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#5kMay2020 Check In #1

It is officially May! YAY!!

Let me know that you are still up for the challenge by OFFICIALLY CHECKING IN by leaving a comment on this page. Please tell us:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What state are you currently living in?
  3. What aspect of #5kMay2020 are you most looking forward to?

*All first-time comments need to be approved, so if your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry. I will periodically be going through and approving the comments throughout the day.*



661 thoughts on “#5kMay2020 Check In #1 Leave a comment

    • My name is Rebecca Hawks. I live in Ohio. I’m most looking forward to running the same amount every day. I’ve been training for a half marathon so this will be nice to just concentrate on one distance for awhile.

      • Melissa Gallion and Zeke Galbraith from Ohio just hoping to get motivated and moving

    • My name is Jacqueline Noe and I live in Ohio. My senior year in college has made me really in inactive. I’m looking forward to kickstarting my running again and finding a way to actually celebrate graduating college!

    • 1. Lanna
      2. Tennessee
      3. Excited to walk each day with my sister to strengthen and encourage each other.

    • Kevin Beachy, Ohio, just cool to be doing an event with other people. Also looking forward to reading the 3 chapters each day.

    • My name is Gracie Mitchell. I live in Ohio and I’m excited for the structure and sense of accomplishment.

  1. Jeral Imhoff from Ohio,
    Righting is hard for me but perhaps this challenge is God way of growing me in this aria.
    Although this challenge is much of a normal for me it still has two benefits; for me to be accountable; and for me to be intentionally. So today I and challenge by Mat.3:14 -“I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?” When I try to tell God how it should be; John submitted to Christ every though he didn’t understand at the time, am I willing to do the same? So help me God.
    Jeff thanks so much for this challenge. I am exited about growing together in Christ.

  2. Bill Miller, here in Ohio. I am looking forward to building up some mileage. I had already decided to try to up my daily average to three miles for the remainder of the year, so this challenge fits right along with that.

  3. My name is Sheri and I am from Ohio. This is my first year doing #5kMay! I am so excited to do this event with my family! I am most excited about growing spiritually while staying active. Thank you for organizing such an amazing event. God Bless!

    • 1. Marvin Yoder
      2. OHIO
      3. Looking forward to mayhem since Bobs backyard ultra was postponed

  4. Michael Sullivan checking in. Wooster, Ohio. Looking forward to finally running with someone again…someday. 😂 Really, looking forward to reading my3 chapters and then going out on my run to reflect. We all know how our minds go when we are out there.

  5. Tracy Goebel from Ohio checking in. I’m looking forward to committing to one hour of me time every day this month.

  6. Travis Williams
    me vs me for Christ. I want to train my flesh and force it to submit to God.

  7. Ron Detweiler from Ohio. Looking forward to this challenge and pushing myself and proving I can do this

  8. My name is Melody and I am from Pa. I am hopeing to build some discipline and endurance over the next month.

  9. Barbara Adams in Georgia checking in. I am looking forward to challenging myself and reading my chapters.

  10. Dede Sullivan
    I’m looking to be active and healthier. Hoping this will kick start a life change.

  11. Grace in Ohio checking in. I’m looking forward to the spiritual and physical challenge of my first #5KinMay!

  12. Hey, it’s John Furniss, from New Phila Ohio checking in. Up early and got my 5k run in for the day and got my phone out to read the Scripture verses on my Bible app. Looking forward to the challenge!

  13. Jess Stutzman from Ohio. Looking forward to getting out there being in my happy place and running everyday!

  14. Amber Schisler

    I am originally from Massillon, Ohio and currently live in Monroe, NC

    I’m excited to challenge myself by running/walking all month. I am also looking forward to the spiritual challenge.

  15. Heidi Hartzler
    Orrville, Ohio
    I love walking and this continues to give me motivation to walk everyday. I also look forward to your podcast!! The podcast makes my walk go fast!

    • Jason Bell
      Bloomington IN
      Doing this with family, girlfriend and several men from Soulcon.

  16. Mid Knight White
    Wooster, Ohio
    I love the accountability with time with God, reading scripture & keeping healthy as I run/walk each day. Thank You!!

  17. Sara Wakefield
    I haven’t had accountability in the exercise part of life for a long time, so I’m looking forward to getting back to that. And three of my kids are doing this with me, which should make for an interesting month!

  18. Hello from Maumee, Ohio. I’m in for the challenge! 💕🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

  19. Jeremy Shantz from Ohio. I know the discipline it takes to read 3 chapters & run 3 miles a day will be good for me. I am looking forward to the challenge!

