

  259. 1. Joe Miller
    2. Beach City, Ohio
    3. It’s a great kickstarter for the coming Summer
    4. Daily bible reading and maybe the MAYHEM

  260. Your name Kristen Shoup

    Your home state (and town, if you want to) Ashland, Ohio

    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? I did this challenge for the first time, officially, last year. Over the last two years I have struggled with running due to injury and surgery on both hips. This year, I finally feel good running, after recovering from my most recent hip surgery in January. I enjoy running, and challenges such as this help keep me motivated to keep moving!

    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? Emm… probably not

  261. Rebekah Baker
    Murfreesboro, TN
    My husband, Benji, told me about this challenge and we decided to do it together. Now our teenager is joining in with us. Looking forward to creating some discipline this month.
    I will just be doing the 5k each day!

    • Awesome! I love Benji! So glad you are all joining us for the challenge. You can do it!

  262. Vernon Miller
    I want to start exercising and running so this is a great way to be accountable.
    I am doing the bible reading challenge.

  263. 1. Kary Whearty
    2. Sylvania (Toledo) Ohio
    3. Gets me out the door!
    4. Reading but most likely NOT the Mayhem

  264. 1. Zach Heatwole
    2. Dalton, Ohio
    3. I like the challenge
    4. Yes, planning to participate in the Mayhem

  265. 1. Heather Heatwole
    2. Dalton, Ohio
    3. I need another shirt to add to my #5kmay collection. Not really, but….😜 My main motivation is knowing it’s good for me physically and mentally plus I enjoy doing it with our kids.
    4. No

  266. 1. Elijah Heatwole
    2. Dalton, Ohio
    3. The t-shirt!
    4. Yes, plan to participate in the Mayhem

  267. 1. Justin Yoder
    2. Sarasota, FL
    3. Because it motivates me to stay active and keep pounds off!
    4. Once again I plan to do the 5kMayhem too.

    • My man. A man after my own heart. So glad I don’t have to settle for a cutout Joe Heatwole this year for #5kMayhem. It just wasn’t the same without you.

  268. Megan Mashek
    Arvada, CO
    Because I’ve done it the last couple years and I want to challenge myself to do it again!
    Scripture and maybe photo challenge ◡̈

  269. Grant
    I’m motivated from coming off a back injury that kept me from running for more than 2 months

  270. Casey Cheney, Belding Mi, staying mobile is my motivation, I only plan to do the 5k challenge. Thanks!

  271. Carrie Evans, CO, healthy physically and spiritually, I’ll be doing the scripture challenge

  272. Amanda Askew – Texas Panhandle
    This is my first year to take part in the challenge! I am also doing the scripture reading challenge! I was encouraged to take part by knowing that I needed to move more. Then, a YouTuber I follow, said she was doing this, and I thought it would be perfect!

  273. Lindsey stoneroad
    Newville, PA
    My Saturday am workout leader challenged us- and I need the community to motivate me to workout!
    Plan to do the extra challenges

  274. Renate Johnson
    Mitchell, NE
    A friend of mine posted about this and thought that this was really cool!
    Scripture Challenge, Photo Challenge, possibly mayhem challenge

  275. Carolyn Silberman
    San Antonio, TX
    This was introduced to me a few years ago through S. Call. Love doing this and look forward to completing this again this year.
    I do not plan to participate in any of the bonus challenges.

  276. Joe Soehnlen
    Lexington Ohio
    This is my 3rd year, I like the challenge and finding different routes to run.
    Not this year

  277. Patrick Williams
    Mansfield, OH
    “Res Firma Mitescere Nescit” (Latin)
    No, but thank you for another year of accountability!

  278. John Irias
    Sugarcreek, Ohio
    Motivation; I’ve been struggling to get back into working out and this might be the push/challenge I need!
    I plan to participate in the Bible reading challenge.

