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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 1)

In the first official podcast episode for #5kMay2020, Jeff opens with a song from Polen Band called “Alive To Shine”. He reads Matthew 1-3, and has a little chat with Special Guest, Dean Plumlee. The episode ends with a Polen Band song called “You Alone Are God” from their very first album, released in 2009.

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  1. Checking in! So excited for this challenge! After my first marathon getting cancelled this spring and a foot injury I let running get pushed to the back burner. I’m excited for this push and encouragement from this blog and this community!

  2. Checking in day one. I just thought that it was the boring part of the beginning of Matthew, until today! Thank you for helping me through the names and reminding me the importance.

  3. Rachel Mathewson checking in for Day 1! 5k morning walk with my dogs this morning! 30 more days to go! Let the countdown begin! 😊

  4. I loved the podcast!! I read the scriptures myself and then thought what the heck… I’ll let Jeff read to me.. great job on pronouncing all those names😉. Provision… obedience… Freedom..
    Failure is an event not a person!!
    Dean was great! So much insight from you both. Thank you!

  5. Day #15 check in!! Hubby ran his 15th 5k this morning and I’m about to get mine in. Haven’t missed a day and feeling great! -Heather Williamson-

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