  20. My name is Luann from Ohio. This is my first year doing #5kMay! I am looking forward to a challenge

  21. Crystal Shantz from Ohio checking in. Looking forward to building some good habits this month

  22. Mary Beth Miller
    Apple Creek, Ohio
    I am looking forward to improving and growing in my physical/ spiritual health. This is a great motivation! Thank you for this opportunity! I’m all excited and look forward to the month of May:)

  23. Morning, my name is Milisa, I’m from Canton Ohio.
    I’m hoping that this challenge gets me motivated to train.

  24. I am Keri Yoder from Ohio. I am so excited to challenge myself knowing that others are doing the same.

  25. Keith Byler from Ohio. I’m looking forward to connecting with my family as we do some of these runs together.

  26. Brandon Polley from Wooster Ohio! I am most looking forward to the 5k a day, having fun with the MAYHEM, and getting back out to run again!

  27. What is your name?
    Shana Miller
    What state are you currently living in?
    What aspect of #5kMay2020 are you most looking forward to?
    I believe God created people to thrive with good community and my personality is no exception. I love the working together and encouraging each other to keep running the race from two different perspectives.

  28. Teresa Strine from Ohio. This is my first time participating in an event like this and looking forward to the challenge.

  29. Hi! Miranda Jones from Mansfield, Ohio. I’m most looking forward to getting back into a daily routine. Running is my therapy and I had three races canceled/ moved to virtual races and I’m trying to still keep myself accountable.

  30. Hii, Becca Clark from Salem, Oh. Looking forward to the challenge of getting runs in everyday and reading more scripture. Here we go!!

  31. Good morning!
    1. Thresa Venables
    2. Ohio
    3. The commitment … quarantine has gotten me all off and this is a great way to get on track from growth and routine!

  32. Charlene Leimeister…. Ohio…. I have been hit and miss with running lately… I am looking forward to the accountability this will give me and hopefully get me back on track. Jeff, you and I may pass each other on our runs, as I live close to you. Looking forward to reading scripture together too.

  33. 1 Jonathan Slade
    2. Lincoln Park, Michigan
    3. I’m looking forward to challenging myself with new things

  34. Hello! My name is Jana. I am from flat southern Indiana. I love running and run regularly and am excited about the challenge and kicking up my training a bit! I am also excited abo it listening to scripture as I run!

  35. I’m Jodi Polen from Ohio. I’m excited for our family to get out and run together and to see so many people join in on this challenge.

  36. My name is Amanda Gurdish. I am from Pa and am doing this challenge to motivate myself!

  37. David Heatwole from Virginia. Needed the motivation to run. Looking forward to reading some extra scripture. And besides who wouldn’t run 5 everyday for a bag of Better Life Coffee. James says, be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only. Hopefully we can all grow closer to Christ through this physical and spiritual exercise.

  38. Karen
    I loved the podcasts and music last year and I like a challenge to keep me moving and make me get up from my desk at home and get out and run!

  39. Piper Polen from Ohio. I am looking forward to getting in shape through this challenge.

  40. Ally Lintern
    Looking forward to the challenge of running every single day. Here’s to hoping for good weather in May 😊

  41. Kaitlyn Michalow
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I’m doing the challenge because I enjoy working out and running. This challenge is a great motivator!

  42. 1.Gail Bleibtrey
    2. Ohio
    3. The extra motivation to get out there every day!

    Thank you for doing this!

  43. Jeff Fink
    I live in the state of quarantine confusion (also Ohio)
    Just trying to get a solid base (and maybe shred some pounds off to get back to a good running weight for me)

  44. Ryan Boettler
    North a Canton,OH
    Daily activity on the heals of working from home the last 6 weeks+scripture = sanity protection. Love it.

  45. Brandon Polley from Wooster, Ohio! Looking forward to the challenge, the MAYHEM, and running again!

  46. Debbie Hoffstot from Pennsylvania. Looking forward to the challenge of getting outside daily and running again. Staying motivated and healthier with each step.

  47. Good morning!
    My name is Annie McDowell and I’m from Ohio. With the uncertain times we are living in right now, running has been something constant for me, so adding in this daily challenge is perfect. I’m also looking forward to listening to your podcasts! Happy May, everyone!

  48. Sheri Lane. Ohio. I’m looking forward to the Bible reading and the 5k each day. What a great sense of accomplishment we’ll feel when we finish!

  49. Deanna Clark from Wooster. I have been running for 3 years and had a spinal fusion L3L4L5 in January. I’m using this challenge to get my life back.

  50. Chrissy Fratena from Ohio…this is my first time doing this challenge! I have never ran (or walked) a daily 5k so I am excited to push myself in this challenge!

  51. Sheri Lane. Ohio. I am looking forward to the daily Bible reading and 5k. What a great sense of accomplishment we will feel at the end!

  52. Alissa Crossen
    From Ohio
    Looking forward to challenging myself and having the extra motivation from knowing others are doing the same thing.

  53. Lori Butler from Ohio. Goal this year is to complete the Bible reading challenge as well…

  54. Kendrick Byler here from Millersburg, Ohio. Looking forward to the spiritual aspect of this challenge. Running is a great time for me to talk to God.

  55. Joshua Edwards, Oak Park Illinois, most excited about seeing God during this time in a new light and learning something new about Him!

