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#MidweekWorshipConnection | S1E13

At God’s command, Joshua led the Israelites in a walk around the walls of the city for six days. Then on the seventh day they walked around the city walls seven times, lifted a shout and blew their horns, and the city walls came crumbling down.

At God’s command, under the leadership of Joshua, Israel experiences a total military victory over the inhabitants of Jericho. Following the battle, Joshua utters something peculiar.

Joshua laid an oath on them at that time, saying, “Cursed before the LORD be the man who rises up and rebuilds this city, Jericho. “At the cost of his firstborn shall he lay its foundation, and at the cost of his youngest son shall he set up its gates.”

Joshua 6:26, ESV

And that is basically the end of the story of Joshua and Jericho. Well, it is almost the end.

As you flip through the remaining pages of the book of Joshua, and move through Judges, Ruth, first and second Samuel, and most of first Kings, the destruction of Jericho becomes little more than a distant memory. 

Generations pass by and Jericho remains desolate.

Then, almost out of nowhere—if you’re not paying close attention you are likely to miss it—we encounter first Kings 16:34.

In his days Hiel of Bethel built Jericho. He laid its foundation at the cost of Abiram his firstborn, and set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the LORD, which he spoke by Joshua the son of Nun.

1 Kings 16:34, ESV

Now, obviously there is a lot that could be said here, but I don’t want us to miss the forest for the trees. This is the main takeaway that I want us to understand, and stand upon.

God keeps his word.

Every word that comes from the LORD is true, and every promise that comes from the LORD will come true. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. It may be generations from now, but the timing will be perfect and the fulfillment will be complete.

My goal with the Midweek Worship Connection is to take a moment each week to help us fix our eyes on Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. We do that practically by looking at His word each week.

To be clear, you certainly do not NEED my help in order to dive deep into the word of God. And for our own benefit, we should surely be diving in MORE than once per week. But hopefully the Midweek Worship Connection has been a helpful tool in your life, pointing you to Jesus Christ, who is the source of all truth, love, life, and good.

*This is the final episode in the first season of the all-new Midweek Worship Connection. We hope you like the new format. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you thought about the first season. We will be taking the month of May off as we focus on the “5 Every Day in the Month of May” challenge, which features a daily podcast in which Jeff will be reading 3 chapters of scripture each day and offering commentary and encouragement along the way. We will be back with a second season of the Midweek Worship Connection in June, and that season will run through August.*


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