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Recording “Great Things You Have Done” (part three)

While Ohio was under a “Stay-At-Home” order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided it would be a perfect time for us to record a song together as a family. Thankfully, our home is also the location of Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio.

We took a few pictures throughout the process and had everyone speak into the camera each day, simply talking about their experience. The end result is a song that we are pretty proud of and a fun family memory that we will not soon forget.

We hope that our little recording adventure, as well as the song that was created, will be a blessing to you. God truly has done great things and is worthy of our worship.

DAY THREE was designated to adding some epic rhythm instruments.

First, with the help of Eden, the world’s best 5-year-old Engineer, I recorded the bass guitar. I had a part in my mind that I thought would go well with the drum beat, but it really wasn’t working for me. So I had to create a new part on the spot. The new part was grooving a LOT more than the first idea. I most often think of the bass guitar as primarily adding tone to the kick drum, but for this particular song, that approach was simply not working for me. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. I think the end result was a great bass line being played alongside of the drums.

In the evening, I added acoustic an acoustic guitar track. It was a simple, sixteenth note strumming of the chord progression for most of the song. I really didn’t want to overthink the acoustic guitar, and I wanted to leave room for the other instruments.

As a side note, this was the first time that I had ever recorded the acoustic guitar in the “Control Room”. I would typically record all acoustic instruments in the “Live Room”, but I was recently blessed with a second API 512c pre-amp. That new piece of gear allows me to easily connect a stereo signal directly to the front of my 500 series rack, which sits just left of the computer and mix console. I have always wondered what an acoustic guitar recording would sound like from the Control Room, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for experimentation. I had a hunch that the Control Room would provide a perfect environment for acoustic guitar recordings. It was! For future solo recordings, it will be so much easier for me to set up in the Control Room and have everything within eyesight and at my fingertips-rather than having to run back and forth from room to room trying to ensure that everything is set up correctly and working as expected. This new setup will literally save me hours on a full project.

Since the acoustic guitar recording setup was still in tact, we went ahead and had Abigail just record the ukulele into the same basic setup. She is really getting good on that thing. I hardly had any editing to do. Her performance into the microphone was fantastic!

I am really enjoying this project! I can’t wait to release the full song.

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  1. The anticipation is building. I look forward to hearing the song. What a fun project and memory builder!

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