  279. Ben Phillips
    Mitchell, NE
    Motivation: gotta get back into healthy disciplines!
    I am doing the Bible reading challenge for sure! Not sure about the “Mayhem”…

  280. Luann Yoder
    Mount Hope, Ohio
    I did it last year with family and it felt great to get out everyday and just couldn’t help myself but come back for more.
    Yes, scripture challenge

  281. Taren Berlin
    Akron, Oh
    Motivation: to get back into God’s word, to get back into nature, to get back into running, to get back to a happy place with myself.
    Extra Challenges: yes the scripture and photo

  282. Mike Schlabach
    Berlin, OH

    My amazing wife is who motivates me to keep running and doing 5K May. Year number 3 😁

    I will not be doing any of the bonus challenges this year, but I might do my own Mayhem version at some point. I have to work the day of the actual Mayhem.

  283. Hi I’m Miranda Jones from Ontario, Ohio. This will be the 3rd time I have participated in the challenge. I completed one year and had an injury to recover from last year and did not finish. My goal is to participate in Mayhem this year and get further than 8!

  284. Preston Kimbro
    Gosport Indiana
    Something to keep me motivated during the month of May!
    Scripture and photo

  285. Lindsey Lanter
    -to get back into shape, to survive the stress of teaching in May, and to join my husband and Mom who’ve done it before
    – photo challenge!

  286. Scott Price
    Wooster, Ohio
    I am doing this challenge for all of my friends and because Jeff Polen said I had to.
    Scripture Challenge and the Mayhem Challenge.

  287. Jenna
    1st time running, our family is doing this together!
    the scripture Challenge

    • Taylor McCanna
      Doing this from Cleveland Ohio
      My brother and sister in law got me involved!
      Doing the mayhem challenge as well

  288. Megan Weaver
    Berlin, OH
    This is my first year joining in the fun!
    I plan to do the scripture and Mayhem challenges! 🙂

  289. Michelle
    San Antonio, TX
    Doing this with friends in Ohio, to get healthy and stay close to them.
    Getting fit through walking and the scripture challenge.

  290. Tricia from Ohio. I joined to work on my health. And because my friend Jan challenged me!

  291. Kristin White
    Dalton, Ohio
    I participated last year and really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.
    I plan to do the scripture challenge, but not the official Mayhem maybe a longer distance that day.

  292. Adyn Plumlee, this is my 2nd time doing this and I absolutely love it. I plan on participating in the scripture challenge and mayhem. GO FIVE K MAY!!!!!

  293. Name: Alayna
    State: Ohio
    I signed up because I wanted accountability to run consistently
    Scripture: yes
    Mayhem: yes

  294. Freddie Miller
    Sugarcreek ohio
    First time trying the challenge
    Daily scripture challenge
    Mayhem challenge

  295. 1. James White
    2. Beach City, OH
    3. I’m doing the challenge for training and physical fitness. Also doing it to participate sisters.
    4. I’m not participating in the optional challenges.

  296. 1 Candace Koch
    2 ashland Ohio
    3 I love doing this for motivation to run my 7 half marathon (in Akron) and for my (5) kids to see my example to thanking God for this gift he gave me the ability to run.
    4 I’m reading scripture with run (and gospel music)

  297. Mark Kaiser
    Avella, pa
    This is my 2nd year with my wife running this.
    Scripture challenge.

  298. 1 Kari Hershberger
    2 Dundee Ohio
    3 I have always wanted to stay motivated to exercise daily and when I heard about this challenge I was like here is my chance!!
    4 I’m planning to read the daily scripture and run/walk

  299. •Linda Yoder
    •Baltic, Ohio
    •Wanted something to challenge me to get out there and run everyday!! 🏃🏼‍♀️ I plan on participating in the scripture reading and the mayhem challenge.

  300. Kelsey Shantz
    Waterloo, Ontario
    My husband has done it before, and I decided to join in this year. As a new mom, I find it difficult to set aside time for exercise, but I think this will be a good motivator.
    I’m not doing any bonus challenges.