  56. 1. Derek M. Bourgeois
    2. Gulfport, Mississippi
    3. Re-establishing good consistent habits with my running and bible reading…… and attempting the 5k mania challenge at the end

  57. Debbie from Virginia 🙌🏻💕🙌🏻💕 and I’m looking forward to pushing myself to do this! Working on adding more things that contribute to the lifestyle I want to live! I’m 50 and so now is the best time!!

  58. Hi! I’m Sheri from Ohio. I am looking forward to accountability with both aspects. I need to get back on track through the quarantine!

  59. Mike and Libby Pacula from Millersburg Ohio checking in and ready to go!

  60. Corey
    Looking forward to having a goal to stick to that will help me get back into running consistently and also running with my friends.

  61. Allene Gentry
    Looking forward to completion! Signed up last year but was a few days short of competing the challenge. Day one is in the books already so off to a good start 😜

  62. Sierra Gingerich
    Challenging myself daily to become a better person through running and being in scripture with a group of people!

  63. Christopher Cymek, Aberdeen Maryland Looking forward to Gods work in me with spiritual disciplines, physical strengthening, community with my brothers and, sisters in Christ

  64. Nathan Battershell, Oklahoma. I’m most excited about regaining some self discipline for being in God’s Word daily!

  65. 1. Emma Vierheller
    2. Toledo, OH
    3. I’m doing my runs first thing in the morning, which is a change. I’m excited to start each day with a run!

  66. Jeremy Yoder
    Looking forward to having a daily reason to get out and do something!

  67. 1. Rick Petry
    2. West Virginia
    3. Looking forward to consistency of reading God’s word daily and racking up some mileage for the month.

  68. Scott Price
    Wooster, Ohio
    I am looking forward to seeing what God can do through each of us as we push ourselves, especially progress in my friends who joined!

  69. Hey everyone! My name is Jason, and I am from West Virginia. I’m looking forward to the commitment and discipline it will take to complete the challenge. I know life will try to get in the way, and I will have to be creative. I also know there will be days when I won’t want to do it, but I’m committed, so I have to remain dedicated. Good luck to everyone else taking on this challenge.

  70. Jason Bell checking in
    Looking forward to see how God opens my eyes through this challenge.

  71. Deana Fresenko from Ohio. I am most excited for the spiritual challenge, I have been trying to get myself to start a habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis, this challenge came at the perfect time!!

  72. Julia Grossniklaus
    Looking forward to reading the gospels and the challenge to accomplish the 5k everyday!

  73. Brittany Grimshaw
    I’m excited to have a challenge to motivate me during this crazy time!

  74. Ryan Grimshaw
    Wooster, Ohio
    I am looking forward to logging some miles and listening to the daily pod cast!

  75. Karen Alexander. Millersburg, Ohio. Getting a jump start on my journey back to fitness and achieving new, yet undetermined running goals.

  76. Alison Shockley
    I’m looking forward to getting more for and growing my relationship with Christ!

  77. Cheryl H
    Live in FL but also Ohio sometimes!
    I’m in Ohio now and it’s too cold. Have to get some motivation to go outside in this cold, gray and log my miles!

  78. Stephen Brown
    Lowell, Arkansas
    I am looking forward to completing this challenge and growing closer with my brotherhood of SoulCon men!

  79. Day 1 Complete!
    My Name is Allison and I am in Ohio.
    I am most excited about challengeing myself and seeing what God can do on not just the everyday 5k but also the Mayhem! I can’t wait to see what He has in store!

  80. Michelle Kendall
    I am looking forward to challenging myself to complete a 5k each day and reading scripture.

  81. Heather Heatwole from Dalton, Ohio. Love that I get to do this with family as well as having the accountability of a larger group.

  82. Paige Ludwig – Georgia
    I’m excited to push myself and accomplish something I would have never dreamed I could do.

  83. Kary from Ohio! Day 1 complete! Looking forward to the challenge as a whole! Something to focus on other than “stay at home” orders, etc!

  84. Kevin Griffin
    Greenbrier, AR
    Looking forward to re-establishing my self discipline and for God to reveal his next steps for me in His service now that COVID has momentarily broke our current plans.

  85. Brenda Yoder, Millersburg, OH, I needed motivation to keep running. My daughters Haley, 13, and Brooke 11, also are joining me on this journey.

  86. Rosalie from PA. I’m hoping to build some discipline and endurance in my life by sticking with something for a whole month.

  87. Good morning! It’s my son’s wedding day! I’ve got a few things to do this morning an then I’m getting those 3.1 miles in.
    I’m Tracey Wheeler
    I live in Panama City, FL and
    I am looking forward to the discipline that I’ll carry long after May is done. It’s my third year, and I know it’ll be a challenge, but I will get it done!

  88. Brooke Yoder, Millersburg, OH…I have a prize at the end of the month to look forward to.

  89. Kelly Uksas
    Necedah Wisconsin
    I am looking forward to the time with God.
    I signed up last year, but in the middle of the month my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so I did not complete this challenge . I am mostly looking forward to say I have completed what I had started.

