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#5kMay2019 Day 19 (BLOG)

I honestly think that today’s run was the hardest run of #5kMay2019. You may be thinking, “What?! Are you serious? Today’s 5k was harder than last Friday’s marathon?!”


Today’s 5k was harder than last Friday’s marathon.

My legs were so tired this morning. I was so tired this morning. But it felt good to get out there and mentally push through the lethargy and soreness.

I ended up getting a pretty nice little 5k in on some pretty tired legs. I ran 3.1 miles in 24 minutes and 10 seconds, which was an average pace of 7:46. It was good to know these old, tired legs could keep moving -even if it took an awful lot of work to make it happen!

After the run, I got cleaned up and we went to church together as a family. The message was about prayer. I was thankful that we didn’t just talk about prayer, but actually exercised our ability to pray together. That felt good.

Later, I had a whole bunch of singers and worshipers over to the recording studio to sing along to all of the songs for the upcoming Polen Band album. I call them the “Multitude of Voices”. It was a fun night, but I am ready for sleep!



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