  301. Derrick Miller
    Fredericksburg OH
    I like running, I like your ministry, and I like the community around this event
    I plan to read the scriptures

  302. 1. Donna
    2. Virginia
    3. My friend invited me, and I thought it would be good to combine exercise and time with God for clarity.
    4. Reading daily scripture with daily 5k walk/run

  303. Sarah Miller
    Fredericksburg OH
    I want to challenge myself to get more miles in
    I plan to read the scriptures

  304. Samson Miller
    Fredericksburg OH
    I like the challenge of trying to complete this
    I plan to read the scriptures

  305. Ezekiel Miller
    Fredericksburg OH
    My brother is paying me for every mile I run
    We plan to read the scriptures

  306. Jennifer Orton
    Renton, WA

    I’m need to this challenge and need to get active before summer officially arrives. I’m looking forward to getting in shape for hikes in our area. I want this to form a habit that extends beyond May.

    I’m doing the scripture challenge. Thanks!

  307. Morgan Roberts
    Utica OH
    Wanting to do something that keep me motivated 💪🏻 I plan on reading the scriptures

  308. Christina Walker
    Kenosha WI
    I’m most looking forward to jumpstarting my fitness!!

    • Jason Shantz from León Nicaragua. My brothers convinced me to join them. Yes to the Bible reading!

  309. Josh Schlabach
    Wilmington OH
    My kids motivate me to do the challenge, its a fun family activity for the month.
    I plan to do the scripture challenge.

  310. Rhonda
    I like being more active and this holds me accountable
    Not sure about the bonus stuff

  311. Phillip Doran


    2nd year trying

    1st year going to finish!!!

    Not doing other challenges

  312. Angie Hall
    Motivated to relieve stress by this 5k
    Planning to do all bonus challenges!

    • Justin Shantz
      Hawkesville, ON
      1st time, My brother’s are doing it
      Not planning to do the other challenges

      Jeff I tried to post yesterday afternoon around 3. I don’t see it on here so I’m not sure if it didn’t go through or just didn’t get approved.

  313. Wayne Yoder
    This is a great challenge.!!
    Scripture reading
    Mayhem Challenge

  314. Pearl Schlabach
    Wilmington OH
    I did it last year and I like running
    No bonuses challenge, I think

  315. Name: Vinnie Prezioso

    Hubbard Ohio

    I was motivated because my dad told me about it and convinced me to do it but want to get better.

  316. Ed Babulski
    Wooster OH
    to be an example for my family and I like running
    maybe not totally sure

  317. Adam Kelley
    Apple Creek Ohio
    I have joined this challenge because I love the everything it is about. Promoting fitness and a love for god is a win win to me. I would like to use this to get in better shape and enhance my spiritual life as well.
    2nd year doing the challenge.
    Not sure if I am doing any of the other challenges at this time.

  318. Ruth Graham
    Wooster, OH
    Doing it for fun
    My motivation is to do better than last year (I missed 1 day May 29th🤦🏽‍♀️)
    Not sure but might do scripture and Mayham

  319. Karen Hunter
    Glenmont, Ohio
    My motivation for signing up is to keep me active and hold myself accountable for being active each day.
    I plan to do scripture reading snd the photo fun

  320. Matt Bell
    Did it last year and need to get back in shape.
    Not doing any bonus challenges.

  321. Theresa Wright from Ohio. I’ve had fun with this challenge and Mayhem the last few years and was motivated to repeat the experience for my dog (she loves the longer walks on non-run days) and to keep a fellow friend participant company. I am going to effort to participate in all the bonus challenges, not sure about completion.

  322. elijah clay here!! from st. augustine, florida! just finished my first 5k!! i was motivated to do this challenge so i can start getting ready for cross country! i’m also doing the Scripture challenge!!

    • Yes!!! You must have good peers!! #5kMayhem is #WorthIt! Come join us in Apple Creek. It’s a good time.