  90. 1. Bri Zimmerman
    2. Canton, Ohio
    3. Excited to get into shape again and be able to run and enjoy it!

  91. Sheri Lane. Ohio. I am excited for the daily journey and for the feeling of accomplishment at the end!

  92. Marian Shoemaker
    Akron, Ohio
    Looking forward to virtually “socializing” with others & having an excuse to get outside to run & walk 😀

  93. Paul Mullet from Ohio. Day one is in the books!
    I’m looking forward to challenging myself to see how far I can walk on Mayhem!

  94. Beth Fuciu
    The stay-at-home order has me sitting around way too much! I’m excited to challenge my body with 3.1 miles and my mind with scripture!

  95. Seriously asking myself why I am doing this challenge! But then again, why not? Looking forward to soaking in the Gospel truths.

  96. 1. Rebecca
    2. PA
    3. The motivation to actually move my body everyday and hopefully drawing closer to Christ through the process.

  97. 1. Jason Gates
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Doing 2 things I love together with others- running and reading scripture.

  98. My name is Sarah and I’m from Republic, OH. I’m looking for a challenge to help get me out of this slump from being home for so many weeks. I’m really looking forward to this. 🙂

  99. Ally Lintern
    Looking forward to running every single day! Here’s to hoping for good weather in May!

  100. Sam LaMar
    Rittman Ohio
    I’ve got a baby on the way due in June. Need to shed pounds so I can be active and so that I have energy throughout the day to be present.

  101. Rich Davis
    Akron, Ohio
    My daughter and I have been running together 2 or 3 times a week since September. I’m looking forward to spending more time with her and the discussions we’ll share during our runs.

  102. Michelle from Ohio. I am a long time runner and I am looking forward to the accountability to run everyday. With races being cancelled, this is a great way to continue training and keeping your faith while doing it.

  103. What is your name? Jennifer Adams
    What state are you currently living in? Ohio
    What aspect of #5kMay2020 are you most looking forward to? Looking forward to proving to myself I can do this!

  104. Heather from Ohio. Checking in again because I didn’t see my original from this morning, possibly because I didn’t have coffee yet.
    Excited to get started!

  105. Stacie Raber checking in from Ohio.
    Looking forward to the physical challenge and seeing how it will affect my spiritual life.

  106. Allison from Ohio. I don’t see my comment anywhere so sorry if this is a repeat… I am looking forward to seeing how many laps I can do on Mayhem!

  107. Good morning, Jeff and 5k-ers!

    My name is Mary Ruffin and I am from Mississippi!!!! I just wanted to check-in today. I am most excited about being intentional each day through the month of May. Intentional with action, thoughts, observations, connections, scripture, etc. Thanks for putting this together, Jeff!

  108. Molly Brockway from Ohio! I’m looking forward to being challenged to read three chapters in the Bible! I hope this will challenge me even pass the challenge!

  109. Todd from Ohio. I am looking forward to both the challenge of the daily walking/running as well as the bible readings. Thanks for doing this Jeff

  110. Hi, it’s Kerri Glass from Virginia. I’m excited for a new challenge and to better myself.

  111. Derrick M from Ohio. I am excited to have running mandated daily…I think that’s the way it should be anyway. I’m also excited about hearing from the men who travelled w and learned from Jesus again.

  112. 1. Liz Schlabach
    2. Ohio
    3. I am looking forward to completing this challenge, and growing in scripture along the way!

  113. Michelle Knox
    This is my second year doing #5keverydayinthemonthofmay
    Looking forward to it! I love the podcast and accountability!

    • Ben Ford. I look forward to doing with some brothers from Soulcon Ministries and I look forward to seeing if I can build myself up to where I can jog an entire 5k without walking or stopping.

  114. Emily Byler from Ohio.
    I’m looking forward to enjoying all these runs/walks with family and friends.

  115. 1 Lena Soisson
    2 Jacksonville Fl
    3 During these challenging times it’s important we challenge ourselves to stay healthy, positive and focused.

  116. Caitlin Compston
    Looking forward to just getting myself out and moving while getting to spend time with my baby, and maybe some alone time sometimes too.

  117. Ryan Yoder from Berlin Oh. I am looking forward to completing the challenge with my family and having something to motivate me more through the lockdown.

  118. Marisa from Florida! First year doing the challenge and excited for a reason to make myself leave the house everyday!!

  119. Laurie R. from Ohio.
    This is my first year doing this! I am excited for the fitness and the spiritual component.

  120. Port au Prince, Haiti
    Running is not my favorite but I’m looking forward to the daily challenge

    • At least you don’t have to Hills I’ve got I’m out of breath I might give in and believe in the people of told me I can’t do it

  121. Richard Strain
    I’m Looking forward to seeing how much I can improve by the end of this challenge. it’s going to be a tough month.