  323. Your name: bryson Shellenbarger
    Your home state (and town, if you want to): mount Vernon Ohio
    What motivated you to sign up for the 5k Every Day in the Month of May Challenge? To be a better runner
    Do you plan to participate in any of the BONUS Challenges? If so, which ones? No

  324. Thresa Venables
    From Wooster Ohio
    Accountability, a way to celebrate the last month as 38 year old and lots of fun are the reasons I signed up!
    Planning to participate in all BONUS Challenges!

  325. Alexis Pacula, my home state is Ohio. I signed up mainly because I have a Ragnar coming up the end of May that I just decided to run and needed to run!

  326. Stephanie Helline from Ohio
    Looking forward to the motivation from everyone and getting outside to run this month!
    Will not be doing the Mayhem bonus but may try to follow along with some podcasts and some of the photo challenges

  327. Rebekah Hedman
    Sanford, Maine
    I was invited to join and decided it was a great opportunity to challenge myself.
    Not sure if I will do any of the bonus challenges.

  328. Hi, my name is Brad, I’m in the grand state of Oklahoma!! I signed up because I love running and/or walking and just being active. I would love to do the 5k mayhem on the last Saturday of the month, but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it just yet, but I am looking forward to a great month of fitness!

  329. Ashley Rettig
    From Wooster Ohio
    I have so many friends doing this challenge wanted to join in to hold me accountable
    I didn’t sign up for the bonus challenge but I might still participate with a friend

  330. Christina Ruegg, Wooster OH
    Doing this challenge for accountability. Will be participating in Scripture reading as well

  331. Megan slomkowski
    Medina, Ohio
    I have done this for the past 4 years. Excited for another year.
    No bonuses

  332. Kerry Martin from Ontario, Canada. Haven’t run in a while but positive peer pressure, and doing something with my oldest son, has pulled me back. Yes to scripture. Probably photos. And not planning on doing Mayhem.

  333. Brad Slomkowski
    Medina, Ohio
    This is the second year I have participated and loved it last year. Looking forward to continuing my 2022 health journey.
    I will not be participating in the bonus challenges

  334. Benji from Murfreesboro, TN! My wife and teenage daughter decided to do this together. Thought it was fun challenge to do together and I hit 40 and need to stay in shape! Just doing 5K a day… day one complete

    • I’m so glad you are doing this challenge! And to do it as a family… that is awesome!!! Blessings to you, brother!

  335. Brian Polen
    Wooster, Ohio
    I have attempted to complete the 5K May before, but rarely achieve it…hoping this is the year!
    Good luck to everyone!

  336. Carl Cohen
    Chandler, AZ
    I was richly blessed last year by seeing the challenge through and look forward to what God has for me this year.
    I will be in the Bible reading challenge. Praying over Mayhem

  337. Kim Hert
    North Canton, Ohio
    First time participating. Looking forward to getting back in the routine of walking/running and being outdoors every day.

  338. Isaac Leimeister
    Ohio (now in Louisville, KY)
    3rd year and really enjoy these! Mom suckered me in to the first one and I’m hooked.
    Scripture… yes
    Mayhem…. still considering

  339. Patrick Wajda
    I want to stay active during a birthday month
    Plan to do the scripture challenge

  340. Austin Reed
    Martinsburg, WV
    I’m doing the 5k a day because I have a group who does this every year, this year the group is up to 16!!

  341. Angela
    Fredericksburg, Ohio
    First timer here. Motivated to keep my family active, so leading by example.
    Scripture and picture bonus

  342. Hannah Heatwole
    Dalton, OH
    this is my third year of 5k May, and I do it to get back in shape after the winter slump. =) It’s also lots of fun to do with my family.
    I’m planning on doing the scripture challenge, and we’ll see about the Mayhem.

  343. Caroline Baker
    Murfreesboro, TN
    Trying to be able to run a full 5k without stopping by the end of may 🙂 5k challenge only