  122. 1 Carol Turner
    2 Phx Arizona
    3 I m looking forward to doing something together with those I can t be near with right now but love and adore. Also an opportunity to grow and become stronger and healthier.

  123. Isaac Leimeister from Washingtonville, OH! Excited to do this with everyone, scripture and all.

  124. McKayla McCanna
    I’m 7 months postpartum so I’m really excited to see the changes in my body and runtimes by the end of the month! My goal through this challenge is to prioritize making time for myself and my heath everyday.

  125. 1. Jordan Butler
    2. West Virginia “yee yee baby!”
    3. Competing against myself. I wanna get faster and stronger and remind myself I’m in charge of my body and not the other way around!

  126. Hannah Heatwole from the beautiful state of Ohio! Participating to be ready for soccer season.⚽️🥳

  127. Edithe Holliday. Florida. I am looking forward to exercising everyday and reading the daily verses.

  128. Candacie Eads, I’m from Bloomington, Indiana! I am looking forward to doing a daily 5k rather than 4 a month! This is my first time doing anything like this but a challenge is always good!

  129. Jesse Mullet from Dover
    Excited to get refocused and realigned with my personal goals after being out of work for 6 weeks. Good luck to everyone- never quit!

  130. Katrina Nickoloff from Ohio. I am looking forward to the spiritual and physical benefits of this challenge.

  131. Abigail Davis, I am from Akron Ohio, and I am looking forward to getting outside and running everyday with my dad who also signed up for this challenge.

  132. I’m Christin and I’m from Michigan. I’m most looking forward to just staying active regularly. I’m a weightlifter and it’s been a challenge since my gym closed mid-March due to the lockdown. I miss it. 🙁 Need to keep myself moving and challenge myself in a new way.

  133. Rhonda Best from Ohio
    I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine again and getting myself up and moving.

  134. Amanda from Ohio. I’m looking forward to holding myself accountable to this running/reading challenge!

  135. David Shupe
    New Mexico
    I’m looking forward to this in the aspect to growing my relationship with Christ and going through this with my wife!

  136. Carol Phillips from Ohio. This is my first challenge and I’m excited to accomplish this goal.

  137. Emily B officially checking in from Ohio and excited to try to bring consistency to my runs!

  138. Jennifer Fisher from Phoenix Arizona. I’m looking forward to getting out of my house and getting back to running.

  139. Michelle Cendol
    Very excited about every aspect of this challenge!!
    Also, I tried to make a donation but said my debit card didn’t work. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  140. Julian Coblentz from Ohio…looking forward to the daily stress release that running offers. Thanks for doing this, Jeff…I’m also looking forward to your podcasts.

  141. Leah B checking in from Ohio. I’m excited to be doing this challenge with my son, looking forward to getting stronger and more consistent together

  142. Jaime B. Wyoming. I’m excited to be a part of something, and for the accountability with scripture! Thanks. What a fun event. 🙂

  143. Blough Family from Ashland OH! Checking in for myself (Tanya) and my son, Greyson! Looking forward to seeing my son’s accept this challenge and grow in both physical and spiritual health!

  144. Danielle Shupe checking in from New Mexico! Most excited to push myself to do the 5k every day!!

  145. Karen Eberly from Ohio!!! I’m looking forward to getting back out there!! I didn’t realize how hard it would be on my physical body going from running around teaching to sitting in front of a computer trying to teach. I’m stiff and sore- even tho I had been going out for walks and exercising during quarantine. My body is used to moving way more than it had been in the last month… so I’m hoping to get out of the quarantine funk & get back about there!!!

  146. Shawna Stackhouse from Ohio, most looking forward to spending time running with my husband!

  147. MaryLou from Alliance Ohio. I’m looking forward to this. And just want to keep physically healthy.

  148. Janelle and Heidi Hart from Uniontown, Ohio…looking forward to pushing each other while having quality time!

  149. Wendell Knepp
    I’ve been working at losing some pounds and looking forward to how this will help with that.

  150. Benjamin Mullen from Mississippi. I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing it daily and not sporadically throughout the month. Hopefully, I can shorten my 5k time and prep for longer runs.

  151. SaraBeth Babulski from Ohio. I am excited for getting in shape for different races.

  152. Caedon Blough from Ohio, I am looking forward to having a reason to get out of bed before 12.

  153. Beth Babulski from Ohio. I am excited for this challenge to get back into shape and run with my kids.

  154. Ed Babulski from Ohio. I am excited to do the new challenge this year on May 30th– Mayhem Challenge.

  155. Michelle Walker from Ohio. I am excited for the extra motivation to keep exercising on a daily basis and to include my family in the fun!

  156. 1. Jason Gates
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Ready to do 2 of my favorite things with other believers- read scripture and run

  157. Heidi Haas and Doug Haas
    My husband and I are using this time to work on getting spiritually fit and physically committed to a regular workout!

  158. Sarah Polley from Wooster Ohio. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family being active and hopefully some nicer weather.

  159. Holly Bishop from Ohio. I am excited… I’ve never had enough self confidence to believe that I can do any RSD’s so this is going to be a first attempt. I believe the Lord speaks to me through my running and when a friend told me about this challenge, I felt it on my heart that this is something I am supposed to do for God and myself

  160. Hello, My name is Jana from southern Indiana! I am looking forward to this challenge, to read scripture and kick up my running training!

  161. Michelle Shane, OH
    Looking forward to the accountability and challenge at the end of May!

  162. Jeanette Hostetler.
    I am looking forward to have something to focus on and push me towards my goals.

  163. Melissa Murphy
    North Canton, OH
    This sounds like such a fun challenge (I may feel differently later on lol)! And I’m hoping it will really push me and keep me motivated towards my fitness goals!

  164. Trent Kuzma
    Wooster, Ohio
    I’m excited to have a different challenge, since track was cancelled.

  165. Lucinda Greenawalt- Ohio
    I will see how this goes, have never done anything like this before.

  166. Jason Perry
    Lakewood, Ohio
    I’m looking forward to challenging myself everyday and also to get back into a routine of working out!

  167. Lexi Acierto
    I’m looking forward to intentional physical activity after not doing much throughout this quarantine, and for a daily regimen of scripture!

  168. My name is Philip Bergeron and I am in Walker, LA. It’s hot down here, y’all! Anyway, I am looking forward to telling my flesh to shut up when it whispers in my ear “wouldn’t you rather have a double stuf Oreo than do anything 3.1 miles”?😂

  169. Reef Allen
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    I’m 59 and just started running in January! Looking to see how I can challenge myself–body, mind and spirit–as I press into God!!

  170. Grant Beachy
    Hartville, Ohio
    Looking to get in better shape for a half marathon this fall!

  171. Wanda Amstutz
    Orrville Ohio
    With all the races cancelled or rescheduled, this will be a way to keep me motivated and be accountable for the month of May and going forward.

  172. Denise Seachrist
    From Ohio
    Eager to return to running following bunion surgery in December. Let’s do this!

  173. My name is Kristina Loisel. I currently live in Texas! I’m most looking forward to seeing how my time changes throughout the month, mentally pushing myself (as best as I can with Texas heat that is), and changing up my workout routine a bit!

  174. Joyce from Ohio. Looking forward to the discipline that comes with being to comitted to this every day.

  175. Rob Michalow- Bentleyville, PA. I had two other running events canceled so I wanted one to help maintain a regular schedule. Looking forward to the 5K for May Challenge!

  176. Joe Vigil
    Farmington, New Mexico
    Looking to learn how to be more consistent in my spiritual walk, as well as in my physical health.

  177. Kara Gorglione
    I’m looking forward to getting back into an active grove and out of quarantine funk.

  178. Hello! My name is Margie and I am from Ohio. Looking forward to getting back to working out everyday.

  179. Christie Hockenberry
    Huntington Township, OH
    I’ve needed motivation to do something!! Got walk #1 in this morning. Thank you!

  180. Paul McKinney checking in from Newport, Arkansas. I’m excited about staring at this mountain in front of me and climbing closer to the summit day by day. I have some even more daunting mountains in my personal life right now, and these smaller victories in the 5ks will help give me the confidence to overcome them all.

  181. Trevor Gingerich, Winesburg Ohio. I’m looking forward to building mileage towards my first half marathon.

  182. 1. Stephanie Miller
    2. Wisconsin
    3. I’m most looking forward to when I can run with my friend again! For now, I’m excited about the motivation that comes with a challenge like this!

  183. 1- Kris Borntreger
    2- from Ohio
    3- I’m looking forward to accountability and motivation to get going again postpartum!

  184. Eric Coblentz and I’m from Ohio. Looking forward to finishing this plan family and build up my strength!!

  185. Hi! Tammy Polen from Wooster, Ohio and I am looking forward to our whole family participating and some “normal” during this time.

  186. Elizabeth Yuhaniak
    I am looking forward to challenging myself and getting back into shape

  187. Mark Lemke
    Loudonville, Ohio
    Trying to stay close enough to see Terri out in front of me.

  188. Kelsey Hudgins
    Athens, Ga
    I am trying to make myself accountable and exercise everyday!

  189. Mikey Taylor from West Virginia. I’m most looking forward to the challenge of running everyday!

    • Tiffany and Elijah checking in from Ohio. I’m looking forward to spending time with my son and studying God’s Word together!

  190. Stacey Rogers, Ohio. I look forward to having a positive and rewarding goal during all the current craziness. Stay healthy everyone!!

  191. Becky from Canton, Ohio. I got a 5k in before my fifth grade Google Meet this morning! I am looking forward to trying to improve my 5k time and also for having a running plan since training plans for races are kind of a wash at this point. I also look forward to the community that develops from this kind of “event”.

  192. Elisa Hill
    Akron Ohio
    Trying to stay healthy! I walked/jogged 5K during my lunch break!

  193. Rachel Burgett
    Lakeville, Ohio
    Getting outside every single day to walk or run with my kids.

  194. •Jean Mason
    •From South Carolina
    •I am REALLY looking forward to the discipline of doing this every day it has been a goal of mine for years but never could because of work, even though I can’t run it this year because of hurting my knee super excited to walk it out every day!

  195. Renee Slembarski
    I’m looking forward to getting healthier and logging some miles!

  196. Carly Desphy
    I’m most excited about setting and achieving a healthy goal after the last half a year or so has been mostly chaos and inconsistency.

  197. My name Is Brayden Burgett. I live in ohio. And I look forward to seeing the chicken dog.

      • On the walk Brynlynn and I have been on several times there is a dog who barks just like a chicken. Brayden is hoping to see him too. So far no luck. Everytime we go that way he’s inside.

  198. My name is Brynlynn Burgett, I’m from Lakeville, oh, and looking forward to seeing chicken. (Chicken dog is a dog who barks like a chicken when we walk/run by his house, also his real name is NOT chicken dog we-as in my mom, me, and my brother-don’t know his real name) 🐔+🐕=Chicken dog.

    • HAHAHAHA!! Well, that clears up the mystery of the “Chicken Dog”. So glad you are joining us this year!

  199. My name is Jim Seelye, from Canton, Ohio. I look forward to rising up to this challenge and seeing others do the same!

  200. Marian Cozmiuc,
    Sugarcreek, Ohio
    Love challenges and never ran 30 days consecutive. Should be fun

  201. Victoria Rodriguez
    Currently living in California
    I’m doing this challenge for my friend McKayla

  202. My name is Deb Lee, from Ohio ~ I’m looking forward to improving my physical AND spiritual fitness!

  203. I’m Lorelei Suehrstedt from Bay Village. Today is day #1 and I got my 5K in. I’m glad to be a part of this group. It pushed me out the door! I’m getting ready to read the scripture.

  204. Stephanie Sommer
    Pickerington, Ohio
    I am excited for the podcasts to help me learn and the motivation of the group to keep me going!!

  205. 1. Logan Miller
    3. Normally I am always at the gym and I haven’t been able to go with all that’s going on and this opens a path for me the exercise with no need for gym.

  206. My name is Tammy Taubler from Rootstown Ohio. I miss going to the gym with my fitness buddies so looking forward to being part of this group.

  207. My name is Nancy Black and I’m from Cleveland, Georgia. This quarantine has really got me struggling and the #5kMay2020 is a great way to get my heart, mind and body back to where it needs to be.

  208. Amy Geiser from Ohio. This is my 4th time doing 5k May…I think….yep, it is – I just counted my shirts! I look forward each year to the challenge and the pushing myself. I loved Jeff’s blogs last year and am really looking forward to those again!

  209. Lindsay N, Ohio. Looking forward to the challenge of a 5k everyday. Got today’s done, hope I can get the rest.

  210. Mark Kister
    I am looking forward to the accountability and possibly working towards being able to complete the final challenge.

  211. 1. Laura W
    2. Tennessee
    3.I’m looking forward to getting to the end of May knowing I completed a challenge!

  212. Danielle Romanishin from Texas 1st time doing this inspires by my Cousin and Aunt. Interested in this to be more active, and seeing what the podcast or blog may be like.

  213. Jules Bogner I go back and forth between Fripp Island SC and Wooster, Ohio Running in Ohio during May 2020. Ran 3.5 today and already feel the challenge to improve my running and my attitude :-}

  214. Peggy from Ohio. Looking forward to undoing some of the negative effects (physical and spiritual) from “sheltering-in-place”. Being part of this group will keep me on track…..hopefully!

  215. Hello all! My name is Leslie Trexler and I’m from VA. I’m excited to begin this 5k everyday in the month of May.

  216. I’m Kellie Miller, and I’m currently living in southern Indiana. I’m most excited for the challenge this will bring.

  217. Ryan Brunk
    And I am going to use this a minimum of 3.1 a day to help with my training and as a way to jump start my training.

  218. Theresa Wright of Ohio looking forward to consistently moving my legs, walking that 5k, on my non-running days.

  219. Katy Reynolds from Ohio. Haven’t been a runner for a loooong time so I am hoping this will jump start a regular running routine to get back into shape!

  220. Jessica


    Looking forward to getting out each day (or at least on the treadmill if it rains!) and enjoying spring!

  221. 1. Marion Troyer 2. I live in Ohio. 3. The scripture reading/podcast!! Getting back in the routine of running every day!!

  222. Penny Reed from Ohio. Looking forward to the challenge of running every day in a month. Not sure about the Mayhem yet. It sounds like a great challenge, just hope I’m up for it by then!

  223. merle keim i live in ohio looking forward to see wat this will do for me have fun everyone

  224. Miranda Burroway. I live in Vinita, Oklahoma but am an Ohioan born and raised.
    I love being outside gardening, camping, horseback riding, and this is my first year for the 5k challenge. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape, listening to some of your podcasts and getting back into the scripture as well.

  225. Name – Mike Makselan
    Currently living In Ohio
    The thing I am most looking forward to is getting outside and starting to get back in shape. I love that I gave this group to keep me motivated.

    • Abby-living in Ohio. I am looking forward to getting back to moving more and the weather to be nicer 🤞

  226. Ida Troyer from Ohio.
    Looking forward to growing healthier physically/spiritualy.
    First time doing this.

  227. Jeremy Eley from Ohio. Recently started running and working out again now trying to train for 10k and eventually a half marathon. This challenge is a first time for me and the ministry behind it all is inspiring. I give it all to God and would love to start a Run For God @ our church.

  228. Hadley B from Ohio. I like to run and I like to read the Bible so both will be fun for me!

  229. K.Farrell, Ran this morning before work, in beautiful Orrville Ohio. I’m looking forward to the accountability of this group and getting stronger.

  230. My name is Tanaya Martin. I am living in Ohio, and I am looking forward to running! I know that’s kinda basic, but I haven’t run much lately and I am excited to get back out there.

  231. Benji Mast from Ohio. I love the challenge of taking no days off of running for a month.

  232. HI! My name is Kristy Matheson from Germantown, OH.I’m looking forward to this challenge !

  233. Isaac Stoner, North Carolina.
    Hoping to increase my fitness level to where it has never been before. I like the challenge and am planing to enjoy some nice weather.

  234. Eric Hearn, Destin Florida
    I love running and try to everyday. This challenge is the incentive i need to accomplish that.

  235. 1. Shyann Galvan 2. Wooster, Ohio 3. Looking forward to the accountability and just getting outside with my kids!

  236. My name is Erin, from Magnolia, Ohio. I’m doing this challenge with a group Of Friends and looking forward to getting off of the couch every day.

  237. Kendra Mast, from Ohio, I am looking forward to the challenge and pushing myself to do something I’ve never tried before!

  238. My name is Diana Good and I am from Wapakoneta, OH. I’m looking forward to the accountability of doing this along with a large group of people.

  239. 1. Carmen Galvan 2. Wooster, Ohio 3. The thing I look forward to most is being done each day. (my mom is making me do this haha)

  240. 1. Terry Biers
    2. Rapid City, SD
    3. Looking forward to the community, and I’ve never run/walked a 5 k a day for 30 days, so looking forward to this new milestone.

  241. 1. Jackson & Kendrick Mullet
    2. Berlin, OH
    3. Run streaks are always fun, looking forward to doing this together!

  242. 1. Denise Gingerich
    2. Winesburg, Ohio
    3. I’m looking forward to the accountability and doing something Iv never done before.

  243. Sandy Knauf
    Canton, OH
    Looking forward to setting and meeting some goals and being inspired by the process to commit to reading Bible chapters daily! Personal growth on many levels. Maybe I will even commit to the May 31 extravaganza!

  244. 1. Christie Jackson
    2. I live in Toledo, Ohio
    3. I am looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone since I normally only run 4 days. And running daily will help me clear my head as I finish the school year teaching virtually (this transition has not been easy!)

  245. Ravonna Johanneck
    Durango, CO
    Accountability and vitamin d!!! It is something to look forward to every day.

  246. Oh my! 🤦 this run was not as good as I was expecting, but seeing that it’s the first day and its been a few months sense I ran last, I’ll give myself a break! 😅
    Anyway, I ran 3.576 miles, and am so glad its over till tomorrow morning! 😅🙈
    My name is Emily, I live in Ohio (sorry, I don’t like leaving the actual city! 🙈), and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is losing weight.. About ten pounds! 😅 and also trying to get a better time.
    I’m just super excited about the whole thing! This is something I looked forward to all year because last year I only did 15 days, and that was just depressing! 😭
    So I’m super excited for it to be May again and I’m ready to finish strong this year! 😁

  247. Hazel B., from Ohio. To get back to reading the Bible and because I like walking and running!

  248. 1.Jeremiah Schlabach
    3.That I get to push myself to keep going farther.
    got my first run done.😉😉

  249. 1. Adam
    2. Illinois
    3. I’m excited to tackle a daily 5k (starting out walking the. Building towards the run) as well as the podcast/reading encouragement.

  250. Josh Schlabach from Wilmington Ohio, looking forward to running and reading with my boys.

  251. My is Stalena and j i live in Ga I look forward to seeing if I can do a 5 k. a day

  252. 1) Ben Carpenter
    2) Parma, OH
    3) Pushing myself to not only complete the 5k every day, but to run a total of 100 miles in the month of May

  253. Dustin Guidry from Washington state. I am excited to me committed to running with others and growing closer to God through it. Got in 8 miles this afternoon to start the month. 30 more days to go.